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September 25/07 8:08 am - Dairy Capital Stampede!

Posted by Editoress on 09/25/07

Dairy Capital Stampede!

The Eighth Annual 6-Hour Solo and Team Mountain Bike Relay took place on Sunday, Sept 23rd. The event was hosted by the Woodstock Cycling Club.

Solo Women
Team (Captain) TimeLaps
1. Tracey Schinkel (Tracey Schinkel)5:31:369
2. The Arrogant Frog (Melanie Bernier)5:38:528
3. J&J Cycle (Sheila Gardner)5:43:178
4. Fly Gurlz (Rebecca Atkinson)5:04:036
5. Totally Spoked 2 (Michelle Dowker)5:52:456
6. Maryclaire Haley (Maryclaire Haley)2:19:193
Solo Men
1. T-Dot-O (Tyson Wagler)5:55:1311
2. Fatty No.4 (Jon Kinsie)5:37:2310
3. Sunshine (Paul Wagler)5:24:469
4. Big Air Bob (Bob Kinsie)5:39:239
5. Scott Wishart (Scott Wishart)5:57:289
6. Andy Moore (Andy Moore)5:59:589
7. Big Ring Mike (Mike Cybulski)5:18:088
8. Just Ridin' Along (Steve Bauman)5:30:368
9. Totally Spoked (Dylan Miehm)5:36:018
10. J&J Cycle (John Gardner)5:39:278
11. Two Wheel Express (Duane Wagler)5:42:098
12. Keith Musgrave (Keith Musgrave)5:48:038
13. Podium Bribery (Ian Skimes)5:54:248
14. Sean Teschke (Sean Teschke)5:58:348
15. Drew Quarrie (Drew Quarrie)5:22:537
16. Reckless Reg (Reg Martin)5:36:547
17. Mark Dunseith (Mark Dunseith)3:21:306
18. Backpedaling (Tim Morrison)3:56:006
19. Ted Durrant (Ted Durrant)4:44:246
20. Jordan Stclaire (Jordan Stclaire)2:04:433
2 Person Team
1. SS Carbon (Jamie Wagler)5:57:4412
2. Big & Small (Nathan Martin)5:37:3411
3. The Old Dogs (Kent Baunan)5:46:4911
4. Smith's Cycle (Matt Ytsma)5:54:4011
5. Ren And Stimpy (Jeff Armstrong)5:59:5011
6. The Great Cornholios (Ray Currie)5:36:5910
7. The Phat Man+Crash Inc. (Disco Dave Haycock)5:46:4810
8. Hartman (Ted Hartman)5:49:2110
9. Totally Spoke'd (Mark Dewar)5:25:279
10. The French Connection (Natalie Mousseau)5:33:249
11. The Flying Dutchmen (Mike Sawatskiy)5:46:209
12. Throttle Junkies (Greg Van Moorsel)5:25:268
13. R&D (Dave Pritchard)5:31:518
14. Intrepid Shapiro (Kirsten Vandrunen)5:34:068
15. Goderich Goon Squad (Tim Lewis)5:34:118
16. Huff And Puff (Dallon Terimoat)5:46:128
4 Person Team
1. Team KHS (Dan Simard)5:56:5611
2. Three Punks And A Geezer (Al Benotto)5:58:4311
3. Rockhoppers (Steve Cowan)5:37:0210
4. Numnutz (Gerald Mueller)5:39:5710
5. The A Team (Heinz Hones)5:42:3510
6. Xtreme Trail Riders (John Pereira)5:50:1310
7. Gimmie V-Brake (Nathan Stewart)5:54:0610
8. 1 Mykeme (Chris Bodden)5:34:039
9. Hoof Hearted Racing (Mark Diggins)5:44:039
10. Team Sonix (Barbara Ridell)5:44:218
11. New Kids On The Trail (Laura Schweighardt)5:49:048
12. Kevins Dragons (Kevin Noe)5:41:117
6 Person Team
1. Bull Riders (Carmen Schmitz)5:55:418

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