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July 30/07 4:35 am - BMX World Championships: Day 4 report & photos

Posted by Editoress on 07/30/07

BMX World Championships Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC


The 2007 BMX World Championships concluded on Sunday in Victoria, BC with the Cruiser Class competitions. Cruiser Class uses 24" wheels, as compared to the 20" wheeled world championships held a day earlier - which will be the category raced at the beijing Olympics next year. Many of the top riders skipped the Cruiser event, but there was still some serious competition for the titles, with first time winners Sarah Walker (New Zealand) and Jonathan Suarez (Venezuela) taking the elite titles. It was Walker's first world title after finishing second five times.

Canada put riders in the Final for Junior Women (Kaila Sweeney), Junior Men (James Brown) and Elite Women (Samantha Cools). Cools, expected to be Canada's best chance to medal, had a bad start when she misjudged the timing of the gate drop and lost a bike length to the top riders. She managed to work her way up to fifth by the finish line. Sweeney and Brown both finished seventh in their respective races.

Race Note:

- The Olympics will feature the top 32 men and 16 women, as selected under UCI criteria. The racing will follow a somewhat different format from the world championships, given the small number of riders. The men will begin with a quarterfinal round, which will have four heats of eight riders. Each heat will do three rides, and the top four from each group will move on (based on points from the three rides). The same thing will happen in the semifinals for both the men and women (two heats and three rides per heat for both men and women), with the Final for a medals a 'winner-take-all' single ride.

The course will be a modified version of a Super Cross course (which has a much higher start ramp and some larger jumps). Both men and women will do the larger start ramp, but the women will use a slightly different parallel track with smaller jumps.

- For some strange reason, the organizers decided to end the Closing Ceremonies with their singer singing God Save the Queen, rather than Oh Canada. Everyone waiting for the awards ceremony was looking a little puzzled at that one.

World Challenge Cruiser

Junior Women
1. Magalie Pottier (FRA)
2. Romana Labounkova (CZE)
3. Joyce Seesing (NED)
4. Manon Valentino (FRA)
5. Maria Eugenia Ruarte (ARG)
6. Caroline Buchanan (AUS)
7. Kaila Sweeney (CAN)
8. Madison Pitts (USA)

Junior Men
1. Fausto Endara (ECU)
2. Yvan Lapraz (SUI)
3. George Sowers (USA)
4. Logan Collins (USA)
5. Stepan Tumpach (CZE)
6. Kory Cook (USA)
7. James Brown (CAN)
8. Vincent Pelluard (FRA)

Elite Women
1. Sarah Walker (NZL)
2. Aneta Hladikova (CZE)
3. Amélie Despeaux (FRA)
4. Cyrielle Convert (FRA)
5. Samantha Cools (CAN)
6. Maria Belen Dutto (ARG)
7 Elodie Ajinca (FRA)
8. Aurélia Don (FRA)

Elite Men
1. Jonathan Suarez (VEN)
2. Danny Caluag (USA)
3. Kelvin Batey (GBR)
4. Arturs Matisons (LAT)
5. Raymon Van Der Biezen (NED)
6. Sergio Ignacio Salazar Lopez (COL)
7. Moana Moo Caille (FRA)
8. Rob Van Den Wildenberg (NED)

Age Group Class

13 & 14 Girl Cruiser
1. Melinda Mcleod (AUS)
2. Lacey Oliver (AUS)
3. Shelby Stacy (USA)
4. Enora Le Roux (FRA)
5. Victoria Hopperdietzel (USA)
6. Amanda Little (CAN)
7. Brooke Crain (USA)
8. Samara Rivera (PUR)

15 & 16 Girl Cruiser
1. Alise Post (USA)
2. Mariana Pajon (COL)
3. Maartje Hereijgers (NED)
4. Stefany Hernandez (VEN)
5. Cindy Nicolet (SUI)
6. Merle Van Benthem ((NED)
7. Teagan O'keefe (RSA)
8. Dominique Daniels (USA)

17-24 Women Cruiser
1. Ashley Grubb (USA)
2. Genelle Willers (NZL)
3. Kari Stenseth (USA)
4. Ashley Topham (USA)
5. Michele Peters (USA)
6. Melinda Teel (USA)
7. Sarah Bloom (CAN)
8. Diana Klaver (NED)

