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October 2/07 12:57 pm - Wentworth Road Race

Posted by Editor on 10/2/07

Wentworth Road Race - Wentworth, Nova Scotia
Courtesy Terry Tomlin

September 30, 2007

Wentworth Road Race presented by the Bicycles Plus Cycling Club. Conditions were sunny, mid teen temps and the course was rolling and windy.

This is the final race of the 2007 Bicycle Nova Scotia Road Racing Series. Final points standings for the series will be made available shortly.

Open Men - 108 km
1 Justin Theriault (Independent)2:57:52
2 Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle)2:57:52
3 Adam Douthwright (Team OSB)2:59:16
4 Eli Chiasson (Cyclesmith)2:59:52
5 Andrew Peacock (Cyclesmith)3:00:21
6 Martin Austin (Cyclesmith)3:05:13
DNF Derek Neil (Independent)
DNF Charles Verge (Bicycles Plus CC)
Open Women - 81 km
1 Kaarin Tae (Bicycles Plus CC)2:29:54
2 Kelly Murray (Radical Edge)2:29:54
3 Zuzanna Ecerova (Mike's Bike Shop)2:36:16
4 Jennifer Adams (Annapolis Valley CC)2:36:16
5 Angela Rupley (Independent)2:50:13
6 Cynthia Fry (Bicycles Plus CC)2:59:41
Master A Men - 81 km
1 Rob Stel (Bicycles Plus CC)2:17:38
2 Chad Robertson (Independent)2:17:38
3 Kevin Besner (MCC Sportwheels)2:20:50
4 Richard Leckey (Independent)2:24:56
5 Ian Loughead (MCC Sportwheels)2:28:04
6 Bradley Cameron (Hub Cycle)2:28:04
Master B Men - 81 km
1 Thomas Beazley (Bicycles Plus CC)2:20:29
2 José Martins (Bicycles Plus CC)2:20:29
3 Kyle Hebb (Mike's Bike Shop)2:20:29
4 Donald Mc Intosh (Bicycles Plus CC)2:20:29
5 Scott Clark (Hub Cycle)2:20:29
6 Derick Muise (Sea Level CC)2:20:29
7 Al Jollimore (Cyclesmith)2:20:29
8 Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)2:20:29
9 Ian Dennis (Mike's Bike Shop)2:20:29
10 François Gazzano (Mike's Bike Shop)2:20:29
DNF Eric Weaver (Bicycles Plus CC)
Master C Men - 81 km
1 Graham Starratt (Bicycles Plus CC)2:20:29
2 Wayne Titus (Valley Stove & Cycle)2:20:29
3 Barry Misener (Bicycles Plus CC)2:23:20
Senior 4 Men - 81 km
1 Dave Miller (Independent)2:17:38
2 Mike Christie (Independent)2:20:44
3 Beau Blois (Independent)2:21:42
4 John McInemey (Independent)2:26:00
5 George Clark (Independent)2:27:45
6 Paul Gibbons (Bicycles Plus CC)2:28:04
DNF Ghislain Disdain (Independent)
U17 - 81 km
1 Jux Benedict (RC Titan)2:44:54
2 Stuart Wight (Mike's Bike Shop)2:44:54
3 Joan-Richard Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)2:44:54
U15 - 27 km
1 Justin MacDonald (PC Racing)1:10:52
U13 - 27 km
1 Zachary Beazley (Bicycles Plus CC)1:34:49


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