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July 23/07 9:35 am - Bike Trans Alp: Stage 8 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/07

Bike Trans Alp

On the last stage from Folgaria to Riva del Garda, “Team Bulls” has once again underlined their outstanding role at the 2007 JEANTEX BIKE TRANSALP. Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm reached the finish after pedalling 2:59:49 hours bringing home their sixth leg triumph and also claiming the overall victory. All in all, Platt/Sahm needed 27:32:30 hours for the 628.36 kilometres and a vertical gain of 20.836 metres from Mittenwald (GER) to the Lake Garda (ITA).

Right at the first climb of the day, Platt/Sahm upped the tempo and gained a lead of almost four minutes on the runner-ups until the peak of the Monte Finonchio, which they continuously extended over the last part of the 65.18 kilometres long course (2,064 metres of elevation gain). “We had planned to push it today and therefore attacked right at the start to have a more relaxing rest of the day”, explained Stefan Sahm after the race. “It’s fantastic that we made the triple. I’m not sure if someone can repeat winning all three big mountain big stage races in one year”, said the 31-years-old biker all smiles.

His team mate Karl Platt, who secured his fifth overall title, added: “We have worked very hard for this. It might seem that we have an easy job out there, but you have to motivate yourself every day facing the heat and the mountains. We had to go to our limit to win and therefore we are very proud that we made it.”


“Rocky Mountain/Haywood” unbeatable in the mixed category
They were biking in their own class: Alison Sydor and Carsten Bresser of “Rocky Mountain/Haywood” were also able to win every stage while claiming the mixed title. On the last day of the 2007 JEANTEX BIKE TRANSALP, the Canadian-German connection needed 3:37:02 hours.

Canadians storm on third podium spot
Marg Fedyna and Nikki Kassel of “Team Raven Canada” gained their fifth stage victory and thus jumped on the third podium spot relegating “Team Haibike-Fujibike” with Kirsten Roesel and Milena Landtwing (4:11:34) by 1.4 seconds down to the fourth place in the women’s final ranking. Overall second and stage 8's fourth were the pairing of “Fiat Rotwild-Damen”, Kerstin Brachtendorf and Danièle Troesch.

Sandra and Peggy Klose of “Zwillingscraft” successfully defended their 2006 title. Both sisters came in as second today (4:01:49), but had gained the comfortable lead over the first days to bring home the Champions ring. “It’s a wonderful feeling, to defend the title especially with the strong competitors this year”, said Sandra Klose in the finish area. “We had a week packed with a lot of incidents and technical difficulties. In addition, I had to crucify myself into the finish yesterday and today. I also have to pay a compliment to my sister for her performance, because last year I pulled her a few times.”

