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September 8/07 10:33 am - Tour de l'Avenir: Stage 3

Posted by Editoress on 09/8/07

Tour de l'Avenir France
Courtesy Kris Westwood, CCA

Christian Meier of the Canadian team has vaulted himself into the top 10 at the Tour de l'Avenir, after making it into a crucial breakaway on stage three.

Meier was one of 21 riders who broke away after just 2.5 km of today's 138-km stage, from Pipriac to Cholet. The break quickly built a two-minute lead, despite the efforts of Portugal, Italy and Lithuania, all of whom missed the crucial move. By the half-way point, the break had close to four minutes on the field.

France made no effort to defend the yellow jersey of Stéphane Poulhiès, and the gap only began to drop as the field was put under pressure from repeated attacks from Poulhiès himself. Injury was added to insult when Poulhiès finally broke clear with two other riders with about 40 km to race, only to crash on a sharp corner and find himself chasing to get back in the field.

At that point, the peloton eased up and the breakaway's lead jumped to more than six minutes. All 21 riders in the break were keen to work together to gain as much time as possible, and the attacks only began in the final three kilometers. Kristof Vandewalle of the Belgian team, who was already the best placed breakaway rider on the overall standings, won the stage and took the yellow jersey. Meier was content to cross the line in 17th position, having maneuvered himself into eighth position in the overall standings, just 18 seconds out of the lead.

Brad Fairall (33rd), Ryan Anderson (34th) and David Veilleux (84th) all crossed the line in the main field, 6:37 behind, while Keven Lacombe sat up in the final stretch to finish a few seconds behind. The team's workhorse, Eric Boily, lost contact with the field 50 km from the finish and carefully dosed his effort to finish 27:44 down, hitting the 15-percent time limit.right on the nose.

Stage four tomorrow is the longest of the Tour: 211 km from Cholet to Contres.

