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September 4/07 11:38 am - Saskatchewan Provincial Time Trial Championships

Posted by Editoress on 09/4/07

Saskatchewan Provincial Time Trial Championships
Courtesy Denise Eberle, Executive Director, Sask Cycling Association

Monday, September 3rd


Master D Women
1. Muriel Orr (RCC)1:28:09
1. Joe Jackson (1day)1:03:56
2. Richard Mawson (1day)1:08:02
Master E Men
1. Ken Orr (RCC)1:07:20
2. Harry Meredith (Hor)1:16:59
Master D Men
1. Jacob Derok (Pavers)1:04:38
Master C Men
1. Rob Howse (Hor)0:57:16
2. Chris Christie (Cycl)1:04:24
3. Graeme McMaster (Pavers)1:04:44
4. Jim Large (Pavers)1:06:27
Under 17 Women
1. Julia Garnet (BCW)1:06:51
Master B Women
1. Wilma Van Niekerk (Pavers)1:06:13
2. Dawn Pritchard (BCW)1:18:16
Master B Men
1. Cornelus Kluge (Cycl)1:00:01
2. Bob Yee (RCC)1:03:26
3. Mike Powers (BCW)1:04:04
4. Bob Myrchak (Pavers)1:08:31
Master A Women
1. Susan Clarke (NBR)1:01:45
2. Dana Muma (Cycl)1:05:29
Master A Men
1. Neil Clarke (NBR)1:00:16
2. Peter Steckhan (Cycl)1:01:26
3. Pete L'Heureux (SC)1:05:24
Junior Men
1. Brad Clifford (RCC)1:00:34
Senior Men
1. Nathan Underwood (Cycl)0:54:22
2. Corey Borolien (Cycl)0:56:18
3. Frank Matus (Hor)0:58:49
4. Matt Martyniuk (Pav)0:59:37
5. Pedro Peralta (RCC)0:59:42


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