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July 27/07 1:29 am - Jim Beam Air DH At Kokanee Crankworx

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/07

Brian Lopes Claims First At Jim Beam Air DH At Kokanee Crankworx June 25th, Whistler BC

The Jim Beam Air Downhill took over the Whistler Mountain Bike Park Wednesday with over 340 competitors from North America and around the world. Finishing the day in top spot was Brian Lopes from Laguna Beach, CA with a time of 4:21:87.

The Jim Beam Air DH runs the length of A-Line starting at mid-mountain Olympic Station on Whistler and finishes over the GLC Drops into the Village. A-Line is the most popular and well-known freeride trail of its kind, with over 100 jumps and high speed sections where riders were clocked at nearly 40 mph (64kph) during the competition. With a one run format, the Jim Beam Air DH competitors had to pin it to win it.

As Lopes took first in the Pro Men category, Nathan Rennie from Murrieta, CA finished second; Greg Minnaar from Pietermaritzburg, RSA came third and Cedric Gracia from La Massana, AD came fourth.

In the Pro Women's category, Tracy Moseley from Malvern, UK grabbed first place with a time of 4:50:95. Second place went to Micayla Gatto from West Vancouver, BC; Fionn Griffiths from Shrewsbury, UK came third and Whistler's own Jen Ashton finished fourth with a time of 4:55:96.

Top riders in the other categories included Whistler local Stacy Kohut in the 4 Wheeler category; Edward Masters from New Plymouth, NZ in the Junior Men; local James McSkimming in the Amateur Men; Chad Hendren from Whistler in the Master Men; Casey Brown of Revelstoke, BC in the Junior Women and Aja Philp from North Vancouver, BC in the Amateur Women.


