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September 23/07 8:18 am - Anne Samplonius Reponds to Jeanson Interview, Status of Jeanson Titles Unclear

Posted by Editoress on 09/23/07

National Time Trial Champion and National Team member Anne Samplonius competed against Genevieve Jeanson for the Quebec rider's entire career. Samplonius has been an outspoken critic of doping, and sent us the following comments from Stuttgart, Germany, where she is preparing for the World Championships this coming week.

What am I feeling and thinking right now?

Well, I am happy that Genevieve Jeanson has finally been able to begin to come to terms with everything, with herself, to admit what she did was wrong, very wrong. I understand to some degree what the influence and control of both her father and Aubut had over her, and realize that she was for the most part a victim.

I knew that all along and my disgust over the entire situation was always more against those in control of GJ, which were Aubut and her father. I think it will take years before she fully comes to realize the impact she has had on a lot of people. She has stolen victories and money from a lot of her competitors, she has taken an potential Olympic spot from me, and she has lied to all her fans and sponsors who really believed her.

Sure she is apologizing now, but how do you replace the memory for an athlete? Look at Trixi Worrack (Germany), who could of won Junior World Championships. They can strip Jeanson of those medals, but she stole that moment of winning from Trixi. As an athlete, to win, to experience that thrill on the day, that can never be replaced. Those are memories that you cannot get back and those are the intangible things that she has stolen from a lot of people that can never be replaced.

An apology is a start. I hope that she will do more. Maybe she can be a spokesperson, an example for other young women and girls, so that these kind of situations can be avoided in the future. One day I hope she finally understands the scope of what she has done so that she can become an advocate against doping and abusive coaches or parents.

Admitting your guilt is a start. Now she needs to become part of the solution, part of the fight against doping and abuse of authority. She needs to make her voice heard, stronger then when she was wrongly winning all those races. Then, and only then, can she start to begin to pay back for all the damages she has done.

Jeanson Titles Under Review

Genevieve Jeanson won multiple titles during her now tainted career, including two Junior World titles in 1999 and senior Canadian national titles in 2005 and 2003 (plus the time trial title in 2002). So what happens to those titles after her self-admitted use of EPO from the age of 16?

The CCA tells us that they have already contacting the CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport), and are review the rules for this type of situation. But, it is complicated by the fact that most of this happened before regulations were in place to strip someone of their titles.


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