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July 27/07 1:10 am - Tour de l'Avenir: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/07

Tour de l'Avenir July 26th, La Bai QC
Courtesy Tour de l'Avenirn

Under a blasting sun, Phillippe-Antoine Alexandre proves himself during the the Fromagerie Boivin stage.

Yesterday morning the first stage of le Tour de l'Avenir took place under blasting heat and optimal conditions. The stage had the name of Phillippe-Antoine Alexandre written all over it. The young racer from the maillot bleu-record team won the yellow jersey by finishing first and he also claimed the jersey for the best sprinter.

After an explosive start, the pack split in three groups after the first big climb. The entire race was an open 'war' between Lawson Craddock from the Texas team and Phillippe-Antoine Alexandre. However, a mechanical forced Craddock off the pace in the final kms.

On the women's side, it was Cory Rivera from Major Motion Cycling that climbed on the top step of the podium with an impressive performance. She rode in the boy's leader's pack the whole race. Also with good performances were Shanie Bergeron and Élizabeth Albert.

Post race, numerous coaches and athletes came to the organisation headquarters to thank us for the challenging event we are putting on. For them le Tour de l'Avenir his been, without a doubt, the highlight of their racing season.

The ranking

1rst Phillipe-Antoine Alexandre (Maillot bleu-record)
2nd Nathan Brown (texas)
3nd Lawson Craddock (Texas)

1st Cory Rivera (Major Motion Cycling)
2nd Shanie Bergeron (Eva-Devinci)
3nd Elizabeth Albert (Acidose Lactique)


Men's Leader: Phillipe-Antoine Alexandre (Maillot bleu-record)
Girl's leader: Cory Rivera (Major Motion Cycling)
Best sprinter: Phillipe-Antoine Alexandre (Maillot bleu-record)
Best climber:Lawson Craddock (Texas)
Most aggressive rider: Lawson Craddock (Texas)

