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September 1/07 10:14 am - Tour de Shore: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 09/1/07

Tour de Shore

Stage 1

Citizen Female
1. Gail Ryan (NF)5:08:50
2. Ann Chafe (NF) Trepassey Posse40:26
DNF. Patsy Bradbury (NF)
DNF. Ginny Doerig (NF)
Citizen Female 2
1. Nancy Ellis (NF)2:16:58
2. Doris Cormier (NF)11:14
3. Nycki Power (NF)01:01:24
4. Karen Power (NF)01:01:24
Citizen Male
1. Robert Ryan (NF)3:59:39
2. Greg Dickie (NF)25:40
3. Lew Feltham (NF)25:40
4. Paul Mackey (NF)33:45
5. Kevin Baldwin (NF)35:55
6. Charles McCarthy (NF)45:23
7. Dion Lambert (NF)57:50
8. John Kearley (NF)58:23
9. Randy Knight (NF)01:02:16
10. John Hanlon (NF)01:04:12
11. Jim Gosse (NF)01:04:16
12. Colin Brown (NF)01:04:23
13. Glenn Smith (NF)01:09:45
14. Greg Smith (NF)01:26:17
15. Pascal Gellrich (NF)01:47:53
DNF. Gaugler Thomas (NF)
DNF. Robert Harvey (NF)
DNF. Michael Harvey (NF)
Citizen Male 2
1. John Griffin (NF)02:23:46
2. Keith Cormier (NF)04:41
3. Mark Griffin (NF)10:52
4. Bob Sinclair (NF)18:26
DNF. Mark Sheppard (NF)
DNF. Doug Youden (NF)
DNF. Scott Warren (NF)
Junior Female
1. Kim Manuel (NF) Instrumar48:44
Junior Male
1. Sheldon Crosbie (NF) Cycle Solutions1:38:41
2. Landon Fisher (NF)4:41
Master (30+) Male
1. Colin Taylor (NF)1:32:24
2. Keith Manuel (NF)00:44
3. Alex Mathieson (NF)01:35
4. Jeff Holmes (NF)01:57
5. Gordon Breen (NF)02:34
6. David Cooper (NF)05:04
7. Iouri Belyi (NF)05:39
8. Keith Hunt (NF)05:59
9. Jason Pretty (NF)09:39
10. Doug Fennelly (NF)10:12
11. Andreas Doerig (NF)10:12
12. Bernard Kenny (NF)13:36
13. Jeff Wall (NF)15:48
14. John Morley (NF)22:02
15. Don Osmond (NF)34:31
16. Rob Gamberg (NF)40:47
DNF. James Whelan (NF)
1. Sheldon Smith (NF):48:43
2. Sherry Grewal (NF)04:24
3. Carla Butt (NF)16:02
4. Paul Blackwood (NF)22:39
5. Linda Manning (NF)23:59
DNF. Ronnie Ershler (NF)
DNF. Randy Rowe (NF)
Open Female (Cat.1,2)
1. Kathryn Whelan (NF)1:33:23
2. Abigail Steel (NF)07:24
3. Amy Pryse-Phillips (NF)08:57
4. Jennifer Harris (NF)14:14
5. Christiane Martin (NF)14:54
6. Sue Rodgers (NF)15:04
7. Shirley Granter-Button (NF)19:52
8. Heather Thistle (NF) Tamarack24:39
9. Kim Taylor (NF) Tamarack24:39
10. Kimberly Skinner (NF) Tamarack24:39
11. Tana Kayler (NF)29:58
DNS. Laura Connolly (NF)
Open Male (Cat.1,2)
1. Zack Garland (NF) Masi-Adobe03:20:55
2. Chris McNeil (AB) H&R Block01:13
3. Terry Tomlin (NS)09:04
4. John French (NF)09:50
5. Lorenzo Caterini (NS)09:53
6. Stephen Dyke (NF)13:45
7. Steve Hunt (NF)19:17
8. Andrew Batstone (NF) Cycle Solutions21:04
9. Norm Dimmell (NF)25:04
10. Gregory Banks (NF)25:04
11. Trevor Wilkinson (BC)26:07
12. Tim Clarke (NF)33:01
DNF. David Gilliam (NF)
DNF. Rick Murphy (NF)
DNF. Peter Ollerhead (NF) Cycle Solutions
DNF. Blair Trainor (NF)
Open Sport (Cat. 3 & Cat.4) Male
1. Jeffrey Glynn (NF)1:32:23
2. Paul Collett (NF) Canary Cycles07:40
3. Tyler Cole (NF)08:53
4. Erik Charron (NF)09:18
5. Gordon Wall (NF)12:20
6. Don Sinnott (NF)14:29
7. Scott McDonald (NF)18:22
DNS. Billy Newell (NF) Cycle Solutions
DNF. Jimmy Rogers (NF)


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