25-29 Women Cruiser
1. Angelique Van Gemert (NED)
2. Bethany Plummer (USA)
3. Marlies Knill (SUI)

30-34 Women Cruiser
1. Mascha Van Spellen (NED)
2. Laura Pringle (USA)
3. Amy Herrmann (USA)
4. Victoria Chin Loy (USA)
5. Carrie Strange (USA)
6. Shireen McCCormick (CAN)

35-39 Women Cruiser
1. Deanna Jamieson (USA)
2. Susan Levan (USA)
3. Wendy Vandenhoven (CAN)
4. Laura Knowles (CAN)

5. Abi Hill (GBR)
6. Kathy Vandenhoven (CAN)
7. Shannon Carter (USA)

40-44 Women Cruiser
1. Manuela Wenzel (GER)
2. Lauren Hines (USA)
3. Jo-Anne Oucharek (CAN)
4. Dianne Martin (NZL)
5. Lori McCormack (CAN)

45 & Over Women
1. Liesbeth Van Der Jagt (NED)
2. Sharlene Mcgilvary (RSA)
3. Ellen Kuiper (CAN)
4. Joni Siebenlist (USA)
5. Kathyrn Bostrom (USA)
6. Shirley Lupino (CAN)
7. Kittie Weston-Knauer (USA)

12 & Under Boys Cruiser
1. Dakota Senger (USA)
2. Tyler Whitfield (USA)
3. Bryce Betts (USA)
4. Maliek Byndloss (USA)
5. Alden Volle (USA)
6. Alex Jones (USA)
7. Maxime Vicat (FRA)
8. Kohei Yoshi (JPN)

13 & 14 Boys Cruiser
1. Luca Alfredo Bustos (ARG)
2. William Russell (USA)
3. Graeme Mud (AUS)
4. Adam Shields (AUS)
5. Nathan Padilla (USA)
6. Mattia Furlan (ITA)
7. Bastien Merle (FRA)
8. Gunn Wesley (USA)

15 & 16 Boys Cruiser
1. Jelle Van Gorkom (NED)
2. Connor Fields (USA)
3. Michael Chasteauneuf (AUS)
4. Corben Sharrah (USA)
5. Matthew Rubeck (USA)
6. Lorin Martinez (FRA)
7. Deiby Corrales (COL)
8. Sylvain Andre (FRA)

17-24 Men Cruiser
1. Weston Pope (USA)
2. Johnny Woodmansee (USA)
3. Luke Pretlove (AUS)
4. Adrien Bizourd (FRA)
5. Bobby Zahm (USA)
6. Lilian Goux (FRA)
7. Jordan O;Keefe (RSA)
8. Jeremy Boutin (FRA)

25-29 Men Cruiser
1. Sebastian Tejada (COL)
2. Alexander Rico (COL)
3. Dominic Picotte (CAN)
4. Sander Ter Meulen (NED)
5. Cam Birtwell (CAN)
6. Manuel Tangarife (COL)
7. George Vick (USA)

30-34 Men Cruiser
1. Tommy Opincar (USA)
2. Yann Cherbonnel (FRA)
3. Jean Ren Ducos De Lahitte (FRA)
4. Jade Mcpherson (AUS)
5. Andy Shaw (GBR)
6. John Pfeiffer (USA)
7. Szilard Szurdok (SUI)
8. Mike Hammond (USA)

35-39 Men Cruiser
1. Jason Carnes (USA)
2. Pierre Henri Sauzew (FRA)
3. David Alavoine (FRA)
4. Robert O'gorman Jr. (USA)
5. Helmi Feutl (AUT)
6. Alan Hill (GBR)
7. Yann Bonici (FRA)
8. Scott Moreland (USA)

40-44 Men Cruiser
1. Eric Rupe (USA)
2. Luc Koehler (FRA)
3. Ash Rawson (NZL)
4. Trevor Stamford (GBR)
5. Trevor Brown (CAN)
6. George Goodall (USA)
7. Wilco Cosijnse (NED)
8. Gary Slater (USA)

45 & Over Cruiser
1. Peter Jensen (CAN)
2. Donald Hill (CAN)
3. Laurie Penny (NZL)
4. Tony Fluet (CAN)
5. Bert Volkers (NED)
6. Mike Kelley (USA)
7. Stephan Gonzales (USA)
8. George Grant (USA)


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