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July 23/07 4:43 am - Hill & Moseley Victorious at Garbanzo Downhill at Kokanee Crankworx

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/07

Garbanzo Downhill Race at Kokanee Crankworx
Courtesy Intrawest

Australian Sam Hill claims first place in Garbanzo Downhill during the 4th annual Kokanee Crankworx. With a time of 14:25.7, Hill made sure to leave the competition behind on an epic, mud-slicked course in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

An impressive field of athletes descended 3,400 vertical feet from the top of the Garbanzo Zone, through technical single track and high speed open sections on the Dave Murray ski run, finishing over the GLC Drop at the base of the Boneyard.

“Crankworx is awesome. I look forward to it every time, it’s the most relaxing event of the year”, says Sam Hill, winner of the event and Monster team rider. “The course was a little slick today but I had my mud tires on and they worked well for me, I’m pretty happy right now.”

With Hill grabbing first, second place was awarded to Justin Leov from Golden Colorado, with a time of 14:59.3; third place went to Andrew Neethling of Draper, Utah with a time of 15:01.9; and Marc Beaumont of Dronfield, UK took fourth with a time of 15:04.9.

The top rider in the women’s category was Tracy Moseley of the UK with a time of 17:23.5; Fionn Griffiths of Shrewsbury, UK took second place with a time of 17:32.6; Joanna Petterson of South Africa took third place with a time of 18:32.3; and hometown girl Angela Teng of Whistler, BC took fourth with a time of 18:37.3.

Tomorrow, July 23, marks the start of WomenzWorx with Gala training all day and the Gala Competition taking place Tuesday, July 24. This event is the first of its kind in North America and WomenzWorx festivities include free Bike Park tickets to the fist 100 women to check in at Guest Relations.

Saturday July 28, TELUS presents the first ever live Webcast of the much anticipated Kokanee Slopestyle event taking place in the Boneyard in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Powered by Rip TV (, an estimated 10,000 viewers will be able to view the event live from 5-7pm at and

