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September 12/07 8:25 am - Blocks Cycle XC8: 8 Hour Enduro Mountain Bike Race

Posted by Editoress on 09/12/07

Blocks Cycle XC8: 8 Hour Enduro Mountain Bike Race Saskatchewan

Hosted by the Offroad Syndicate Buffalo Pound Provincial Park
September 8th, 2007

XC8 2007 was a grand success. 83 racers took to the valley from across three provinces, the weather was excellent (minus 5 minutes of rain) and the racers are overwhelmingly supportive of the event. We had racers from across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. People travelled from as far as Canmore, Jasper, Lake Louise, Winnipeg, and Portage La Prairie to race the XC8. Welcome and thanks to all.

The Alberta Dead Goats cleaned house on the podium in the solo categories, sparing one 3rd place finish to one of our Manitoba friends. 2005 Champion Pat Doyle took 1st place Solo Male, and has become the only athlete to win XC8 two times. Trish Grajczyk took 1st place Solo Female. Offroad Syndicate's very own "Insidious Again" (Dave and Kris) took 1st in the Doubles category and "Train in Vain" won the Team category.

The $1,400 Grand Prize 2007 Corsa World Cup Fork was won by Erik Bakke from Calgary, AB. The ORS would like to give a giant thank you to our many volunteers and sponsors.

Solo Male
1. Pat Doyle (Calgary, AB (ss )8:05:1113 laps
2. Craig Stappler (Calgary, AB)8:06:1213 laps
3. Erik Bakke (Calgary, AB)8:06:1813 laps
4. Dave Dorning (Winnipeg, MB (ss, p )7:45:0011 laps
5. Jeremy Erdmann (Regina, SK)7:51:1611 laps
6. Amit Dutta (Jasper, AB)7:53:3610 laps
7. Cory Smith (Portage La Prairie, MB)8:01:5210 laps
8. Shayne Burwell (Saskatoon, SK)8:05:0510 laps
9. Albie Malan (Saskatoon, SK)8:05:4010 laps
10. Hal Loewen (Winnipeg, MB)8:06:4310 laps
11. Cory Zetterstrom (Saskatoon, SK)6:42:309 laps
12. Scott MacTavish (Cochraine, AB)7:34:019 laps
13. Shawn Zayac (Winnipeg, MB)7:47:309 laps
14. Mike Kuczer (Winnipeg, MB)7:58:259 laps
15. Daniel Tomczak (Calgary, AB)7:59:519 laps
16. Darrell Kaczyash (Regina, SK)8:00:459 laps
17. Darren Dyck (Moose Jaw, SK)7:05:538 laps
18. Randy Lewis (Regina, SK)7:43:228 laps
19. Robin Camley (Stonewall, MB)7:47:128 laps
20. Shane Lindsay (Portage La Prairie, MB)7:57:048 laps
21. Brent Waliduda (Regina, SK)8:11:058 laps
22. Neil Clarke (Saskatoon, SK)4:51:297 laps
23. Jeremy Kozack (Regina, SK)7:46:147 laps
24. David Meban (Regina, SK)7:56:457 laps
25. Kurt Stushnoff (Moose Jaw, SK)6:55:246 laps
26. David Waldner (Regina, SK)5:03:294 laps
27. Tomek Jasiakiewicz (Winnipeg, MB)2:18:083 laps
28. Howard Epoch (Moose Jaw, SK)7:18:033 laps
29. Ken Syrnyk (Regina, SK)4:27:012 laps
ss - single speed racer
p - prime winner (-2:00)
1. Insidious Again (Regina, SK)7:32:5012 laps
2. LacockTrask (Regina, SK)7:54:4012 laps
3. FreeWheel Fatties (Jasper, AB)7:33:3811 laps
4. CamnoRebound (Canmore, AB)7:46:0311 laps
5. The Wave (Saskatoon, SK)7:48:2411 laps
6. Dead Goat (Calgary, AB)7:48:3111 laps
7. Homegrown (Moose Jaw, SK (p)7:54:2211 laps
8. Offroad Experience (Regina, SK)8:05:2111 laps
9. 2 Bikes for Sister Sarah (Regina, SK)8:07:3711 laps
10. Doug is your Uncle (Moose Jaw, SK)7:42:1610 laps
11. Team Bushwhackers (Moose Jaw, SK)8:06:5010 laps
12. Mel Sysing (Saskatoon, SK)7:00:069 laps
13. NORGE (Regina, SK + Calgary, AB)7:56:209 laps
14. Hot Cross Buns (Regina, SK)7:29:198 laps
15. Double Trouble (St. Brieux, SK)7:42:368 laps
16. Team J.O.A (Regina, SK)5:50:356 laps
17. Transformers (Regina, SK)5:54:444 laps
** Orville won best crash, broken collar bone.
Solo Female
1. Trish Grajczyk (p) (Calgary, AB)7:44:5510 laps
2. Tori Fahey* (Calgary, AB)7:36:028 laps
3. Seema Saini (Winnipeg, MB)7:56:088 laps
4. Susan Bladyko (Regina, SK)7:12:007 laps
*Tori Fahey won best dressed as "the Bumblebee"
4-Persom Teams
1. Train in Vain (Saskatoon, SK)8:13:2611 laps
2. Team Western Cycle (Regina, SK)8:14:1711 laps
3. Haven't Got a Clue (p) (Regina, SK)7:32:1210 laps
4. Drive (Regina, SK)7:37:587 laps


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