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July 21/07 9:37 am - MTB Nationals Men's XC full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/21/07

National MTB Championships XC Mount Washington, BC

Coverage sponsored by Maxxis


Elite Men
1. Geoff Kabush (BC) Maxxis1:58:51.678
2. Max Plaxton (BC) Rocky Mountain / Haywood1:59:14.440
3. Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox Racing / Scott2:00:25.347
4. Seamus McGrath (BC) Rocky Mountain / Haywood2:02:24.016
5. Kris Sneddon (BC) Kona Les Gets2:06:32.532
6. Andrew Watson (ON) TEAM R.A.C.E.2:07:32.913
7. Mike Garrigan (ON) Epic Ride / Jetpower2:08:19.997
8. Matthew Hadley (NB) Rocky Mountain / Haywood2:09:27.407
9. Frederic Bussieres (QC) Equipe du Quebec / Xprezol2:12:52.578
10. Craig Richey (BC) Aviawest - Rocky Mountain Bicycles2:14:22.054
11. Martin Lazarski (ON) Rocky Mountain / Haywood2:15:30.329
12. Ryan Edwards (BC) Tantalus Bike Shop2:17:52.687
13. Mathew Hewitt (BC)2:19:13.038
14. Bruno Lafontaine (QC) Equipe du Quebec / Specialized2:19:58.177
15. Peter Glassford (ON) The Trek Store2:21:00.091
16. Shawn Bunnin (AB) Bicisport2:24:45.629
17. Marc-Andre Daigle (QC)2:25:00.645
18. Kelly Guest (BC) Giant / Brooks2:25:11.719
19. Cory Wallace (AB) Team Alberta2:26:35.803
20. Andy Traslin ()2:29:29.564
21. Thomas Skinner (BC) Giant/Louis Garneau-1 lap
22. Colin Kerr (BC)-1 lap
23. Zach Gammage (ON) Epic Ride / Jetpower-1 lap
24. Andre Sutton (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club-1 lap
25. Carsten Ivany (BC)-1 lap
26. Dustin Gordon (BC) Team Whistler-2 laps
27. Wai-Ben Wong (ON) Ride With Rendall-2 laps
DNF. Drew Mackenzie (BC)
DNF. Simon Tremblay (BC)
DNF. Mathieu Toulouse (QC) Maxxis
DNF. Roddi Lega (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Jeff Blair (BC) Norco Bicycles
DNF. Dallas Morris (AB) TEAM H&R BLOCK
DNF. Sebastien Tremblay (QC) Specialized
DNF. Stefan Widmer (BC) Rocky Mtn/Different Bikes
DNS. Justin Mark (BC) Arrowsmith Bikes / Frontrunners
DNS. Cameron Mcknight (AB) ERTC - redbike
U23 Men
1. Neal Kindree (BC) Kona/Les Gets Factory Team2:07:54.103
2. Raphael Gagne (QC) Equipe Quebec/Rocky Mtn Haywood2:10:42.102
3. Daniel Sessford (YT) Team Yukon - Everti/Schwalbe2:14:38.497
4. Leni Gelinas-Trudel (QC) Opus OGC/équipe du québec2:15:40.906
5. Adam Morka (ON) Team Ontario2:20:21.902
6. Matthew Green (BC) Rocky Mountain/Different Bikes2:22:50.308
7. Jonathan Boulanger (QC) Opus/Ogc/Equipe du Quebec2:23:19.269
8. Cameron Jette (ON) Team Trek Store2:25:56.443
9. Ryan Taylor (PEI)-1 lap
10. Andrew Thomas (SK) Team Saskatchewan-1 lap
11. Daniel Nemetchek (MB) Manitoba/Elements dsn. bld./Woodcock-1 lap
12. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing/ Scott-1 lap
13. Georges-Édouard Duquette (QC) Kona factory/ équipe du québec-1 lap
14. Matthew Cottrel (BC)-1 lap
15. Aaron Schooler (AB) E.R.T.C. / Redbike-1 lap
16. Matt Law (BC) SORCE-1 lap
17. Kyle Kennedy (BC)-1 lap
18. Brian Bain (AB) Team Alberta-2 laps
DNF. Norrie Henderson (BC) Kelowna Cycle


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