Pro Women
1. Tracey Moseley (GBr) Kona17:23.5
2. Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Norco17:32.6
3. Joanna Petterson (RSA) Brodie bikes, Maxxis Hayes18:32.3
4. Angela Teng (Can) Sombrio, Cove Bikes18:37.3
5. Micayla Gatto (Can) Rocky Mountain Haywood19:00.6
6. Lauren Campbell (NZl) 020:00.1
7. Miranda Miller (Can) 020:03.6
8. Amber Zirnhelt (Can) Loeka20:34.7
9. Fanny Paquette (Can) 021:51.5
10. Cara Smith (AUS) Paton Performance, Onya Bikes21:53.7
11. Angi Weston (USA) Kona, Burly Girls22:21.1
12. Kelly Kozevnikov (Can) 022:36.4
13. Claire Whiteman (AUS) Kona Mt Buller
Factory DH Team, ACT Academy of Sport
Pro Men
1. Sam Hills (AUS) Monster Energy Ironhorse14:25.7
2. Justin Leov (USA) Yeti / Fox Racing Factory Team14:59.3
3. Andrew Neethling (USA) Mongoose Bicycles15:01.9
4. Marc Beaumont (GBr) MBUK SANTA CRUZ15:04.9
5. Brian Lopes (USA) GT Bicycles, Oakley15:23.1
6. Eli Krahenbuhl (USA) Fox, Trek, Gamut15:35.6
7. Dennis Beare (AUS) Specialized Bikes, Unit Riders15:45.3
8. Thomas Rose (Can) Battle Cat appreal15:45.3
9. Shaun O'connor (Can) Spy Optic, Thor MX, Santa Cruz15:46.9
10. Mauricio Acuña (CHI) Rocky Mountain15:47.1
11. Sam Reed (Can) 015:48.1
12. Jeff Bryson (Can) Specialized, On Top Bike Shop,
Hayes, Gammut
13. Evan Turpen (USA) X-Fusion/ Iron Horse/ Go-Ride.com16:00.5
14. Ewan Farfad (Can) Maple Ridge Cycle16:01.5
15. Joshua Burton (AUS) Mongoose Bikes16:07.1
16. Chad Onyschuk (Can) SRAM, Devinci, Bell16:09.4
17. Tim Mackersy (AUS) 016:13.8
18. Nick Tuttle (USA) GHY BIKES16:13.8
19. Jeff Hunter (Can) 016:15.2
20. Will Rischbieth (AUS) Giant Bicycles, OGIO, Drizabone16:17.9
21. Cristian Araya (CHI) Rocky Mountain16:18.0
22. Amiel Cavalier (AUS) Giant Mountain Bike Team16:22.0
23. Derek Chambers (Can) Pinkbike, Devinci, NRG enterprises16:22.5
24. Smith Steve (Can) SRAM, Cove Bikes16:29.9
25. Julius Syvanen (USA) Commencal USA16:30.2
26. Paul Whitham (Can) Pit Stop Whistler16:34.3
27. Tom Patton (AUS) Orange, Manitou, Troy Lee Designs,
Oakley, Bike Addiction
28. Ariel Lindsley (USA) Maverick Hutchinson16:38.4
29. Dan Skogland (Can) Cove16:42.4
30. Cody Eichhorn (Can) Spy Optic16:42.9
31. Boe Mcgee (USA) Go-ride.com16:47.2
32. Js Therrien (Can) Transition Bikes16:48.1
33. Greg Grant (Can) Giant Bicycles. Tantalus Bike shop16:54.3
34. Tommy Wilkinson (GBr)
35. Shane Gayton16:58.3
36. Mitchell Forbes (Can) Luxury, Trek Bontrager16:59.8
37. Zach Tatem (Can) Luxury, Trek Bontrager17:00.0
38. Garreth Paton (AUS) Turner bikes, Bitt, Paton Performance17:02.3
39. Dean Robson (AUS) Maintou, Magura, Foes, Troy Lee Designs17:02.7
40. Brett Hornfelt (Can) Empire Bike Shop, Utopia, Crankbrothers17:07.5
41. Jason Christianson (Can) Whistler Bike Co17:09.9
42. Tim Coleman (Can) John Henry Bikes17:14.1
43. Paul Kalisch (Can) Sombrio17:15.7
44. Chris Reading (Can) MTB, Colonies.com17:17.2
45. Scott Graham17:18.8
46. Dylan Wolsky (AUS) Spearman Cycles Wollongong17:19.7
47. Tom Grzesik (Can) Commencal, Drop Machine17:24.0
48. Stephane Pelletier (Can) 017:27.5
49. Michael Geale (AUS) For The Riders.com17:33.8
50. Jorge Acuna Quintana (CHI) 017:38.4
51. Patricio Gomez (Chile) Asermadero San Ignacio,17:40.5
52. Dan Mcewan (AUS) 017:41.0
53. Tom Cranston (AUS) Spearman Cycles Wollongong18:09.6
54. Steve Petherick (Can) 018:09.9
55. Aaron Bashford (AUS) Team Bashie18:24.7
56. Theo Mello (BRA) 018:52.0
57. Jake Young (Can) 018:55.1
58. Ngari Jenkins 0 Cycle Worx19:53.2
59. Mark Clemens (USA) Mountain Biking Magazine20:22.8
60. Kye Hore (AUS) Magura Brakes, Maniton, Blur Optics, Steve Cramer Products20:56.9
61. Neil Donoghue (GBr) MBUK SANTA CRUZ28:39.3
Junior Men
1. Michael Langford (NZl)16:41.9
2. Tom Oskam (NZl)16:53.7
