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September 7/07 10:16 am - Elite Track Nationals: Day 2 results

Posted by Editoress on 09/7/07

Elite Track Nationals Dieppe NB
Courtesy CCA

Day 2

Travis Smith of Calgary won the men's sprint gold on Friday completing an undefeated performance with a victory over Felix Haspel of Alberta in the final at the Canadian track cycling championships in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

The victory shows Smith is back in form after a serious accident earlier this season.

"It's a great results because I've come back from an injury I suffered at the world championships in March. I broke my pelvis in the Keirin race,'' said Smith, who started training a month and half ago at his base in Los Angeles.

"After surgery the doctors said I probably wouldn't race for a year, if ever. I was determined to prove them wrong so today's showing is very satisfying. Today I was the fastest but there are some youngsters that are pushing me hard.''

In the women's event, Tara Whitten of Edmonton defeated Joanna Wiersma in the final.

Whitten is also a nationally ranked cross country skier. "I started cycling as cross training but now I'll have to chose between the two sports,'' said the 27-year-old who is leaning towards focusing on the summer sport. "I'm still training and I'm always learning so it's always motivating.''

In the individual pursuit, Quebec's Lyne Bessette won the gold medal. In the final, she clocked 3:57.573 to beat out Whitten in second at 4:00.735.

For the men, Zach Bell defeated Jamie Sparling, in the final clocking 3:42.420.

"With today's windy conditions, it's a good clocking,'' said Bell, who has also raced on the road this season. "I'm pleased with my fitness over the last few months and I'm on track to peak for the World Cups in November and December.''

Competition continues through to Sunday.

Individual Pursuit
1. Zach Bell (Symmetrics Cycling)4:50.244
2. Jamie Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling)4:52.960
3. Alexandre Cloutier (Équipe du Québec)4:55.705
4. Charly Vives (Calyon Litespeed)4:58.435
5. Daniele Defranceschi (Team Ontario)5:02.097
6. Eric Smith (Volkswagen Trek)5:02.499
7. Jean-Michel Lachance (Équipe du Québec)5:02.724
8. Eric Robertson (Team Ontario)5:04.415
9. Maxime Vives (Calyon Litespeed)5:07.167
10. JONG De (Team Ontario)5:07.328
11. David Byer (Team Ontario)5:09.833
12. Mark Macdonald (BiciSport)5:10.329
13. Adam Thuss (Team Ontario)5:16.057
14. Brandon Throop (Team Ontario)5:18.039
15. Jamie Russell (Independant)5:46.678
DNS. Nicolas Andrichuk (HR Block)
Gold. Zach Bell (Symmetrics Cycling)3:42.420
Silver. Jamie Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling)caught
Bronze. Alexandre Cloutier (Équipe du Québec)4:35.564
4th. Charly Vives (Calyon Litespeed)caught
1. Lyne Bessette (Équipe du Québec)3:59.923
2. Tara Whitten (Team Alberta)4:00.836
3. Julia Bradley (Team R.A.C.E.)4:04.886
4. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canad)4:04.917
5. Stephanie Roorda (Team Alberta)4:06.396
6. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canad)4:12.407
7. Heather Logan (Team Ontario)4:12.501
8. Kristen Worley (blue bikes/enduro sp)4:29.289
9. Kelly Murray (Radical Edge)4:38.178
Gold. Lyne Bessette (Équipe du Québec)3:57.573
Silver. Tara Whitten (Team Alberta)4:00.735
Bronze. Julia Bradley (Team R.A.C.E.)4:01.070
4th. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada)4:07.205
Quarter Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1. Travis Smith (Momentum cycling)11.55812.044
2. Joseph Veloce (Team Ontario)
Heat 2Race 1Race 2
1. Felix Haspel (Team Alberta)11.94911.762
2. Lawrence Leroux (Équipe du Québec)
Heat 3Race 1Race 2Race3
1. Stéphane Cossette (Équipe du Québec)12.10417.699
2. Cameron MacKinnon (Independant)11.919
Heat 4Race 1Race 2
1. Joel Regimbald (Team Alberta)12.54612.218
2. Yannick Morin (Équipe du Québec)
Semi Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1. Travis Smith (Momentum cycling)11.74611.398
2. Joel Regimbald (Team Alberta)
Heat 2Race 1Race 2
1. Felix Haspel (Team Alberta)11.5611.508
2. Stéphane Cossette (Équipe du Québec)
Race 1Race 2
Gold. Travis Smith (Momentum cycling)11.34711.683
Silver. Felix Haspel (Team Alberta)
Bronze. Joel Regimbald (Team Alberta)11.81311.858
4th. Stéphane Cossette (Équipe du Québec)
5th to 8th
5. Joseph Veloce (Team Ontario)12.124
6. Yannick Morin (Équipe du Québec)
7. Lawrence Leroux (Équipe du Québec)
Cameron Mackinnon (Independant)
Semi Final
Heat 1Race 1Race 2
1. Tara Whitten (Team Alberta)13.62413.56
2. Heather Logan (Team Ontario)
Heat 2Race 1Race 2
1. Joanna Wiersma ( P.D.Q.)13.27513.681
2. Karine Côté (Équipe du Québec)
Race 1Race 2Race 3
Gold. Joanna Wiersma ( P.D.Q.)12.82913.641
Silver. Tara Whitten (Team Alberta)13.154
Bronze. Karine Côté (Équipe du Québec)13.30713.184
4th. Heather Logan


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