Pro Women
1. Tracy Moseley (GBr) Kona, Les Gets4:50.95
2. Micayla Gatto (BC)at 2.29
3. Fionn Griffiths (GBr) Norco2.92
4. Jennifer Ashton (BC) Oakley, Intense, Whistler Blackcomb5.01
5. Lauren Campbell (NZl)6.88
6. Leana Gerrard (USA)8.28
7. Kathy Pruitt (USA)10.52
8. Cara Smith (AUS) Paton Performance, Onya Bikes12.35
9. Bethany Parsons (ON) Scott USA, Dincus apparel12.38
10. Claire Whiteman (AUS) Kona Mt Buller Factory DH Team
ACT Academy of Sport
11. Anneke Beerten (HOL) Team Bike Park.ch17.08
12. Miranda Miller (BC)22.52
13. Joanna Petterson (HI) Brodie bikes, Maxxis Hayes24.74
14. Lynne Aitchison (SCO)25.8
15. Sheila Morris (ON) Gravitesse47.08
16. Aponi Hancock (UT)47.28
DNS Emily Johnston (USA) Specialized, Diety, Magura, Atomlab
DNS Lorraine Blancher (BC) Fox, Rocky Mountain, Giro, Summit
DNS Katrina Strand (BC)
Pro Men
1. Brian Lopes (USA) GT Bicycles, Oakley4:21.87
2. Nathan Rennie (USA) Santa Cruz Syndicateat 0.71
3. Greg Minnaar (RSA) Team G Cross Honda1.60
4. Cedric Gracia (Fra) Commencal, Oakley, Vallnord, Bell 6613.16
5. Andrew Neethling (RSA) Mongoose Bicycles4.93
6. Jeff Beatty (BC) Orange Moto7.68
7. Marc Beaumont (GBr) MBUK SANTA CRUZ7.83
8. Evan Turpen (USA) X-Fusion/ Iron Horse/ Go-Ride.com8.36
9. Thomas Vanderham Rocky Mountain,Fox,Marzocchi,Oakley9.20
10. Curtis Keene (USA)9.37
11. Andrew Mitchell (BC) Cove SRAM Bike9.42
12. Steve Smith (BC) SRAM, Cove Bikes10.78
13. Shaun O'Connor (AB) Spy Optic, Thor MX, Santa Cruz12.21
14. Justin Leov (USA) Yeti / Fox Racing Factory Team13.04
15. Luke Kitzanuk (QC)13.56
16. Cody Eichhorn (BC) Spy Optic14.29
17. Jeff Bryson (BC) Specialized, On Top Bike Shop, Hayes, Gammut14.49
18. Julius Syvanen (USA) Commencal USA15.65
19. Ian Odom (USA) Brodie16.88
20. Zach Tatem (BC) Luxury, Trek Bontrager17.55
21. Tim Mackersy (AUS)18.09
22. Scott Graham18.93
23. Nick Quinn (AB) CC DH Team18.99
24. Dennis Beane (Aus) Specialized Bikes, Unit Riders19.62
25. Mauricio Acuña (CHI) Rocky Mountain19.93
26. Michal Marosi (Cze) RSP, Red Bull, Giant20.53
27. Tom Grzesik (BC) Commencal, Drop Machine20.86
28. Karl Rogne (USA)21.12
29. Garreth Paton (AUS) Turner bikes, Bitt, Paton Performance21.92
30. Paul Kalisch (BC) Sombrio21.93
31. Adam Bowey (AUS)22.00
32. Casey Northern (USA) Fluidride/Ironhorse22.38
33. Dean Tennant (BC) Dangerboy, Appalache22.44
34. Chris Reading (BC) MTB, Colonies.com22.81
35. Michael Geale (AUS) For The Riders.com23.53
36. Justin Brown (ON)23.63
37. Brett Hornfelt (BC) Empire Bike Shop, Utopia, Crankbrothers24.09
38. Drew Pautler (ON) Primary Dare Devil Devinci SRAM24.71
39. Steven Mccullough (USA) Giant, Fox, Hayes, Sun Ringle, Smith24.85
40. Cristian Araya (CHI) Rocky Mountain25.04
41. Dan Skogland (BC) Cove25.18
42. Tommy Wilkinson (GBr)
43. John Farrow (Aus) Appalache Cycles25.78
44. Ngari Jenkins (GBr) Cycle Worx27.04
45. Mathieu Hebert (BC)27.91
46. Ben Watkins (AUS) astro boy racer cycles melbourne28.74
47. Justin Terwiel (BC) Full Boar, Bike Store29.76
48. Peter Fernbach (Aut), Giant, Mavic, Fox, Adidas Eyewear30.57