Stage 1: Chemin St-Joseph to St-Martin, 53km

1. Philippe-Antoine Alexandre (Can) Maillot bleu record1:23:08
2. Natan Brown (USA) Texasat 0:22
3. Lawson Craddock (USA) Texass.t.
4. Frédéric Poisson (Can) Club Cycliste Ste-Foy0:47
5. Pierre-Étienne Boivin (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 1
6. Antoine Duchesne (Can) Acidose Lactique 1
7. Yann Beaulieu (Can) Élicycle 1
8. Bernard Christopher (Can) Élicycle 1
9. Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Team Ontario 1
10. Marc-André Bonneau (Can) Club Cycliste Ste-Foy
11. Pierrick Naud (Can) Club Cycliste Amos
12. Antoni Loignon (Can) Élicycle 1
13. Marc-Antoine Olivier (Can) Espoirs Laval 1
14. Morgan P. Ryan (USA) Élicycle 2
15. Raphael Massé (Can) Maillot bleu record
16. Taylor Birmann (USA) Borah Developement
17. Andrew Lattimore (Can) Team Ontario 1
18. Jean-Richard Cormier (Can) Team Atlantic 1
19. James Bird (USA) Borah Developement
20. Edouard Garneau (Can) Élicycle 1
21. Charlie Evans (Can) Team Atlantic 1
22. David Sarrazin (Can) Élicycle 2
23. Michael Dalterio (Can) Espoirs Laval 1
24. Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Can) Club Cycliste Amos
25. Jean-Simon Houle (Can) Club Cycliste Ste-Foy
26. Philippe Lacasse (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 1
27. Jean-Michel Naud (Can) Club Cycliste Amos
28. Sam Stone (USA) Baraboo Shraks boys
29. Mikael Bilodeau (Can) Maillot bleu record
30. Jacob Bouchard (Can) Acidose Lactique 1
31. Samuël Chrétien (Can) Acidose Lactique 1
32. Marc-Antoine Lagacé (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique
33. Marc-Olivier Helms (Can) Espoirs Laval 1
34. Aubrey Moore (USA) Texasall s.t.
35. Frédéric Ouellet L. (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 11:07
36. Maxime Gauthier (Can) Élicycle 2s.t.
37. Nicolas Kilsdonk G. (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 21:21
38. Trevor Damen (Can) Team Ontario 11:51
39. Christophe Riopel B. (Can) Espoirs Laval 13:00
40. Marc-André Beaudoin (Can) Élicycle 23:53
41. Thomson Remo (USA) Baraboo Shraks boyss.t.
42. William Fontaine (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique4:29
43. Philippe Nadon (Can) Club Cycliste Amos5:37
44. Francis Desbiens (Can) Maillot bleu record6:59
45. John Schimek (USA) Borah Developement7:30
46. Laurent Dallaire (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 2
47. Stuart Wight (Can) Team Atlantic 1
48. Emmanuël Laberge (Can) Acidose Lactique 1
49. Michael James (USA) Baraboo Shraks boysall s.t.
50. Andrew L'esperance (Can) Team Atlantic 112:13
51. Eric Dobberfuhl (USA) Borah Developement12:18
52. Conrad Roberts (USA) Baraboo Shraks boys13:27
53. Yannick Fontaine (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique Plus 213:31
54. Bennett Winn (Can) Team Ontario 115:08
55. Guillaume Charest (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 1
56. Francois Lebel St. L. (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 2both s.t.
57. Pierre Aubin (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique Plus 215:12
58. Julien Belleville R. (Can) Club Cycliste Ste-Foy15:33
59. David Couturier (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 218:46
DNF. Adrian Balsara (USA) Texas
1. Coryn Rivera (USA) Major motion cycling1:24:15
2. Shanie Bergeron (Can) Eva-Devinciat 6:23
3. Élisabeth Albert (Can) Acidose Lactique 2
4. Adriane Provost (Can) Espoirs Laval 3both s.t.
5. Kaitlin A. Antonneau (USA) Major motion cycling6:29
6. Jessica Yeaton (USA) Major motion cycling7:21
7. Véronique Bilodeau (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique Plus 17:52
8. Krista Ruby (Can) Team Ontario 211:06
9. Raphaëlle Chrétien (Can) Eva-Devinci12:17
10. Valérie Crête (Can) Équipe Cascade
11. Janie Fortin (Can) Eva-Devinci
12. Marie-Pier Raymond (Can) Élicycle 3
13. Stéphanie Drolet (Can) Team Atlantic 2
14. Kendall G. Ryan (USA) Major motion cyclingall s.t.
15. Geneviève Bourgeois (Can) Acidose Lactique 214:01
16. Frédérique Lord (Can) Élicycle 3
17. Gabrielle Duchesne (Can) Eva-Devinci
18. Joanie Laflamme (Can) Acidose Lactique 2all s.t.
19. Camille G. Fortier (Can) Élicycle 314:06
20. Caroline Drolet (Can) Espoirs Laval 314:08
21. Évelyne Gagnon (Can) Acidose Lactique 214:28
22. Florence L. Lamarche (Can) Team Ontario 215:23
23. Virginie Gauthier (Can) Espoirs Laval 3s.t.
24. Jessica Dahn (Can) Team Atlantic 216:51
25. Catherine Couture (Can) Équipe Cascades.t.
26. Lysanne Fratelli (Can) Élicycle 316:53
27. Cassandra D. Poitras (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique Plus 1
28. Stephanie Bester (Can) Team Ontario 2
29. Kassandra Boulay (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique Plus 1
30. Véronique Drapeau Z. (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 3
31. Justine Levasseur (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 3
32. Jessica Garneau (Can) Équipe cycliste Musique Plus 1
33. Lauriane Boulé R. (Can) Équipe Cascade
34. Catherine Brunet (Can) Espoirs Laval 3all s.t.
35. Kim Manuel (Can) Team Atlantic 216:57
36. Kyla Fisher (Can) Team Atlantic 218:12
37. Émilie Perron A. (Can) Équipe Cascade24:52
38. Anna Young (USA) Baraboo Sharks girls25:12
39. Édith Levasseur (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 3s.t.
40. Marianne Chapleau (Can) Espoirs Laval 227:08
41. Maude Bezeau B. (Can) Espoirs Laval 2s.t.
42. Kelci C. Roberts (USA) Baraboo Sharks girls27:54
43. Victoria Meier (USA) Baraboo Sharks girls28:12
44. Martine Therrien (Can) Espoirs Laval 229:38
45. Roxanne Charest (Can) Véloclub Longueuil 331:06
46. Chloé Chateauvert (Can) Espoirs Laval 233:31
47. Marcella Weiss (USA) Baraboo Sharks girls39:16


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