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September 18/07 12:34 pm - Team Coastal Cross: report and results

Posted by Editoress on 09/18/07

Team Coastal Cross September 15th, Delta BC
Courtesy Anselmo Rossiello

The Delta Watershed was again host to 3rd Annual Team Coastal Cross, which saw 90 plus Lycra clad knobby tire equipped racers line up for some friendly competition.

The trails were dry and contributed to some very fast Cross action for all the categories. The event began with the Women's A category that was dominated and won by Jean Ann McKirdy of Local Ride over 2nd placed Kelly Jones of Sugoi/Cannondale and 3rd placed Nicola Mann of TiCycles/Avanti Racing. The Women's B race was lead by a very hard charging Lesley Trivett of Team Wedgewood, whom eventually won the race over her 2nd placed team-mate Shera Clement and Escape Velocity's Heather Gerth. While in the Men's C race, Jason Brooks won against a very feisty field of 20 racers.

The biggest two and most competitive groups of the day were the Men's B and Masters Men 35+, which combined had 45 racers. Nick Berry of Mighty Riders was triumphant overall in the Men's B group and Andrew Brown from the Comox Valley Cycling Club fended off all the 35+ crossers to take the Masters Men category.

The final race of the day was the Men's A group, which saw the lead of the race exchange hands a few times throughout the race. Eventually, it was Thomas Skinner of Louis Garneau, who took control of the race towards the end, to win the Men's A event over Kevin Calhoun of Rocky Mountain and Brad Issel.

One of the most exciting moments for the organizers, was the additional attendance of 20 boys and girls for the inaugural inclusion of free kids races. A total 16 kids ranging in age from 2_ to 10 years took to the line the five minute 10 and under race around the Delta Watershed meadow. Fun was had by all with all competitors completing at least 2 whole laps. The entire 11 to 15 year old group determined that the meadow course was too easy, so they decided to follow the C group for a taste of the full Cross course, with some completing 4 laps on heavy mountain bikes. It was very fulfilling for Team Coastal to see potential future racers enthusiastic to experience the sport and show an interest towards becoming a competitive cyclist.

Thanks goes out to all the attending racers, volunteers and sponsors:
South Shore Cycles
Riley Law
New Balance

Men's A
1. Thomas Skinner (Louis Garneau)
2. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)
3. Brad Issel (Independant)
4. Rob Gosselin (Mighty Riders)
5. Carsten Ivany (Natural Earth)
6. Ian Bickis (OBC)
7. Dan Schmidt (Glotman Simpson)
8. Mike Judge (Steed Cycles)
9. Scott McGregor (Steed Cycles)
10. Joe Wessel (Cobra/KC)
11. Stephen Cork (Escape Velocity)

Women's A
1. Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride)
2. Kelly Jones (Sugoi/Cannondale)
3. Nicola Mann (TiCycles/Avanti Racing)
4. Karen Watson (Integrale)
DNF. Marie-Claude Gagnon (Integrale)

Men's B
1. Nick Berry (Mighty Riders)
2. Chris Sayers (Kelowna Cycle)
3. Derek Shrers (TiCycles)
4. Clayton Sansbury (Masi-Adobe)
5. Matt Drown (Wedgewood)
6. Colin Campbell (Escape Velocity)
7. Sean Howie (Independant)
8. Ben Jackson (Escape Velocity)
9. Jason Leber (Steed Cycles)
10. Matt Law (Peninsula Cycles/Sorce)
11. Josh Wiess (Independant)
12. Jeff Harrimen (Independant)
13. Dale Ewanchook (Floraglo)
14. Joe Wessel (Cobra/KC)
15. Axel Bergman (Escape Velocity)
16. Owen Scott (Steed Cycles)
17. Duncan Steel (Escape Velocity)
18. Micheal Ohont (Different Bikes)
19. Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity)
20. JP Baron (Front Runners)
DNF. Chisou Kantakis (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Gord Ross (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Graham Tutti (Independant)

Women's B
1. Lesley Trivett (Wedgewood)
2. Shera Clement (Wedgewood)
3. Heather Gerth (Escape Velocity)
4. Hiedi Hughel (Chicks)
5. Corrine Issel (Red Truck)
6. Jeanine Ball (Local Ride)
7. Stania Jeriga (Chicks)
8. Sue Weston (Natural Earth)
9. Judy Garren (Muddbunnies)

Men's C
1. Jason Brooks (Independant)
2. Joel Lemaire (Mighty Riders)
3. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)
4. Hank Jien (Independant)
5. Sam Harrap (Independant)
6. Mac McDell (Wedgewood)
7. Devan McClelland (Team Coastal)
8. Michael Sileika (Wedgewood)
9. Steven Herbert (Escape Velocity)
10. Scott Peters (Wedgewood)
11. Bill Riley (Integrale)
12. Jan Kirseborn (Independant)
13. Craig Fabische (Overtime Sports Coquitlam)
14. Brendan Narowsky (Independant)
15. Jonathan Aiken (Wedgewood)
16. Stephan Delisle (Escape Velocity)
17. Brice Evans (Independant)
18. Geoff Wherret (Independant)
19. Martin Harley (Independant)
20. Vince Lee (Wedgewood)

Masters Men 35+
1. Andrew Brown (Comox Valley Cycling Club)
2. Trevor Hopkins (Team Whistler)
3. Brent Hambleton (Independant)
4. Bob Chew (Escape Velocity)
5. Brad Collins (BSP)
6. Tyler Dumont (Norco/Floraglo)
7. Dave Nowak (Comox Valley Cycling Club)
8. Roy McBeth (Local Ride)
9. Graham Garrison (Natural Earth Racing)
10. Jay Murray (Trek Red Truck)
11. Bart Nakano (Norco/Floraglo)
12. Dave Cressman (Wedgewood)
13. Mike Koski (Mighty Riders)
14. Rob Bitz (Local Ride)
15. Anthony Rutter (Bicycle Centres/Collision)
16. Kalle Karu (Independant)
17. Byron Davis (Pedalhead Racing)
18. Paul Craig (Natural Earth Racing)
19. Jay Lodger (Mighty Riders)
20. Andy George (Fast Twitch)
21. Kenny James (Escape Velocity)
DNF. Graeme Falkowsky (Independant)


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