49. Patrico Gomez (Chi) Asermadero San Ignacio30.82
50. Brandon Cassell (ON) Giant/ Adrenalineracer/ To Wheels30.9
51. Mike Haderer (USA)31.07
52. Ben Morrison (AUS) Mongoose Bikes Troy Lee designs, Manitou31.71
53. Dean Robson (AUS) Manitou Magura, Foes, Troy Lee Designs32.59
54. Quintana Acuna Jorge (CHI)33.05
55. Dexter Levandoski (BC)35.41
56. Jeff Bond (BC) KHS Bicycles, Magura, Beastgear36.89
57. Dan Mcewan (Aus)40.42
58. Jake Young (BC)42.31
59. Yannick Wende (BLV)43.91
60. Jean-Pierre Theriault (QC) Intense, Oakley, TLD, Mavic54.45
61. Theo Mello (BRA)1:07.7
62. Jamie Brandon (BC)1:13.9
DNF Mitchell Delfs (AUS) Intersport, DH Racer, Monster Energy
DNF Pablo Vial Bascunen (Chi) Giant Chile
DNF Sam Reed (BC)
DNS Justin Willoughby (AB) Calgary Cylce/Santa Cruz/TLD
DNF Js Therrien (BC) Transition Bikes
DNS Dine Van Chris (USA) Cannondale The Cut
Junior Women (13-18)
1. Casey Brown (BC)5:08.21
2. Jessica Allouche (BC)at 9.55
3. Marlee Cheler (BC)53.82
4. Jackie Langen (BC)01:41.7
Amateur Women (19+)
1. Aja Philp (BC)5:16.56
2. Jerusha Millar (BC)at 2.13
3. Jenny Pederson5.17
4. Kimberly Saprunoff (BC)8.29
5. Nellee Lavoie (BC)11.64
6. Shelley Tull (BC)14.45
7. Britnee Boychuk (BC)17.09
8. Jenn Carr (BC)21.41
9. Vesna Young (BC)32.21
10. Sara Hulse (USA)37.38
11. Terri-Anne Howard (AB)42.29
12. Anita Naidu (BC)1:12.90
Boys (13-15)
1. Tyler Allison (BC)4:41.28
2. Remi Ganvin (BC)at 0.07
3. Kyle Marshall (BC)0.99
4. Wills Gower (AUS)3.03
5. Cameron Porteous (BC)4.95
6. Jr. Martin Bryson (USA) Oakley, Marzocchi, Norco5.8
7. Simon D'Artois (BC)7.71
8. Nicholas Geddes (BC)9.27
9. Kyle Jasper (BC)12.7
10. Linden Feniak (BC)14.47
11. Austin Benge (USA)17.19
12. Galen Omoore (USA)17.77
13. Justin Dale (BC)17.98
14. Brian Guse (USA)18.76
15. Craig Campbell (BC)18.78
16. Riley Suhan (BC) Darkside19.21
17. Sam Mcinnis (BC)20.28
18. Jay Boysen (BC)20.41
19. Will Giles (AUS)22.26
20. Joe Vials (GBr)23.65
21. Chase Schmidt (USA)24.68
22. Kai Walstrom (BC)25.78
23. Curtis Warcup (BC)26.03
24. Matt Findler (BC)26.57
25. Alexander Geddes (BC)26.78
26. Bryce Mclean (BC)28.26
27. Scott Collingridge (BC)30.39
28. Cooper Saver (BC)30.68
29. Nathan Goldsmith (BC)31.1
30. Cameron Miller (BC)31.19
31. Brennan Walstrom (BC)32.29
32. Sam Paxton (AB)32.66
33. Graeme Tod-Tims (BC)34.66
34. Ryan Anderson (BC) Darkside34.92
35. Justin Goertzen (BC)35.83
36. Jake Warner (BC)35.93
37. Connor Reeves (BC)36.76
38. Brad Zdriluk (ON)36.95
39. Trevor Halvorson (BC)36.99
40. Garrett Smidt (BC)38.67
41. Adam Roberts (BC)40.18
42. Graeme Duff (ON)40.74
43. Luke Aldridge40.79
44. Alex Currie (BC)41.24
45. Ben Neil (BC)43.56
46. Braeden Onciul (AB)43.88
47. Max Lyman (BC)45.21
48. Chase Harley (BC)45.67
49. Alek Mckee (USA)46.22
50. Nathan Kuyek (BC)48.61
51. Steven Kopyt (BC)52.34
52. Tanner Saliken (BC)54.64
53. Alex Evans (BC)1:01.0
54. Alex Cairns (BC)1:03.77
55. Max Buchan (TX)1:04.53
56. Jordan Costeli (BC)1:06.44
57. Tom Johnson (GBr)1:11.98
58. Nick Hossmann (BC)1:16.65
DNS Mike Bowlier (BC)
DNS Colby Benge (USA)
