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September 6/07 12:02 pm - Alberta Youth Road Championships: Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 09/6/07

Alberta Youth Road Championships September 1-3, Madden & Calgary, AB
Courtesy Jayson Gillespie, Alberta Bicycle Association

The Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre was proud to host the 3rd Annual Alberta Youth Road Championships on September 1-3, 2007. The 3 day event consisted of a 14.2km time trial (Day 1), Road Race (Day 2) and Criterium (Day 3). 40 riders from ages 12 to 18, both girls and boys, participated in the three events, with two riders travelled up from the United States to participate (Jesse Marans – Momentum Cycling, Los Angeles, CA and Eric Rasche – Northwest Cycling Club, Houston, TX).

The individual time (Day 1) was on an out and back L-shaped course held on a cool Saturday morning, beginning and finishing in Madden, AB. Congratulations to the category winners: Annie Stadnyk (U15 Female), Ellen Sparling (U17 Female), Jessica Kisell (Junior Female), Trevor Kisell (U13 Male), Jesse Marans (U15 Male), Colter Young (U17 Male), and David Larson (Junior Male).

The Road race (Day 2) consisted of a 9.6km circuit just north of Madden, AB. While this is normally a quiet country course, a twist was added to the course this year, which made it more interesting for the young racers. During the middle of the race, a herd of cattle was moved onto a section of road used for the course. This created some havoc for the racers as they were forced to either dismount and run through the ditch to get around the cattle, or to ride through the frightened cattle that were randomly moving around and defecating on the road. All riders made it through the cattle safely and commissaries dealt with all time advantage issues that arose. Congratulations to the category winners: Annie Stadnyk (U15 Female), Mackenzie McCormick (U17 Female), Krystyn Ong (Junior Female), Samuel Beaudoin (U13 Male), Jesse Marans (U15 Male), Mackenzie Carson (U17 Male), and Alex McCormick (Junior Male).

The Criterium race (Day 3) took place in Garrison Woods, Calgary, AB around Battleford Park. The first corner of the course has proven to be the only hazardous section of the entire course from past races held here, and the tradition continued for this event. Every category had riders crashing in first corner during the first couple laps of the race. Fortunately, the corner was well padded, so no riders were injured and were able to re-enter their race. Congratulations to the category winners: Annie Stadnyk (U15 Female), Ellen Sparling (U17 Female), Jessica Kisell (Junior Female), Samuel Beaudoin (U13 Male), Jesse Marans (U15 Male), Colter Young (U17 Male), and Neal Gregory (Junior Male).

Following the last Criterium race, a post-race BBQ was held for athletes and family to wrap up the three day event. Awards were given out after the BBQ, with a great deal of prizes (courtesy Bow Cycle) given out for top five winners of each event, and cash prizes and jerseys for general classification winners (courtesy Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre).

The Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre would like to express our thanks to all of the sponsors that made this event a huge success. Bow Cycle gracious donated prizes for the event. Finally, a special thanks to all the parents that volunteered their time to help ensure a successful event.

U15 Female
1. Annie Stadnyk (Bicisport)@ 1lap
2. Isabelle Lam (Velocity Cycling Club)s.t.
U17 Female
1. Ellen Sparling (Bicisport)0:42:02
2. Mackenzie McCormick (Juventus)s.t.
3. Samantha Grover (Juventus)s.t.
4. Jolea Bilodeau (Blizzard)s.t.
5. Kendra Middleton (Juventus)@ 1lap
6. Samantha Lam (Velocity Cycling Club)@ 2 laps
7. Gina Kisell (Synergy Racing)s.t.
Junior Female
1. Jessica Kisell (Bicisport)0:42:02
2. Krystyn Ong (Juventus)s.t.
U13 Male
1. Samuel Beaudoin (Elicycle/Sports-Experts)0:36:49
2. Trevor Kisell (Synergy Racing)@ 2 laps
U15 Male
1. Jesse Marans (Momentum Cycling)0:36:49
2. Michael Lankester (CMC / Bow Cycle)
3. Zack McAllister (Headwinds)
4. Mathew Mohler (Juventus)
5. Shane McCormick (Juventus)all s.t.
6. JP Veress (CMC / Bow Cycle)@ 1lap
7. Derek Walsh (Synergy Racing)@ 2 laps
U17 Male
1. Colter Young (Blizzard)0:53:36
2. Graham Courtney (Synergy Racing)s.t.
3. Mackenzie Carson (Juventus)@ 2 Laps
4. Mac Garvin (CMC / Bow Cycle)
5. Andre NG (Juventus)
6. Brad Knapik (Synergy Racing)
7. Brad Nixon (Bicisport)all s.t.
Junior Male
1. Neal Gregory (CMC / Bow Cycle)0:53:08
2. Alex McCormick (Juventus)
3. David Larson (Juventus)both s.t.
4. James Mollison (CMC / Bow Cycle)0:54:04
5. Dustin Andrews (CMC / Bow Cycle)@ 2 Laps
6. Stephen Andrichuk (CMC / Bow Cycle)
7. Connor Witzke (Juventus)both s.t.


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