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August 8/07 11:07 am - Tour de Bowness

Posted by Editoress on 08/8/07

Tour de Bowness August 5-6, Calgary AB
Courtesy Andy Holmwood, ABA

Alberta Ex-patriots Dominate Tour de Bowness

It was a weekend of domination by former Albertans at the 6th Tour de Bowness/Alberta Provincial Criterium Championships, held in Calgary Sunday and Monday.

The racing started Sunday evening with a 3-up 1.35 Kilometre Hill Climb, held on the paved switchbacks of Canada Olympic Park. Zach Bell (Symmetrics) prevailed in the menâ•˙s race, tying the course record of Phil Abbott (Italpasta/Transport Belmire), while mountain bike stand-out Mical Dyck (Terrascape) was the fastest woman.

Mondayâ•˙s Criterium saw complete domination by Symmetrics and La-Z-Boy riders, who combined to take the top-5 podium placings. Zach Bell rode away from a breakaway group containing himself and fellow ex-Calgarians Jacob Erker (Symmetrics) and James Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling Team) to secure the win. These three riders took the top-3 placings, with Bell lapping the field late in the race. Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics) led the group home for fourth place, followed by La-Z-Boy Dave Brooks. The Womenâ•˙s event, meanwhile, featured a tight race amongst the top riders ending in a sprint finish won by Stephanie Roorda (Synergy). The race was held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Event Organizer Bow Cycle, and featured in a Pilsner-fuelled April Wine concert inside the shop after the conclusion of racing.

1. Stephanie Roorda (Synergy - WA)32 pts
2. Mical Dyck (Terrascape - WA)30
3. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy - WA)16
4. Julie Beveridge (bicisport - WA)15
5. Heather Kay (ERTC/redbike - WA)15
6. Amy Woodward (CMC/Bow Cycle - WA)12
7. Mackenzie Mccormick (Juventus - WB)10
8. Samantha Grover (Juventus - WB)8
9. Caitlin Devaney (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start - WB)6
10. Lauren Lankester (bicisport - WB)4
11. Bobbi Handford (Independent - WB)4
12. Daisy Groff (United Cycle - WB)2
Senior 1/2 Men
1. Zach Bell (Symmetrics)40 pts
2. Jacob Erker (Symmetrics)30
3. Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics)18
4. Philippe Abbott (Italpasta/Transport Belmire)16
5. James Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling Team)12
6. Cyrus Kangarloo (Team H&R Block)10
7. Dave Brooks (La-Z-Boy Cycling Team)8
8. Chris Mcneil (Team H&R Block)6
9. Jeff Bolstad (Team H&R Block)6
10. Aaron Schooler (ERTC/redbike)4
11. Trev Williams (Speed Theory)2
12. Dan Wood (ERTC/redbike)2
Cat 5
1. Spencer Hall (bicisport)40 pts
2. Casey Dyck (Schmoe Racing)25
3. Steven Johnson (Independent)15
4. Neal Baker (Calgary Cycle)12
5. Ryan Murray (Speed Theory)12
6. Travis Bower (Cranked)10
7. Patrick Mcmanus (CMC/Bow Cycle)8
8. Scott Donaldson (Independent)8
9. Eric Wong (bicisport)6
10. Peter Macewan (Independent)6
11. Scott Donaldson (Independent)4
12. Logan Brauer (Velocity)4
13. Al Gilbert (Central Alberta BC)2
14. Chris Dittrick (CMC/Bow Cycle)2
Cat 4
1. Stephen Davis (CMC/Bow Cycle)28 pts
2. Jon Benskin (United Cycle)20
3. Chuck Gibney (Pedalhead Racing)20
4. Ryan Campbell (bicisport)15
5. Ryan Saranchuk (Synergy)15
6. Peter Knight (United Cycle)12
7. Alex Mccormick (Juventus)12
8. Cory Dickinson (United Cycle)8
9. John Plant (Synergy)6
10. James Mollison (CMC/Bow Cycle)6
11. Dion Clark (CMC/Bow Cycle)4
12. Mike Mckee (Deadgoat)4
13. Craig Fraser (Calgary Cycle)4
Cat 3
1. Rob Leeds (CMC/Bow Cycle)26
2. Brian Robinson (CMC/Bow Cycle)20
3. David Larson (Juventus)15
4. Neal Gregory (Team Alberta)15
5. Dallas Morris (Team H&R Block)14
6. Jon Nutbrown (Ridley's)12
7. Aaron Chappell (ERTC/redbike)12
8. Jason Proche (Pedalhead Road Works)10
9. Adam Boyko (Team H&R Block)10
10. Matthew Ohagan (Independent)8
11. Gideon Krishtalka (Team H&R Block)6
12. Kyle Gendron (Team Manitoba)4
13. Greg Dycke (KHS Canada)2

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