DNS Calvin Brown (BC)
DNS Brandon Budd (BC)
Master Men (30+)
1. Chad Hendren (BC)4:40.32
2. Clinton Fowler (USA)at 3.73
3. Vincent Saut (FR)3.96
4. Matt Patterson (USA)6.28
5. Christian Egelmair8.88
6. Kelly Walters (BC) Fanatyk-Co, Bike Shop8.96
7. Eric Anderson (BC)9.41
8. Jeff Egan (BC)12.46
9. Simon Stevenson (BC)12.74
10. Robert Venables (BC)13.41
11. Lugo Fuentes Orlando17.41
12. Drew Neilson (BC)18.72
13. Michael Orr (USA)21.54
14. Mike Thisted Christenson22.54
15. Rod Watson (BC)23.18
16. Casey Wilcott (BC)25.13
17. Travis Peterson (BC)27.75
18. Martin Byers (SCO)28.67
19. Dave Wedin (USA)28.97
20. Dan Saimo (USA)31.64
21. Chris Armstrong (BC)32.52
22. Matthew Mallory (BC)39.03
23. Claude Larue (ON)53.69
24. Gary Drouin59.47
25. Patrick Mills1:01.18
26. Joe Fabris (USA)1:03.59
27. Chris Spalding1:13.72
28. Bobby Mcmullen (USA)2:33.68
29. Peter Allen2:45.80
30. Barry Johnson3:06.19
DNF. Derek Abraham (ON)
DNF. Eirik Schulz (OR)
DNF. Jamie Edmundson (ON)
DNF. Jerry Willows (BC)
Amateur Men (19-29)
1. James Mcskimming (BC)4:33.09
2. Paul Stevenson (GBr)at 5.04
3. Kyle Thomas (ND)7.90
4. Andrew Martin (USA)9.40
5. Niels Emery (SWI)10.79
6. Jeff Leigh (BC)11.30
7. Tristan Merrick (BC)11.70
8. Robin Potvin (BC)11.82
9. Christian Stadler (BC)12.15
10. Kevin Theilgaard (AB)13.68
11. Andrew Gunn (BC)13.85
12. Scott Grundy (AUS)17.43
13. Harold Woolnough (ON)17.95
14. Paul Seidel (AUS)18.42
15. Chris Young (BC)18.86
16. David Patten (GBr)20.51
17. Thomas Humphery (BC)20.76
18. Felipe Contreras (CHI)20.88
19. Damian Bissett (AB)22.08
20. Daniel Anderson (BC)22.69
21. Derek Poulin (BC)23.63
22. Louie Jones (UT)23.78
23. Mike Beausoleil (BC)23.79
24. Alex Attard (BC)23.81
25. Daniel Bender (BRA)24.57
26. Shaun Kirton (NZl)25.03
27. Devyn Pelley (BC)25.12
28. Andre Sanches (USA)25.40
29. Trevor Louviere (USA)26.34
30. John Amos (ISR)26.55
31. Benjamin Pascher26.62
32. Bart Brown (BC)27.06
33. Michael Arnold (MI)28.88
34. Louis Dumas (BC)29.21
35. Mitch Beggs (BC)29.32
36. Jakob Madsen29.53
37. Chris Lamb (BC)29.62
38. Andrew Brown (BC)29.72
39. Andrew Green29.91
40. Tories Reyes Christian (PR)30.31
41. Allessandro Carozzi (Per)30.86
42. Liam Priest (ON)31.76
43. Nick Lewis (SCO)31.97
44. Vincent Crottaz (SUI)32.27
45. Lane Paxton (ID)32.98
46. Scott Schneider (BC)34.93
47. Colin Richardson (ON)35.15
48. Matt Pavlik (ON)37.51
49. Thierry Rouleau (BC)39.56
50. Greg Mueller (USA)40.07
51. Stephan Malette (BC)42.54
52. Niclas Ohlenschlaeger Till45.89
53. Peter Wegrynowski John (ON)49.72
54. Richard King (SCO)52.38
55. Rune Madsen (0)55.1
56. Jesse Murphy (BC)56.88
57. Dan Smith (BC)58.57
58. Dustin Dobson (BC)1:01.87
59. Clayton Beswetherick (ON)1:44.60
DNF. Daniel Velasco (HI)
DNF. Dan Lyons
Junior Men (16-18)
1. Edward Masters4:36.73
2. Nathan Vials (GBr)at 2.45
3. Tyler Mccaul (USA)2.85
4. Simon Garstin (BC)4.14
5. Ryan Vanderham (BC)4.61
6. Ian Morrison (BC)5.11
7. Regan Hogelie (BC)7.32
8. Jose Santiago (USA)8.02
9. Ben Porteous (BC)8.12
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