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April 12/99 10:04 am - News from Italy, Douro Ontario Cup Road Race Information

Posted by Editor on 04/12/99

Dennis a Menace at Col San Martino

Col San Martino, Italy
Sunday April 11th, 1999

SC REDA rode the Tropheo Banca Piva (UCI 1.6) in Col San Martino today and we pretty much had our legs ripped off by the big teams from Northern Italy. Our jersey was in the spotlight for a few laps when Giuseppe Bracci broke away with two other riders, but by the 130km mark, we were all relegated to spectating (except Eliseo Dal Re who finished in the main group). Many foreign national teams showed up for the 174km beating, including Australia, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, Japan, and Russia. None could come close to matching the pace set by the eventual winner Dennis Savoldi from the Gaverina-OK Baby squad, or the efforts of Brescia Lat, Mapei, and Zalf Euromobile (led by the World Espoir Champion Ivan Basso).

It is difficult to imagine that there exists a level of competition higher than this, and that amongst the pros, the best amateur riders would find themselves in the same difficulty as I did at Col San Martino. As Taffi rode onto the Roubaix Velodrome this afternoon, well ahead of a field of the best pros, he showed the world that he was the best of the professionals. It has taken me until now to fully understand the magnitude of such an accomplishment, and I have found myself both humbled and awestruck by that realization. Compliments, Mr. Taffi, Mr. Savoldi, on your achievements today in the most difficult sport in the world.

P. Kelly

Saturday, April 17th - Fontaine‚s Douro Ontario Cup Road Race

Douro, Ontario- Northeast of Peterborough off Hwy 134

25km Lap- Start/Finish in Douro

Senior 3/Junior 100km
Start Time:10:00AM

Veterans/Women 75km
Start Time:10:05AM

Senior 1/2 125km
Start Time:2:00PM

Entry Fee: Juniors: $20.00 All Others: $25.00

Registration- In Douro Parish Hall- 8AM - 9:40AM Sr3's, Jrs, Vets, Women

11AM - 1:40PM Senior 1/2's

Sunday, April 18th

Peterborough Criterium

Jr. Race 12 Noon 40min + 5 Laps
Veterans 1PM 40min + 5 Laps
Senior 3 2PM 50min + 5 Laps
Women 3PM 50min + 5 Laps
Senior 1/2 4PM 50min + 5 Laps

Entry Fees $16.00 Juniors- All others $20.00
Registration closes 20min before each race!!!!!

Directions: Exit Hwy 115 to Parkway. First light turn left. Turn left onto Fisher Dr. Race is located in the Industrial Park


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