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July 21/07 4:27 am - National MTB Champs full XC results for Junior & U17

Posted by Editoress on 07/21/07

National MTB Championships XC Mount Washington, BC

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Junior & Cadet Men

Junior & Cadet Women

Junior 17-18 Men
1. Andrew Langridge (BC) Team BC1:42:44.000
2. Jeff Clarkson (BC) Team BC1:42:45.012
3. Francis Morin (QC) Equipe du Quebec1:44:55.590
4. Peter Knight (AB) United Cycle1:46:24.453
5. Dan Scott (BC) Oak Bay Bikes1:47:33.171
6. Jonathan Boucher (QC) Équipe du Québec/ Opus-OGC1:47:59.614
7. Michael Mitchnick (ON) Team Trek Store1:50:00.390
8. Matt McCartney (ON) 1:50:31.073
9. Steve Caillé (QC) Équipe du Québec/ Opus-OGC1:52:45.126
10. Phil Cairns (BC) Team BC1:55:13.559
11. Zach Hughes (ON) Team Ontario1:57:02.729
12. Justin Middleton (AB) 1:58:23.248
13. Alistair Hardy-Poirier (BC) Steed Cycles1:59:18.601
14. Jacob McClelland (ON) Team Ontario2:08:57.410
15. Jesse Reams (YT) Team Yukon2:12:14.280
16. Paul Benson (MB) Team Manitoba/ Specialized2:14:32.453
DNF. Troy Henry (YT) Team Yukon
DNF. Jesse Horn (BC) Team BC
DNF. Connor Witzke (AB) Juventus
DNF. Kelly St-Amant (QC) Inter-Sport / Velo Extreme
DNF. Erik Mulder (BC) Team BC
U17 15-16 Men
1. Mitchell Bailey (ON) Team Ontario1:23:00.000
2. Evan Guthrie (BC) Team BC1:24:51.166
3. Tyler Allison (BC) Team BC1:26:06.398
4. Kurt DeFreitas (AB) Bowcycle1:28:33.368
5. Patrick Chartrand (QC) cvm val-david1:28:51.172
6. Sebastion Sleep (BC) Team BC1:31:53.778
7. Zac Gartside (BC) Team BC1:32:11.479
8. Scott Mulder (BC) Team BC1:34:02.687
9. Daniel Moore (QC) CVM Val David1:35:44.181
10. James Winter (SK) Fresh Air Experience1:38:21.550
11. Jesse Melamed (BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path1:38:45.221
12. Jacob Melville (BC) Team Squamish1:40:08.778
13. Hayden Drygas (BC) Team Squamish1:40:31.773
14. Matthew Brown (BC) Sunshine Coast CC1:44:22.452
15. Conor OBrien (QC) Ride With Rendall1:47:05.231
16. Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall1:52:31.650
17. Christopher Shepherd (AB) 1:53:12.346
18. Michael Miller (ON) Ride With Rendall1:59:38.607
19. Evan Drygras (BC) 2:12:36.593
DNF. Colten Mahood (BC)
DNF. Scott Lynch (ON) Waterloo Cycling Club
DNF. Toby Nolan (BC)
Junior 17-18 Women
1. Andréanne Pichette (QC) Équipe Québec / Opus-OGC1:41:33.923
2. Stéphanie Lacoursière (QC) Équipe Québec/ Cyclone1:43:36.656
3. Bianca Adolf (BC) Team BC1:43:47.292
4. Sophie Harvey (QC) Équipe Québec/Sports Alpins TVA MSA1:46:02.941
5. Leah Kirchmann (MB) Team Manitoba/Alter Ego1:48:28.352
6. Sarah Moore (QC) CVM Val David1:52:47.782
7. Lauren Hughes (BC) Team BC1:53:23.473
8. Mikaela Kofman (ON) Coach Chris.ca1:55:45.043
9. Krystyn Ong (AB) 1:59:51.248
10. Kelly Hall (AB) Juventus2:01:21.438
11. Christine Lynch (BC) Team BC2:03:04.371
12. Alexandra Gélinas-Hamelin (QC) Équipe Québec/Cycle outaouais2:04:20.937
13. Lauren Lankester (AB) Bicisport2:05:36.756
14. Jen Brown (BC) Team BC2:07:12.854
15. Jessica Kissel (AB) Bicisport2:08:08.191
DNF. Katherine Short (BC) Team BC
DNF. Lindsay Argue (MB)
U17 15-16 Women
1. Natasha Oldcorn (ON) Team Ontario1:13:24.851
2. Kristen Lone (BC) Team BC1:17:11.388
3. Charlotte Batty (ON) Team Trek Store1:17:56.348
4. Cayley Brooks (ON) Team Ontario1:20:06.402
5. Samantha Grover (AB) Juventus1:21:16.587
6. Ruby Woodruff (BC) Team BC1:22:56.888
7. Anna Schappert (MB) Bikes and Beyond/Team Manitoba1:23:52.893
8. Kendra Middleton (AB) Juventus1:25:31.769
9. Eden Imbeau (BC) Team BC1:26:20.820
10. Yani Brabant (BC) 1:26:57.318
11. Jenna Phelps (BC) Sunshine Coast CC1:42:54.999
DNF. Angeline McKirdy (BC) Team BC


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