Stage 8 (July 21st): Folgaria to Riva del Garda, 65.18km
1. Rocky Mountain / Haywood (Carsten Bresser/Alison Sydor)3:37:02
2. Team Steppenwolf-Bikes (Walter Marquardt/Conny Marquardt)at 19:20
3. Kraftwerk Bikesport (Marco Carrer/Eva Carrer-Enz)34:32
4. Ciclopia Pro Team (Werner Fischer/Bärbel Jungmeier)38:02
5. Rye Mix (Bern Hansen Tord/Kristin Larsen Tone)40:25
6. Team Schmidde (Markus Thomas/Bettina Dietzen)42:13
7. Race Face Uxc (Shannon Boffeli/Jennifer Hanks)43:50
8. The Caipirinhas (Andreas Lindner/Tanja Ebenbichler)43:53
9. Xfusion/Shoair (Louise Kobin/Eric Warkentin)43:56
10. Pezula (Jacobus Barnard/Frances Barnard)1:00:26
1. Team Bulls (Karl Platt/Stefan Sahm)2:59:49
2. Fiat Rotwild (Andreas Strobel/Silvio Wieltschnig)at 14:32
3. Team Texpa-Simplon (Alexander Pscheidl/Christian Schneidawind)16:18
4. Costa Rica Supermercados Am-Pm (Juan Solis/Alexander Sanchez)21:05
5. Bike Magazin / Scott (Christoph Listmann/Robert Eder)22:54
6. Sportnora Trek (Martin Kellermann/Robert Hotter)22:56
7. Adidas William Simpson (Max Knox/Oliver Munnik)22:57
8. Adidas Mtn (Kevin Evans/Brandon Stewart)23:03
9. Adidas-Fuji-Dtswiss (Thomas Wallner/Markus Stock)23:04
10. Bionicon Pro Team (Samuel Faruhn/Stefan Schaufuß)25:43
19. Team Whistler (Lloyd Thomas/Dave Burch)36:54
39. Walter (Bryant Hebert/Kelly Servinski)49:42
1. Team Raven Canada (Marg Fedyna/Nikki Kassel)3:53:57
2. Zwillingscraft (Sandra Klose/Peggy Klose)at 7:52
3. Team Haibike-Fujibike (Kirsten Rösel/Milena Landtwing)17:51
4. Fiat Rotwild -Damen (Kerstin Brachtendorf/Daniele Troesch)19:24
5. Fancier Ride (Melanie Alexander/Pippa Lansdown)41:00
6. Srs Pro Sportler (Rebecca Burbach/Mirjam Preyer)52:12
7. Www.2radfreun.De (Sonja Fink/Verena Stitzinger)1:01:00
8. Jeantex V-Max Ladies (Ellen Blome/Silke Pokrop)1:17:07
9. Bikeline (Simone Gertschen/Christine Probst)1:44:13
10. Die Bike-Inis (Birte Jack/Carmen Leitner)1:44:47
1. Team KTM (Ekkehard Dörschlag/Heinz Zörweg)3:12:45
2. Scott Begium (Luc van Roy/Paul Heylen)at 20:15
3. Sponser Sport Food (Bärti Bucher/Renato Burch)24:54
4. Adidas William Simpson (Doug Brown/Shan Wilson)25:12
5. Nordic Sportscenter (Henrik Cohen/Thomas Aaboe)35:55
6. Ski Club Cesis (Girts Kalnins/Janis Rezins)36:45
7. Team Gigasport Austria 2 (Mario Pucher/Michael Jentl)39:28
8. Sporthotel Bruurs 2 (Jeroen Spijkerman/Hubertus Kools)39:45
9. Die Unglaublichen (Günter Sandmann/Christoph Wehrle)41:00
10. Follow Me / Kona Racing Team (Pino Borreggine/Gerald Nönninger)41:31
43. Dark Horse Racing (John Ramsden/John Trevor Linden)1:26:19
68. Bionicon - Team Canada (Michael Echsler/Bob Carmichael)2:12:36
75. Brovender / James (Mark James/Sam Brovender)2:24:23
Final GC
1. Rocky Mountain / Haywood (Carsten Bresser/Alison Sydor)32:10:50
2. Ciclopia Pro Team (Werner Fischer/Bärbel Jungmeier)at 2:19:24
3. Rye Mix (Bern Hansen Tord/Kristin Larsen Tone)4:40:14
4. Xfusion/Shoair (Louise Kobin/Eric Warkentin)4:57:33
5. Team Steppenwolf-Bikes (Walter Marquardt/Conny Marquardt)4:57:47
6. Pezula (Jacobus Barnard/Frances Barnard)5:59:33
7. Race Face UXC (Shannon Boffeli/Jennifer Hanks)6:33:27
8. The Caipirinhas (Andreas Lindner/Tanja Ebenbichler)6:37:16
9. Alpenbär (Sabine Compassi/Paul Bühler Martin)6:56:47
10. Megg-Hill (Wolfgang Ranfft/Hilde Große-Hering)7:39:53
1. Team Bulls (Karl Platt/Stefan Sahm)27:32:30
2. Fiat Rotwild (Andreas Strobel/Silvio Wieltschnig)at 29:20
3. Team Texpa-Simplon (Alexander Pscheidl/Christian Schneidawind)1:18:21
4. Adidas Mtn (Kevin Evans/Brandon Stewart)1:58:46
5. Adidas-Fuji-DTswiss (Thomas Wallner/Markus Stock)2:00:16
6. Bionicon Pro Team (Samuel Faruhn/Stefan Schaufuß)2:36:05
7. Bike Magazin / Scott (Christoph Listmann/Robert Eder)2:59:08
8. Sportnora Trek (Martin Kellermann/Robert Hotter)3:03:10
9. Velobern Racing Team (Sämi Wüthrich/Claudio Andenmatten)3:05:21
10. Adidas William Simpson (Max Knox/Oliver Munnik)3:12:04
44. Walter (Bryant Hebert/Kelly Servinski)6:34:48
53. Team Whistler (Lloyd Thomas/Dave Burch)7:44:20
1. Zwillingscraft (Sandra Klose/Peggy Klose)34:43:20
2. Fiat Rotwild -Damen (Kerstin Brachtendorf/Daniele Troesch)at 1:18:09
3. Team Raven Canada (Marg Fedyna/Nikki Kassel)1:34:48
4. Team Haibike-Fujibike (Kirsten Rösel/Milena Landtwing)1:34:50
5. Srs Pro Sportler (Rebecca Burbach/Mirjam Preyer)4:30:46
6. Fancier Ride (Melanie Alexander/Pippa Lansdown)5:21:10
7. Www.2radfreun.De (Sonja Fink/Verena Stitzinger)6:23:30
8. Jeantex V-Max Ladies (Ellen Blome/Silke Pokrop)9:04:03
9. Provisorium-Sc Karlsbad (Karin Burster/Marion Müller)12:12:43
10. Bike & More 1 (Samanta Odino/Raffaella Canonico)13:22:34
1. Team Ktm (Ekkehard Dörschlag/Heinz Zörweg)28:54:34
2. Adidas William Simpson (Doug Brown/Shan Wilson)at 2:45:04
3. Sponser Sport Food (Bärti Bucher/Renato Burch)3:02:05
4. Scott Begium (Luc van Roy/Paul Heylen)3:38:47
5. Nordic Sportscenter (Henrik Cohen/Thomas Aaboe)4:13:07
6. Sporthotel Bruurs 2 (Jeroen Spijkerman/Hubertus Kools)4:21:12
7. Die Unglaublichen (Günter Sandmann/Christoph Wehrle)4:35:56
8. Ski Club Cesis (Girts Kalnins/Janis Rezins)5:00:21
9. Euroslaf Bikbike (Luigi Luterotti/Sergio Montagni)5:31:38
10. Thomax Bike Team (Thomas Rüegg/Max Bertschinger)6:00:57
48. Dark Horse Racing (John Ramsden/John Trevor Linden)13:03:56
55. Bionicon - Team Canada (Michael Echsler/Bob Carmichael)14:29:22
63. Brovender / James (Mark James/Sam Brovender)16:24:14


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