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July 17/07 10:02 am - Stampede Road Race

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/07

Stampede Road Race July 15th, Calgary AB
Courtesy Jim Oldham

The Annual Stampede Road Race held on Sunday July 15 is now a fading memory for the 136 riders, large volunteer contingent and the spectators who participated or watched in the "rolling ranchland" north of Calgary in the area between Madden and Dog Pound.

Its not often that Calgary has to worry about a Humidex reading but the Sunday reading of 35 definitely affected the riders as they tried to stay hydrated in the clear blue skies and light mostly SE wind. Sunscreen and water were the order of the day.

The Elite Men's category was won by Trev Williams of Speed Theory after battling it out at the finish line with a large group of riders. Julie Beverage riding in the Elite Men's category raised a few eyebrows finishing 8th in a very competitive field.

The Elite Women's category was won by Pepper Harlton from Juventus again at the finish line just beating out Joanne Breau of Bicisport for the win. Krystan Ong from Juventus easily won the Junior Women's category.

The Junior Men's category was won by Travis Bower of Cranked just nipping Spencer Hall from Bicisport at the line.

For the first time, this year the Masters Categories were being competed in 5 year increments in an effort to provide more even competition in each category. In some cases the older guys in each category proved that you are only as old as you think you are by giving their younger counterparts a lesson or two.

Category A 30-34 years old was won by Keith Batstone an Independent followed closely by Ryan Saranchuk of Synergy.

Category A 35-39 years old was won fairly easily by Jason Proche of Pedalhead Road Works.

Category B 40-44 years old was won by Stuart Black of CrankMaster narrowly beating Cody Godlonton of the Highwood Cycling Club.

Category B 45-49 years old was won by David Watson of Velocity beating Brian Gibbons of Eurotech at the line.

Category C 50-54 years old was won by Ed Heacock of EMCC fighting it out with Jim Janzen of CrankMasters at the line.

Category C 55-59 years old was easily won by Claude Breau of Bicisport.

The raffle prices brought some light relief when some of the younger competitors tried to claim a bottle of good Italian wine provided by Bonvida Wines. Rob Onodera assures use that this venture has nothing to do with watching many spaghetti westerns when he was younger. Bicycling related prizes were partially donated by Cyclepath in south Calgary.

No Stampede Road Race can be mentioned without the fine hamburgers provided by M&M Meat Shops and cooked up with tender loving care by Randy Szasz President of the Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club.

Last but not least let's not forget all the volunteers who in many cases did double duty in order to make this race a success. They range from First Aiders whose skills we thankfully didn't have to use to a club member from Florida who felt right at home on a corner in the heat but had to contend with an Alberta Redneck berating him for impeding his trip down a narrow country road in his behemoth of an RV. Part of this volunteer contingent is the Commissars who often go unsung and more often are berated. Thanks to everyone for a job well done.