Stage 3: Pipriac to Cholet, 138 km
1. Kristof Vandewalle (Belgium)3:04:50
2. Bauke Mollema (Netherlands)s.t.
3. Andre Steensen (Denmark)0:02
4. Tom Leezer (Netherlands)
5. Florian Morizot (France B)
6. Thomas Kvist (Denmark)
7. Craig Lewis (US National Team)
8. Guillaume Levarlet (France A)
9. Frederik Wilmann (Norway)
10. Tony Martin (Germany)
11. Yoann Offredo (France B)
12. Benat Intxausti (Spain)
13. Andriy Suralyov (Ukraine)
14. Laurent Beuret (Switzerland)
15. Herberts Pudans (Latvia)
16. Michael Randin (Switzerland)
17. Christian Meier (Canada)all s.t.
18. Simon Spilak (Slovenia)0:07
19. Oscar Sanchez (Mixed)s.t.
20. Sergey Shcherbakov (Russia)0:09
21. Andreas Frisch (Denmark)0:29
22. Diego Milan (Spain)6:37
23. Maciej Paterski (Poland)
24. Andrey Klyuev (Russia)
25. Joze Senekovic (Slovenia)
26. Martin Kohler (Switzerland)
27. Haijun Ma (Mixed)
28. Normunds Lasis (Latvia)
29. Alexandr Kilibaev (Kazakhstan)
30. Marius Kukta (Lithuania)
31. Chris Barton (US National Team)
32. Abdelkader Belmokhtar (Mixed)
33. Bradley Fairall (Canada)
34. Ryan Anderson (Canada)
35. Christer Rake (Norway)
36. Blaz Jarc (Slovenia)
37. Pawel Wachnik (Poland)
38. Martins Trautmanis (Latvia)
39. Stijn Neirynck (Belgium)
40. Aleksey Kunshin (Russia)
41. Oleg Chuzhda (Ukraine)
42. Steven Kruijswijk (Netherlands)
43. Kristofers Racenajs (Latvia)
44. Pawel Cieslik (Poland)
45. Viesturs Luksevics (Latvia)
46. Marcos Garcia (Spain)
47. Rafaa Chtioui (Mixed)
48. Alexandr Shushemoin (Kazakhstan)
49. Jarlinson Pantano (Mixed)
50. Jos Van Emden (Netherlands)
51. Mathias Belka (Germany)
52. Lars Boom (Netherlands)
53. Paul Voss (Germany)
54. Gediminas Kaupas (Lithuania)
55. Gatis Smukulis (Latvia)
56. Rui Costa (Portugal)
57. Sondre Sortveit (Norway)
58. Pieter Vanspeybrouck (Belgium)
59. Dennis Van Winden (Netherlands)
60. Ivan Rovny (Russia)
61. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway)
62. Reto Hollenstein (Switzerland)
63. Dominic Klemme (Germany)
64. Vitor Rodrigues (Portugal)
65. Jonas-Aaen Jörgensen (Denmark)
66. Javier Aramendia (Spain)
67. Evaldas Siskevicius (Lithuania)
68. José Mendes (Portugal)
69. Jérôme Coppel (France A)
70. Nicolas Hartmann (France A)
71. Dario Cataldo (Italy)
72. Alexander Kristoff (Norway)
73. Simon Geschke (Germany)
74. Dmitriy Gruzdev (Kazakhstan)
75. Dalivier Ospina (Mixed)
76. Adrian Honkisz (Poland)
77. Valerio Agnoli (Italy)
78. Kasper Jebjerg (Denmark)
79. Nelson Rocha (Portugal)
80. Oleh Opryshko (Ukraine)
81. Ildar Zakirov (Russia)
82. Jose Herrada (Spain)
83. Berik Kupeshov (Kazakhstan)
84. David Veilleux (Canada)
85. Marcel Wyss (Switzerland)
86. Lukasz Modzelewski (Poland)
87. Andrius Buividas (Lithuania)
88. Mickael Larpe (France B)
89. Jean-Charles Senac (France A)
90. Jelle Vanendert (Belgium)
91. Sébastien Fournet Fayard (France B)all s.t.
92. Nazar Jumabekov (Kazakhstan)6:48
93. Tejay Van Garderen (US National Team)
94. Claudio Apolo (Portugal)
95. Yevgeniy Nepomnyachshiy (Kazakhstan)
96. Stefan Schafer (Germany)
97. Tomasz Krupinski (Poland)
98. Nikolas Maes (Belgium)
99. Peter Salon (US National Team)
100. Volodymyr Landyrev (Ukraine)
101. Stian Sommerseth (Norway)
102. Kristjan Koren (Slovenia)
103. Gasper Svab (Slovenia)
104. Peter Stetina (US National Team)
105. Jakob Bering (Denmark)
106. Thomas Peterson (US National Team)
107. Thomas Brigaud (France B)
108. Mathieu Deschenaux (Switzerland)
109. Marco Coledan (Italy)
110. Adriano Malori (Italy)
111. Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania)
112. Dmytro Novosad (Ukraine)
113. Dries Van Der Ginst (Belgium)
114. Fabio Taborre (Italy)
115. Cyril Bessy (France B)
116. Anthony Roux (France A)
117. Stéphane Poulhies (France A)
118. Grega Bole (Slovenia)all s.t.
119. Keven Lacombe (Canada)7:00
120. Eric Boily (Canada)27:44
1. Bauke Mollema (Netherlands)10:51:50
2. Tom Leezer (Netherlands)at 0:02
3. Kristof Vandewalle (Belgium)0:03
4. Andre Steensen (Denmark)0:09
5. Guillaume Levarlet (France A)0:13
6. Tony Martin (Germany)s.t.
7. Craig Lewis (US National Team)0:18
8. Christian Meier (Canada)
9. Laurent Beuret (Switzerland)
10. Michael Randin (Switzerland)
11. Frederik Wilmann (Norway)all s.t.
12. Simon Spilak (Slovenia)0:23
