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July 23/07 7:49 am - Blizzard Bike Club News

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/07

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC

July 22nd

Robin Baillie won the 24th edition of the S and S Turbines Time Trials, Sunday, with a time of 21:59 minutes for the 16 km Cecil Lake circuit. Pat Ferris was second at 23:59. Colter Young made an all night trip home from Penticton to arrive and get third with 24:23. Dave Jaeger of GP was 4th at 24:30 and Roger St. Jean 5th at 24:37. There was a big crowd of 22 riders out.

The Blizzard 'A' Team won the afternoon Team Time Trial. Robin Baillie, Colter Young, Pat Ferris and Matt Sparling did the 40 k Cecil Lake route in 58:44 minutes. The GP/Dawson Creek team of Ken Perry, David Kay, Dave Jaeger and Kolton Chapman (DC) were second at 1:06:24. The Blizzard B Team of Roger St. Jean, Bob Andrews, Gary Hilderman, Darren Guliov and Jolea Bilodeau were only 16 seconds back for third. Another big crowd of 31 riders came out to ride this event.

The Blizzards dominated the weekend meet with 98 points to GP's 16 and Dawson Creek's 2. The Blizzard lead is up to 621 points to GP's 359 and DC's 155.

Other 16 km times were Bob Andrews in 6th at 25:34, David Kay 25:47, Ken Perry 25:53, Sam Keats 26:44, Gord Harris 27:01, Ken Nix 27:03, Richard Wood 27:07, Kolton Chapman 27:08, Jolea Bilodeau 27:15, Kathryn Fairweather 28:31, Owen Giebelhaus 28:39, Barb Polehoykie 28:59, Floyd Polehoykie 29:07, Adam Bilodeau 29:22, Marie Young 30:46, Adam Currie 31:29 and Suzi Bach 35:04.

Other Team time trial times were the 4 place „oldies' with Terry Stone, Richard Wood, Ken Nix and Sam Keats at 1:11:48, 'three musketeers with Steve Sparling, Owen Giebelhaus and Wim Kok at 1:13:47, 'Speedo's' with Gord Harris, Barb Polehoykie, Floyd Polehoykie and Kathryn Fairweather at 1:17:44, 'Adams Apples' with Adam Currie, Adam Bilodeau and Sandy MacDonald at 1:23:50, 'Greasy Chains' with Sara Kolkea, Liz, Jan Schmidt and Marie Young at 1:33:13 and the 'Red Hats' with Cheri Dunn, Suzi Bach, Eva St. Jean and Starr Guliov at 2:00:32.

Stephen Ferris finished the Pro-Am Tour of Delta in Vancouver for Super Week. He lasted to the halfway mark with the final 26 riders of 112 starters, in the tough, wet Gastown Crit, Thursday. Then he finished 49th in the Giro Burnaby Road Race, Friday. He then did a great ride for 24th in Saturday's Lehigh Cement Criterium and 43rd in the Sunday road race.

Coming up:
-Baldonnel time trial at 7 pm, Thursday.
-Sunday Beatton Loop road race from Humpty's at 10:00 am (unscheduled)


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