3. Cam Woods (Can)17:21.8
4. Steven Pawlitsky (Can)17:32.3
5. Nathan Vials (GBr)17:37.7
6. Kyle Loekyer (Can) Cycle Solutions17:41.9
7. Brody Borg (Can)18:22.1
8. Simon Garstin (Can)18:24.2
9. Geoff Bridges (Can)18:30.1
10. Daniel Toumine (Can)18:37.1
11. Dan Johnson (GBr)18:43.3
12. Robert Mcphalen (Can)18:55.0
13. Clinton Gould (Can)18:59.0
14. Norman Thompson (Can)19:00.7
15. Aaron Dobie (Can)19:04.8
16. Tom Kakamousias (Can)19:13.5
17. Edward Masters19:15.7
18. Ben Porteous (Can)19:18.1
19. Regan Hogelie (Can)19:32.0
20. Mike Parry (Can)19:45.0
21. Kyle Quesnel (Can)19:47.2
22. Jared Godler (Can)19:51.8
23. Mitchell Mckinlay20:24.5
24. Kellen Vandorland (Can)20:29.8
25. Matt Windover (Can)20:35.5
26. Jake Gowans (Can)20:44.9
27. Clint Overman (USA)21:09.4
28. Aziz Zouaoui (Can)22:20.1
29. Alexander Macmillan (Can)23:30.5
30. Mark Lively (Can)23:56.1
31. Kris Christensen (USA)24:06.3
32. Brandon Visser (Can)33:09.3
Master Men
1. Adam Wright (Can)16:08.8
2. Mulcahy Andrew (USA)16:22.9
3. Simon Stevenson (Can)16:59.5
4. Robert Venables (Can)17:08.2
5. Clinton Fowler (USA)17:09.3
6. Steve Rose (Can)17:16.4
7. Mathieu Hebert (Can)17:16.6
8. Nathan Marsh (USA)17:31.6
9. Matt Patterson (USA)17:38.8
10. Paul Begg (AUS)18:10.1
11. Colin Miller (Can)18:32.0
12. Eirik Schulz (USA)18:32.8
13. Jeff Egan (Can)18:35.1
14. Rachid Moumou18:46.7
15. Yoshito Tsuji (Can)18:51.5
16. Patrick Labbe (Can)18:57.7
17. Kevin Hall (USA)19:00.0
18. Richard Jarman (Can)19:18.3
19. Martin Byers (SCO)19:28.4
20. Craig Bullen (Can)19:35.7
21. Martin Newman (Can)19:48.0
22. Rich Brinkmann (Can)19:55.5
23. J-F Deslauriers (Can)20:19.4
24. David Warner (Can)20:58.4
25. Harwood Ian (AUS)21:19.7
26. James Knowler21:28.1
27. Gus Coombe21:40.3
28. Dan Saimo (USA)22:11.3
29. Michael Orr (USA)22:18.8
30. Travis Peterson (Can)23:20.0
31. Steven Strupp23:39.9
32. Jason Reiman (USA)26:21.7
Senior Men
1. Mark West (GBr)15:53.7
2. Kristian Short (Can)16:01.5
3. Jared Capey (Can)16:05.8
4. Paul Stevens (GBr)16:07.9
5. Tristan Merrick (Can)16:25.1
6. William Dixon (Can)16:29.5
7. James Mcskimming (Can)16:33.3
8. Neil White (Can)16:35.8
9. Adam Mantle (Can)16:43.1
10. Jesse Murphy (Can)16:45.4
11. James Hall (AUS)16:48.2
12. Chris Morris (GBr)16:53.2
13. Alex Malone (AUS)17:01.6
14. Brad Bethune (Can)17:07.2
15. Kevin Tafts (Can)17:23.5
16. Marco Giarrana (Can)17:23.8
17. Kevin Theilgaard (Can)17:30.7
18. Harold Woolnough (Can)17:31.1
19. Dave Musgrove (AUS)17:37.0
20. Chris Southwood (AUS)17:42.4
21. Kyle Thomas (USA)17:50.7
22. Ben Ferguson (Can)17:52.0
23. Nick Christensen (Can)17:54.0
24. Derek Ottoson (Can)18:02.1
25. Dave Anderson (Can)18:10.6
26. Emil Bjorsell (Can)18:11.5
27. Matt Boudreau (Can)18:12.9
28. Jon Ross (USA)18:15.3
29. Bruce Pomeroy (Can)18:43.4
30. Thomas Humphery (Can)18:48.7
31. Landon Pinette (Can)18:51.0
32. Jeff Jaap (USA)18:53.9
33. Parker Unufer (USA)18:57.6
34. Simon Kersey (Can)18:58.2
35. Ralph Van Den Berg19:07.5
36. Louis Dumas (Can)19:08.9
37. Jakob Madsen19:10.8
38. Carl Constanza (GBr)19:15.9
39. Pat Labrosse (Can)19:18.2
40. Jason Maudal (USA)19:24.6
41. Bart Brown (Can)19:24.7
42. Paddy Vero (GBr)19:35.4
43. Marc Zurbuchen (Can)19:36.7
44. Brad Wolf (Can)19:41.1
45. Jeremy Schaab (Can)19:42.3
46. Christian Stadler (Can)20:00.7
47. Andrew Brown (Can)20:17.1
48. Felipe Comureras (CHI)20:22.4
49. Alec Lentz (USA)20:25.9
50. Alex Attard (Can)20:40.6
51. Scott Grundy (AUS)21:11.3
52. Daniel Bender (Can)21:32.0
53. Nicholas Peter22:35.1
54. Benjamin Pascher (GER)22:42.3
55. Bobby Terry (USA)22:54.9
56. Rune Madsen23:44.3
57. Greg Mueller (USA)28:12.3
58. Patrick Means (USA)28:59.3


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