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July 19/07 9:04 am - Canada Cup DH Final full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/07

Canada Cup DH #3 July 18, Mt Washington Vancouver Island BC

Luke Kitzanuk (Giant) and Micayla Gatto (Rocky Mountain) were both victorious at this Wednesday's Canada cup at Mount Washington Resort, BC. The clouds rolled in, the skies opened up and it absolutely poured during the last hour of pro practice sending most riders running, but saw the veteran riders taking to the course with smiles on their faces. When it comes to riding downhill in the mud, experience is key.

Kitzanuk showed he has that experience, ripping the course apart with a time of 3:56.820 and winning by almost 2 seconds over a stacked field including all of the best riders this country has to offer. Mitch Delfs, the Australian Junior National Champion who is in the country racing for DHRacer/Intersport, was second just two tenths ahead of Whistler rider Jeff Beatty (Orange Mojo)

Gatto also had a big field to deal with. The familiar names in Canadian women's downhill were all here trying to keep Gatto from winning three straight. None could catch the Rocky Mountain rider in the rain as she slid her way down the mountain with a time of 4:56.16 sealing up the win and the series.

Elite and Junior expert riders now concentrate on seeding runs today and National Championships Friday on the same course. Conditions could be much different, as no heavy rain is in the forecast and the sky is currently blue. Mud will begin to get tracked onto the rocks and roots with this morning's practice runs and the huge holes that started to form yesterday will be in full effect by tomorrow.

1. Micayla Gatto (BC) Rocky Mountain Haywood4:56.016
2. Sheila Morris (ON) Gravitesse5:12.341
3. Katrina Strand (BC) Scott5:25.011
4. Tanya Grunsky (BC) Cyclepath Kelowna-Utopia Optics5:29.379
5. Miranda Miller (BC) Marin Bikes/Mad March Racing∑5:29.795
6. Anne Laplante (QC) Équipe du Québec5:35.633
7. Amber Zirnhelt (BC) Brodie Bikes/Loeka5:39.782
8. Kelly Kozevnikov (BC) Steed Cycles5:41.127
DNS. Kerry-Anne Hamilton (BC) epic riders
DNS. Marie-Eve Marcotte (QC) Équipe du Québec
1. Luke Kitzanuk (BC) Giant Mountain Bike Team3:56.820
2. Mitch Delfs (AUS) DH Race/Intersport3:58.273
3. Jeff Beatty (BC) Orange Mojo3:58.320
4. James Biluk (BC) Cove Bikes3:58.385
5. Charles-Alexandre Dubé (QC) cove bike-sombrio4:00.175
6. Hans Lambert (QC) Sports Aux Puces-Oakley-Hype Energy4:04.308
7. Tyler Morland (BC) Cove Bikes4:05.256
8. Nick Dent (BC) Giant Canada/NRG4:05.542
9. Andrew Mitchell (BC) Cove Bikes/Sram4:05.827
10. Kevin Bartkowski (BC) Cove Scram Bikes4:06.593
11. Justin Brown (ON) Cycle Solutions4:07.596
12. Eric Goss (BC) Giant Canada4:08.333
13. Geoff Pendrel (BC) PinkBike4:09.199
14. Mauricio Acunaquintana (CHI) A.G Brothers4:09.332
15. Louis-Phillippe Leonard (QC) Equipe Quebec4:09.430
16. Guillaume Soucy-Alarie (QC) BDH racing4:10.629
17. Derek Chambers (BC) PinkBike/Devinci4:10.717
18. Simon Garstin (BC) Mountain City Cycles4:12.235
19. Peter Mclean (ON) Primary/Daredevil/Devinci/Sram∑4:13.666
20. Drew Pautler (ON) Primary Daredevil4:14.805
21. Justin Terwiel (BC) full boar4:15.195
22. Dean Tennant (BC) Appalache/Dangerboy4:16.131
23. Steve Smith (BC) Cove4:17.130
24. Cristian Araya (CHI) Rocky Mtn Chile4:17.849
25. Tim Coleman (BC) John Henry Bikes4:18.004
26. Neil McKinnon (BC) 4:20.520
27. Justin Willoughby (AB) Calgary Cycle4:21.346
28. Derek Cowell (ON) PiosonFrog Promotion4:21.552
29. Yann Gauvin (QC) Équipe du Québec - Marin bikes4:22.786
30. Ewan Farfard (BC) Maple Ridge Cycle4:23.998
31. Dominick Ménard (QC) Team Giant Canada4:24.092
32. Adam Mcconaghy (BC) Commencal/Drop Machine4:24.930
33. Cody Eichhorn (BC) BMX Australia4:26.816
34. Emmanuel Daoust (QC) 4:27.342
35. Couper Stuart (BC) Primary Divinci4:27.773
36. Arnaud Dulude (QC) Martin Swiss Cycles4:29.500
37. Brett Hornfelt (BC) Empire Bike Shop-Utopia-Crankbrothers4:29.806
38. James Jeannet (QC) Team DHRacer4:30.136
39. Steve Chan (BC) Giant4:30.511
40. Vincent Tremblay (QC) Équipe du Québec/ Devinci4:33.117
41. Pablo Bascunan (CHI) Giant Chile4:33.841
42. Tyler Gorz (BC) Norco/Fox/Utopia Optics4:36.625
43. Scott Halvorson (BC) Team Squamish/Kona/MMR4:37.980
44. Chris Fisher (BC) 4:39.382
45. Jeremy Allouche (BC) Marin/ MMR4:39.472
46. Darryl Bartlett (BC) Cove Scram Bikes4:41.261
47. Leighton Allsop (BC) Transition Bikes4:42.356
48. Tyler Paksi (AB) ADHRA4:43.522
49. Kyle Lockyer (ON) Cycle Solutions4:44.886
50. Nicholas Foster (QC) Orange/Mojo4:45.245
51. Matt Zdriluk (ON) Commencal/Dropmachine.com4:46.060
52. Curtis Teichrib (BC) Full Boar Bike Store4:46.747
53. Jorge Acunaquintana (CHI) A.G Brothers4:46.880
54. Joey Jenkins (ON) Primary Daredevil4:49.943
55. Robert McPhalen (AB) Calgary Cycle4:51.979
56. Maxime Fortin Faubert (QC) FH RACING4:52.368
57. John Farrow (AUS) mtba4:55.269
58. Felipe Contreras (CHI) 4:57.421
59. Kevin Cooper (AB) Calgary Cycle4:58.728
60. Nick Quinn (AB) CC DH Team4:59.969
61. Patricio Alvamado (CHI) 5:01.881
62. Craig Hamilton (BC) Epic Riders5:01.881
63. Quinn Lanzon (QC) Primary Daredevil5:06.609
64. Fraser Britton (QC) Orange Mojo5:08.170
65. Stephen Buresy (BC) Gericks Cycle5:12.392
66. Harrison Gould (BC) Kona MMR Sombrio5:16.717
67. Patrick Bisson (QC) Impact Designs.ca5:18.474
68. Geoff Briggs (AB) Calgary Cycle DH Team5:22.940
DNF. Robbie Davidson (ON)
DNS. Cameron Loftus (ON) FH RACING
DNS. Jean Philippe Da Silva (QC) Ironhorse/ Intersport


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