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September 22/07 9:40 am - Beijing Mountain Bike Test Event

Posted by Editor on 09/22/07

Beijing Mountain Bike Test Event

The test event on the Beijing Olympic mountain bike course took place today at the Laoshan Mountain Bike Centre. Two Canadian women participated - Catharine Pendrel and Kiara Bisaro. Pendrel finished seventh after riding as high as fifth, while Bisaro crashed on the third lap and pulled out. Max Plaxton was scheduled to compete in the men's race but cancelled after illness at the World Cup Final in Maribor last weekend.

Catharine Pendrel: "Fun and challenging course with lots of ups and downs. I got some hot and cold sensations with the heat (it was 29c) and had a variable energy level through the race. Felt strong on the last lap. I had some saddle problems (wouldn't stay tight) in the second half of the race and had to stop to fix it. I'm very happy with the race. I can definitely see myself coming here next year to perform, and being here is giving me so much motivation. Hi to my mom, dad and Keith!"

Kiara had a massive crash with about 1.5 kilometres to go in the third lap. "I hit a tree with my bars on a really fast descent and flew through the air over the tape and landed on my back. I am fine mostly but when I got on my bike to go I could not pedal." Kiara will be oka,y but has big bruises on her legs.

Women - 7 laps
1. Liu Ying (CHN)1:45:54
2. Sabine Spitz (GER)at 1:24
3. Lene Byberg (NOR)1:34
4. Georgia Gould (USA)2:38
5. Jingjing Wang (CHN)3:36
6. Maja Wloszczowska (POL)5:07
7. Catharine Pendrel (CAN)5:26
8. Anna Szafraniec (POL)5:44
9. Magdalena Sadlecka (POL)6:21
10. Ren Chengyuan (CHN)9:29
11. Willow Koerber (USA)9:50
12. Rie Katayama (JPN)11:44
13. Fang Wei (CHN)19:36
14. Qinglan Shi (CHN)-3 laps
15. Thanh Huyen Nguyen Thi (VIE)-4 laps
16. Zhen Zhen (CHN)-4 laps
17. Dam Nguyen Thanh (VIE)-4 laps
18. Xin Yu (CHN)-4 laps
DNF Rosara Joseph (NZL)
DNF Kiara Bisaro (CAN)
DNF Mei Sheju (CHN)
DNF Gao Xiaoning (CHN)
DNS Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (NOR)
Men - 10 laps
1. Christoph Sauser (SUI)2:11:53
2. Bart Brentjens (NED)at 2:13
3. Nicolas Carlos Coloma (ESP)3:56
4. Kashi Leuchs (NZL)5:34
5. Kenji Takeya (JPN)6:36
6. Cedric Ravanel (FRA)7:26
7. Bas Peters (NED)10:13
8. Todd Wells (USA)16:40
9. Chan Chun Hing (HKG)-3 laps
10. Duan Zhiqiang (CHN)-3 laps
11. Shao Xiaojun (CHN)-4 laps
12. Zhang Haitao (CHN)-4 laps
13. Qin Ping (CHN)-5 laps
14. Marcus Roy (NZL)-5 laps
15. Jiao Pengda (CHN)-5 laps
16. Ji Jianhua (CHN)-6 laps
17. Liu Yilin (CHN)-6 laps
18. Wu Zheliang (CHN)-6 laps
19. Wang Jiajun (CNH)-6 laps
20. Dai Shengjian (CNY)-7 laps
21. Guo Qiang (CHN)-7 laps
22. Tong Weisong (CHN)-7 laps
23. Stanley Jalip Jr. (MAS)-7 laps
24. Hou Bowen (CHN)-7 laps
25. Phat Bui Quang (VIE)-7 laps
26. Wang Minglang (CHN)-7 laps
27. Yang Biao (CHN)-7 laps
28. Loc Phung Khac (VIE)-8 laps
DNF Julien Absalon (FRA)
DNF Christopher Jongewaard (AUS)
DNF Jean-Christophe Peraud (FRA)
DNF Rudi Van Houts (NED)
DNF Sidney Taberlay (AUS)
DNF Nino Schurter (SUI)
DNF Adam Craig (USA)
DNF Jose Antonio Hermida (ESP)
DNF Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA)
DNF Ralph Naf (SUI)
DNF Mohd Hafiz Rozli (MAS)
DNF Tsui King Man (HKG)
DNF Inaki Lejarreta Errasti (ESP)
DNF Han Feng (CHN)
DNF Daniel McConnell (AUS)
DNF Jin Jia (CHN)
DNF Zhang Shufeng (CHN))
DNF Cai Jubao (CHN)


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