13. Thomas Kvist (Denmark)0:26
14. Benat Intxausti (Spain)s.t.
15. Yoann Offredo (France B)0:31
16. Andreas Frisch (Denmark)1:17
17. Sergey Shcherbakov (Russia)1:33
18. Florian Morizot (France B)3:51
19. Aleksey Kunshin (Russia)5:46
20. Stéphane Poulhies (France A)5:51
21. Marcel Wyss (Switzerland)5:52
22. Gatis Smukulis (Latvia)6:06
23. Steven Kruijswijk (Netherlands)6:08
24. Dario Cataldo (Italy)6:29
25. Ivan Rovny (Russia)6:39
26. Rafaa Chtioui (Mixed)6:45
27. Andrius Buividas (Lithuania)6:48
28. Dennis Van Winden (Netherlands)6:50
29. José Mendes (Portugal)s.t.
30. Maciej Paterski (Poland)6:51
31. Pawel Wachnik (Poland)6:53
32. Haijun Ma (Mixed)
33. Dominic Klemme (Germany)
34. Oleg Chuzhda (Ukraine)
35. Alexandr Kilibaev (Kazakhstan)
36. Nelson Rocha (Portugal)
37. Javier Aramendia (Spain)
38. Jelle Vanendert (Belgium)
39. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norway)
40. Jérôme Coppel (France A)
41. Vitor Rodrigues (Portugal)
42. Dmitriy Gruzdev (Kazakhstan)all s.t.
43. Nikolas Maes (Belgium)6:56
44. Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania)7:01
45. Peter Stetina (US National Team)7:04
46. Tejay Van Garderen (US National Team)
47. Gasper Svab (Slovenia)
48. Stian Sommerseth (Norway)all s.t.
49. Jos Van Emden (Netherlands)7:05
50. Jose Herrada (Spain)
51. Simon Geschke (Germany)both s.t.
52. Diego Milan (Spain)7:09
53. Dalivier Ospina (Mixed)7:10
54. Sondre Sortveit (Norway)
55. Rui Costa (Portugal)
56. Nicolas Hartmann (France A)all s.t.
57. Jakob Bering (Denmark)7:12
58. Martin Kohler (Switzerland)7:14
59. Adrian Honkisz (Poland)s.t.
60. Lars Boom (Netherlands)7:15
61. Dries Van Der Ginst (Belgium)s.t.
62. Thomas Peterson (US National Team)7:16
63. Ryan Anderson (Canada)7:17
64. Bradley Fairall (Canada)7:21
65. Abdelkader Belmokhtar (Mixed)7:22
66. Fabio Taborre (Italy)7:23
67. Dmytro Novosad (Ukraine)7:25
68. Mathias Belka (Germany)7:26
69. Herberts Pudans (Latvia)
70. Alexander Kristoff (Norway)7:32
71. Valerio Agnoli (Italy)7:33
72. Ildar Zakirov (Russia)
73. Jean-Charles Senac (France A)both s.t.
74. Sébastien Fournet Fayard (France B)7:35
75. Andrey Klyuev (Russia)7:36
76. Evaldas Siskevicius (Lithuania)7:38
77. Pawel Cieslik (Poland)7:39
78. Mickael Larpe (France B)7:46
79. Reto Hollenstein (Switzerland)7:50
80. Marius Kukta (Lithuania)7:51
81. Marcos Garcia (Spain)s.t.
82. Pieter Vanspeybrouck (Belgium)8:02
83. Berik Kupeshov (Kazakhstan)8:05
84. Christer Rake (Norway)8:14
85. Normunds Lasis (Latvia)8:34
86. Nazar Jumabekov (Kazakhstan)8:48
87. Jonas-Aaen Jörgensen (Denmark)8:50
88. Volodymyr Landyrev (Ukraine)9:06
89. Marco Coledan (Italy)9:15
90. Jarlinson Pantano (Mixed)9:17
91. Lukasz Modzelewski (Poland)9:49
92. Anthony Roux (France A)9:58
93. Stijn Neirynck (Belgium)10:09
94. Adriano Malori (Italy)10:23
95. Paul Voss (Germany)10:24
96. David Veilleux (Canada)10:54
97. Cyril Bessy (France B)10:58
98. Kasper Jebjerg (Denmark)12:02
99. Mathieu Deschenaux (Switzerland)12:06
100. Andriy Suralyov (Ukraine)12:17
101. Oscar Sanchez (Mixed)12:28
102. Viesturs Luksevics (Latvia)13:34
103. Grega Bole (Slovenia)13:45
104. Oleh Opryshko (Ukraine)13:58
105. Thomas Brigaud (France B)14:06
106. Tomasz Krupinski (Poland)14:16
107. Chris Barton (US National Team)14:23
108. Keven Lacombe (Canada)14:28
109. Stefan Schafer (Germany)14:47
110. Kristofers Racenajs (Latvia)16:06
111. Blaz Jarc (Slovenia)16:51
112. Kristjan Koren (Slovenia)19:23
113. Claudio Apolo (Portugal)20:13
114. Martins Trautmanis (Latvia)22:22
115. Alexandr Shushemoin (Kazakhstan)s.t.
116. Peter Salon (US National Team)22:46
117. Joze Senekovic (Slovenia)23:08
118. Gediminas Kaupas (Lithuania)26:09
119. Yevgeniy Nepomnyachshiy (Kazakhstan)45:34
120. Eric Boily (Canada)1:03:45
Team GC
1. Denmark32:37:06
2. Netherlandsat 4:32
3. Switzerland4:52
4. France B7:26
5. France A11:27
6. Russia11:57
7. Belgium12:15
8. Slovenia12:23
9. Norway12:28
10. Germany12:35
11. US National Team12:39
12. Mixed12:42
13. Spain12:48
14. Canada12:56
15. Latvia13:32
16. Ukraine13:47
17. Poland18:58
18. Portugal19:00
19. Lithuania19:27
20. Italy20:00
21. Kazakhstan20:15


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