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July 20/07 12:12 pm - DH Nationals: Masters & U17, BC Cup DH

Posted by Editoress on 07/20/07

DH Nationals

Today was Nationals for the following categories:

Master 50+ Men
1. Mike Chan (BC)5:07.413
DNS. Stephen Baker (ON) Cycle Solutions
Master Expert 40-49 Men
1. Gordon Longdon (BC) John Henry Bikes5:07.197
2. Michael Parcher (BC)5:15.380
3. Dave Dyment (BC) Wentings Cycle5:22.030
Master Expert 30-39 Men
1. Simon Stevenson (BC)4:26.597
2. Mike Parsons (BC) double o bikes4:34.934
3. Patrick Labbe (BC) Gericks Cycle4:40.184
4. Graham Beatty (BC)4:41.302
5. Chad Hendren (BC) Team Dincus/Transition4:47.252
6. Steve Boucher (BC) Devinci4:57.000
7. Justin Evernden (BC)5:13.695
8. Frederic Hebert (ON) FH RACING5:46.193
DNS. Sean Cruickshank (BC) Pro City Cycle
DNS. Aaron Clark (BC)
U17 15-16 Women
1. Kjersten Lone (BC) Team BC6:07.375
2. Jenna Phelps (BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling7:44.044
U17 15-16 Men
1. Tyler Allison (BC) Team BC4:18.401
2. Trenton Zoobkoff (BC) HUKK BIKES4:31.600
3. Chayse Marshall (BC) Full Boar Bike Store4:34.259
4. Gustin Sky (BC)4:35.171
5. Craig Campbell (BC) Mad March Racing4:35.407
6. Dylan Morley (QC) Ironhorse4:37.580
7. Steven Pawlitsky (BC) PinkBike4:40.550
8. Clinton Gould (BC) MMR Team Squamish4:43.352
9. Remi Gauvin (BC) Arrowsmith Mountain Bike Club4:52.129
10. Kodi Stoddart (BC) MMR4:55.762
11. Justin Hibbs (AB) Amoxicellin4:56.259
12. Alex Prochazka (BC) Rocky Mountain/Heywood Securities5:03.610
13. Simon dArtois (BC) DFX/Summit Sports Whistler5:11.495
14. Sam Mallett (BC) Team awsome5:17.635
15. Ryan Sullivan (BC) Cove- Adidas- Mavic5:26.254
16. Brad Zdriluk (ON)5:31.583
17. Kyle Quesnel (BC) 3essen/team squamish6:06.514
DNF. Ryan Anderson (BC) DARKSIDE
DNF. Ian Morrison (BC) Evolution Whistler
DNS. Thomas Elgie (AB) Independent
DNS. Steven Quesnelle (BC)

BC Cup DHJuly 18th

Junior Sport 15-18 Women
1. Kjersten Lone (BC) Loeka/NorthParkBikes∑.5:39.271
2. Jenna Phelps (BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling6:24.347
Senior 19-29 Women
1. Danice Uyesugi (BC)4:48.452
2. Erin Lewis (BC)5:09.534
DNF. Stephanie Grassi (AB) none
Novice 12-18 Men
1. Kyle Marshall (BC)3:57.402
2. Bryden Cook (BC)4:09.522
3. Kye Walstrom (BC)4:33.320
4. Jay Boysen (BC)4:50.442
5. Brennan Walstrom (BC)5:13.724
DNS. Havrda Tom (BC)
U15 12-14 Men
1. Riley Suhan (BC) DARKSIDE4:27.294
2. Nicholas Geddes (BC) Norco Factory Team∑4:47.949
3. Mack Thomson (ON) Arrow Racing5:11.297
4. Alexander Geddes (BC) Fanatyko DFX Whistler00:11:27.089
Junior Sport 17-18 Men
1. Braeden Chapman (BC)4:23.486
2. Dan Diedricksen (BC)4:25.804
3. Scott Duncan (BC) kamloops bicycle cafe4:29.269
DNS. Alexander MacMillan (AB) MCL-Racing TheBikeShop.comDNS
Master 40-49 Men
1. Gordon Longdon (BC) John Henrys Bikes4:38.019
2. Michael Parcher4:42.577
3. Dave Dyment (BC) Wentings Cycle4:51.755
4. Thomson Scott (BC)5:16.338
DNS. Hamilton Craig (BC) epic riders
Master 30-39 Men
1. Graham Beatty (BC) Hate and Discontent4:00.121
2. Chad Hendren (BC) Team Dincus/Transition4:02.112
3. Patrick Labbe (BC) Gerick cycle4:14.172
4. Darcy Brown (BC) OBB4:22.514
5. Justin Everenden (BC)4:23.449
6. JF Deslauriers (AB)4:28.754
7. Boucher Steve (BC) Devinci4:31.937
8. Frederic Hebert (ON) FH RACING4:59.871
DNS. Tony Radomi (BC)
Senior 19-29 Men
1. John Maurus (BC)3:51.723
2. Paul Whitham (BC) none3:59.644
3. Tom Kakamousias (ON) Cycle Solutions4:07.409
4. Graham White (BC) Mad March Racing4:10.124
5. Kevin Tafts (BC)4:10.357
6. Dylan Holliday (BC)4:19.485
7. Andrew Filmer (BC)4:25.853
8. Matt Grossnickle (BC) Russ Hays The Bicycle Shop4:28.758
9. Harold Woolnough (ON)4:37.104
10. Peter-John Wegrynowski (ON) none5:14.288
Master 50+ Men
1. Mike Chan (BC)4:39.179
U17 15-16 Men
1. Ian Morrison (BC) Evolution Whistler3:52.822
2. Gower Wills (BC)3:52.862
3. Trenton Zoobkoff (BC) HUKK BIKES3:53.074
4. Allison Tyler (BC)3:56.243
5. Chayse Marshall (BC) Full Boar Bike Store3:58.391
6. Gustin Sky (BC)4:05.899
7. Dylan Morley (QC) Ironhorse4:12.189
8. Ryan Anderson (BC) DARKSIDE4:13.317
9. Doucette Scott (BC)4:18.074
10. Steven Pawlitsky (BC) PinkBike4:22.538
11. Currie Alex (BC)4:29.547
12. Remi Gauvin (BC) Arrowsmith Mountain Bike Club4:30.627
13. Craig Campbell (BC) Mad March Racing4:32.511
14. Simon dArtois (BC) DFX/Summit Sports Whistler4:33.196
15. Ryan Sullivan (BC) Cove- Adidas- Mavic4:33.673
16. Kodi Stoddart (BC) MMR4:33.695
17. Justin Hibbs (AB) Amoxicellin4:49.264
18. Halvorson Trevor (BC) Mad March Racing4:53.911
19. Clinton Gould (BC) MMR Team Squamish5:18.451
20. Dinham Laurie (BC)7:33.573
DNF. Kyle Quesnel (BC) 3essen/team squamish
DNF. Brad Zdriluk (BC)
DNS. Sam Mallett (BC) Team awsome
DNS. Thomas Elgie (AB) Independent


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