Elite Men/Women - under 30/Masters
in Cat 1, 2, 3 - 5 Laps (120 km)
1. Trevor Williams (Speed Theory)3:13:40
2. Shawn Goulet (Pedalhead Road Works)3:15:36
3. Bob Veroba (bicisport)3:15:41
4. Aaron Schooler (ERTC)3:19:11
5. Ryan Campbell (bicisport)3:19:45
6. Zbigniew Szymanski (United Cycle Racing)3:19:47
7. Stephen Mundy (ERTC)3:19:48
8. Julie Beveridge (bicisport)3:19:52
8. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road Works)
8. Steven Reid (Pedalhead Road)
8. Manuel Fehlmann (Full Boar)
8. Dan Wood (ERTC)
8. Jared Green (TRS Racing)
8. Stuart Hughes (Team H & R Block)
8. Carson Bannon (TRS Racing)
8. John Twells (Pedalhead Road Works)
8. Don King (CMC/Bow Cycle)
8. Gideon Krishtalka (Team H & R Block)
8. Adam Boyko (Team H & R Block)
8. Jonathan Benskin (United Cycle Racing)
8. Aaron Chappell (ERTC)all s.t.
22. Brian Robinson (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:20:06
23. John Bence (bicisport)3:20:11
24. Sean Huggins-Chan (bicisport)3:20:25
25. Dennis Bland (TRS Racing)3:20:27
26. Graham Rudge (ERTC)3:20:34
27. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC)3:20:43
28. Stephen Davis (CMC/Bow Cycle)3:22:01
29. Stephen Ferris (ERTC)3:22:45
30. Frank Woolstencroft (TRS Racing)3:32:41
31. Alex Shaw (Speed Theory)3:40:45
32. Rod Macalister (Speed Theory)3:57:54
33. Wayne Long (United Cycle)4:01:34
DNF. Lukas Jedras (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF. Steve German (TRS Racing)
DNF. Dylan Snowden (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF. Tim Bulger (ERTC)
DNF. Shawn Taylor (Team H & R Block)
DNF. Mike Bidniak (Trek/Red Truck Racing)
DNF. Nick Lynem (Cranked)
DNF. Phil Mcdonald (Team H & R Block)
DNF. Kyle Anderson (ERTC)
DNF. Mark Dumesnil (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF. Jeff Rhude (Cranked)
DNF. Neil Ruhl (Juventus)
DNF. Craig Debellefueille (Synergy)
DNF. Jeff Klassen (ERTC)
Master Men A (30-34/35-39) - 5 Laps (120 km)
1. Jason Proche (Pedalhead Road Works - A2)3:25:55
2. Keith Batstone (Independent - A1)3:32:01
3. Keith Bayley (Synergy - A2)3:33:23
3. Ryan Saranchuk (Synergy - A1)3:33:23
5. Neal Baker (Calgary Cycle - A1)3:37:25
6. Aaron Sands (Independent - A1)3:39:33
7. Michael Mckay (Pedalhead Road Works - A1)3:44:43
8. Steven Soldan (Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club - A1)3:50:37
DNF. Carl Miller (Speed Theory - A2)
DNF. Russell Cork (Independent - A2)
DNF. Jamie Marshall (CrankMasters - A2)
DNF. Mark Federoshyn (Calgary Wieler Club - A2)
DNF. Bill Blonski (bicisport - A2)
DNF. Kirk Draper (Speed Theory - A2)
DNF. Steven Johnson (Independent - A2)
DNF. Patrick Brick (Independent - A2)
DNF. Craig Good (Synergy - A2)
DNF. Mark Toth (The Bike Shop - A1)
DNF. Jonathon Wilson (Calgary Cycling Club - A1)
Master Men B (40-44;45-49) - 4 Laps (96 km)
1. Stuart Black (Crankmasters - B1)2:56:59
2. Cody Godlonton (Highwood Cyling Club - B1)2:57:00
3. David Watson (Velocity - B2)2:57:11
4. Brian Gibbons (Eurotech - B2)2:57:12
5. Bill Quinney (The Bike Shop - B1)2:57:22
5. Stephen Kenny (Alberta Randonneurs - B2)2:57:22
7. Phil Rayner (Headwinds Cycling Club - B2)2:57:28
7. Lorne Dimitruk (9th Street Cycle-Logic Cycling - B1)2:58:01
9. Robert Reid (Rundle Mountain - B2)2:58:08
9. Tommy Mak (Eurotech - B2)2:58:08
9. Don Huber (Highwood Cyling Club - B1)2:58:09
9. Tracey Shearer (Juventus - B1)2:58:09
10. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycling Club - B2)2:58:10
11. Jeff Bell (Highwood Cyling Club - B1)2:58:16
12. Darin Schacker (Juventus - B1)3:01:10
13. Phil Williamson (CrankMasters - B2)3:20:27
14. Chris Stutz (Crankmasters - B1)3:34:53
15. Stan Rachar (CMC/Bow Cycle - B2)3:34:55
DNF. Richard Cairney (ERTC - B2)
DNF. Darcy Jones (Highwood Cycling - B2)
DNF. Carlos Salas (TRS Racing - B2)
DNF. Gerry Mccuaig (Deadgoat - B2)
DNF. Kevin Coghlan (Velocity - B1)
DNF. Bruce Wick (CMC/Bow Cycle - B1)
DNF. Kevin Walsh (Crankmasters - B1)
DNF. Al Gilbert (CABC - B1)
DNF. Geoff Clark (Deadgoat - B1)
DNF. Pat Doyle (Deadgoat - B1)
DNF. Paul Becher (Independent - B1)
DNF. Thomas Auer (Calgary Cycling Club - B1)
DNF. Paul Anderson (Speed Theory - B1)
Master Men C (50-54/55-59) - 3 Laps (74 km)
1. Ed Heacock (EMCC - C1)2:07:40
2. James Janzen (CrankMasters - C1)2:07:42
3. Claude Breau (bicisport - C2)2:08:00
4. Paul Macdonald (Pedalhead Road Works - C1)2:08:28
5. Jack Funk (Deadgoat - C1)2:10:01
5. Ed Gilmor (Deadgoat - C1)2:10:01
7. Michael Godfrey (CrankMasters - C1)2:12:28
8. Greg Arnett (ERTC - C2)2:13:58
9. Lev Krivitsky (Terrascape - C2)2:15:09
10. Tom Mumby (Juventus - C1)2:17:15
11. David Kay (GP Wheelers - C2)2:36:37
DNF. Bob Andrews (Blizzard - C1)
DNF. Michael Zelensky (Terrascape - C1)
Women - 2 laps (50 km)
1. Pepper Harlton (Juventus - Elite)
2. Joanne Breau (bicisport - Elite)1:12:28
3. Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat - Elite)1:14:48
4. Krystin Ong (Juventus - Jr)1:16:19
5. Sky Mitchell (Team H & R Block - Elite)1:16:48
5. Maryann Heacock (United Cycle Racing - Elite)1:16:48
7. Amber Finlay (CMC/Bow Cycle - Elite)1:36:31
8. Samantha Grover (Juventus - Jr)1:42:42
9. Anastasia Stadnyk (bicisport - Jr)1:50:01
Junior Men -2 Laps (50 km)
1. Travis Bower (Cranked)1:41:44
2. Spencer Hall (bicisport)1:41:44
3. Eric Wong (bicisport)1:42:28
4. Alex Mccormick (Juventus)1:46:19
5. David Larson (Juventus)1:46:19
6. Robert Maggay (ERTC)1:59:28
DNF. Bradley Nixon (bicisport)
Novice Masters - 1 Lap (27 km)
1. Kevin Finlay (Deadgoat - M)0:50:57
2. Dean Giesbrecht (Independent - M)0:51:50
3. Rick Simon (Cranked - M)0:54:48
4. Geoff Coe (CrankMasters - M)0:55:12
5. Robert Armstrong (Independent - M)0:55:39
6. Willy Van Sevenant (Highwood Cycling Club - M)0:57:07
7. Chris Bilick (CrankMasters - M)0:58:07
8. Collin Yardy (Highwood Cycling Club - M)0:58:11
9. Caitlin Freisen (Headwinds - W)1:10:20
9. Francisco Noreiga (Independent - M)
9. Byron Noreiga (Independent - M)
9. Robert Haslam (CrankMasters - M)all s.t.


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