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October 2/07 11:57 am - Brian Kullman Memorial `Cross: Photos & Results

Posted by Editoress on 10/2/07

Brian Kullman Memorial Cross September 30th, Calgary AB
Courtesy Synergy Racing

Photos by Chris Redden

This weekend's Alberta 'cross contest was presented by Synergy Racing in honor of beloved team-mate and friend Brian Kullman. The day featured beautiful autumn weather and a fresh new technical course. Steep climbs, stairs, sand, tight turns and a variety of terrain made the races very selective and produced decisive winners in each category.

1. Pepper Harlton (Juventus)0:48:10
2. Rhonda Stickle (ERTC/ Redbike)0:50:06
3. Amy Woodward (CMC/Bowcycle)0:51:13
4. Krystyn Ong (Juventus)0:51:47
5. Madelaine Bate (Terrascape)0:53:59
6. Joanne Breau (bicisport)0:54:21
7. Shantel Koenig (Independent)0:54:34
8. Kendra Middleton (Juventus)0:54:36
9. Carolyn Soules (Crankmasters)at 1 lap
10. Samantha Grover (Juventus)at 1 lap
11. Alana Heise (Terrascape)at 2 lap
Open Men
1. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle)0:56:37
2. Aaron Schooler (ERTC/Redbike)0:58:19
3. David Larson (Juventus)0:58:25
4. Shawn Bunnin (bicisport)0:58:45
5. Michael Bidniak (Juventus)0:59:09
6. Brian Robinson (CMC/Bowcycle)0:59:33
7. Chris Mcneil (Team H&R Block)0:59:40
8. Shaun Adamson (Juventus)0:59:51
9. Ryan Hopping (United Cycle)1:00:57
10. Nick Friesen (Independent)1:01:28
11. Cyrus Kangarloo (Team H&R Block)1:02:00
12. Steve Martins (Hardcore Cycling)at 1 lap
13. Mike Blennerhassett (Hardcore Cycling)at 1 lap
14. Bruce Copeland (Juventus)at 1 lap
15. Matthew Ohagan (Independent)at 1 lap
16. Nick Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead)at 1 lap
17. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore Cycling)at 1 lap
18. Robert Martens (Blizzard Cycling)at 1 lap
19. Michael Johns (Central Alberta BC)at 1 lap
DNF Anthony Steenbergen (Team H&R Block)
DNF Peter Toth (Juventus)
DNF Brian Bain (CMC/Bowcycle)
DNF Stuart Hughes (Team H&R Block)
DNF Lukas Jedras (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF Peter Lawrence (Team H&R Block)
Sport Men
1. Alex Mccormick (Juventus)0:44:52
2. Ed Garvin (Independent)0:46:20
3. John Stickle (United Cycle)0:46:42
4. Kevin Cohen-Wallis (Rundle Mtn Cycling)0:47:20
5. Cory Dickinson (United Cycle)0:47:50
6. Shannon Hein (United Cycle)0:48:36
7. Scott Book (ERTC/ Redbike)0:49:23
8. Chuck Gibney (Pedalhead Racing)0:49:54
9. Mark Stranzinger (Terrascape)0:50:44
10. Jason Frank (CABC)0:51:15
11. David Dyck (Schmoe Racing)0:51:31
12. Al Gilbert (CABC)0:52:09
13. Lorie Holte (Independent)at 1 lap
14. Mac Garvin (CMC/Bow Cycle)at 1 lap
15. Michael Kohlenberg (United Cycle)at 1 lap
16. Mike Zelensky (Terrascape)at 1 lap
17. Michael Mckay (Pedalhead Racing)at 1 lap
18. Darcy Jones (Highwood Cycle)at 1 lap
19. Andrew Barron (CMC/Bow Cycle)at 1 lap
20. Gerry Mccuaig (Deadgoat)at 1 lap
21. Sean Lukan (Deadgoat)at 1 lap
22. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)at 1 lap
23. Stevan Vinci (Pedalhead Racing)at 1 lap
DNF Darcy Reynard (ERTC/ Redbike)
DNF David Verveda (Highwood Cycle)
1. Andrew Davison (Independent)0:44:11
2. Lonn Bate (Terrascape)0:44:38
3. Peter Knight (United Cycle)0:44:55
4. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)0:45:22
5. Pat Doyle (Deadgoat)0:45:36
6. Jared Gervais (Independent)0:45:48
7. Bruce Penner (United Cycle)0:46:06
8. Paul Martin (CMC/Bow Cycle)0:46:07
9. Antonio Bilotta (Pedalhead Road Works)0:46:26
10. Matthew Handford (Independent)0:46:26
11. Reid Cummings (ERTC/redbike)0:46:36
12. Rob Brandrick (Independent)0:46:40
13. Claude Breau (bicisport)0:46:59
14. Gary Brown (Rundle Mountain CC)0:47:05
15. Bill Quinney (The Bike Shop)0:47:15
16. Dan Peters (CMC/Bow Cycle)0:47:23
17. Dominik Kubicki (ERTC/redbike)0:47:43
18. Jack Van Dyk (Terrascape)0:48:08
19. Adam Phillips (CMC/Bow Cycle)0:48:39
20. Mike Prinz (Singletrack)0:48:52
21. Jack Funk (Deadgoat)0:49:08
22. John Gilchrist (Calgary Weilerclub)0:49:29
23. Sean Carter (Synergy)0:49:58
24. Lance Adamson (Juventus)0:0:50:21
25. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)0:51:00
26. Frank Kovacs (Synergy)1 lap
27. Christopher Redden ( lap
DNF Kevin Walsh (Synergy)


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