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October 4/07 12:54 pm - Tobago International Cycling Classic: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 10/4/07

Tobago International Cycling Classic
Report Courtesy Chris Atkins

Today was the first stage rolling 14km time trial. Riders were off at 6:30am this morning to avoid traffic, but unfortunately many riders experienced delays waiting for traffic while on the course as police redirected vehicles.

Darko was primed and ready to battle for the leader's jersey at the break of dawn. He set a blistering average of 45.8kph into the headwind at the first turn. Shortly after making the turn he hit a pothole that sent his computer sensor into his spokes and he had to stop to quickly rip it out. After losing about 15-20s he mashed his 58x11 to make ground on the short rolling decent back to the finish.

He would give up the fastest time over the course by only 2 seconds to German Atlas Romers pro rider Alexander Gut.

Race Notes:
-Darko encountered a suicidal dog on his time trial that insisted on almost being hit, and Ficko had to put on the brakes to lose even more time!
-The temperature at 6:30am was 30-deg+, and the humidity was 40-deg+

Stage II, a 110km circuit race starts in about 45min. We have been hydrating non-stop since this morning, but it's hard to keep up with the sweat loss.

Stage 1: 14km ITT

1. Alexander Gut (Germany) Team Atlas Romers19:26.6
2. Darko Ficko (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach19:28.7
3. Stefan Steinweg (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony19:42.8
4. Guy Costa (Trinidad & Tobago) Rafmon Mecalfab20:12.2
5. Garrett Peltonen (USA) Team Angostura20:14.8
6. Andreas Mueller (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony20:21.9
7. Marco Duechting (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony20:25.3
8. Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Angostura20:32.5
9. Robbie King (USA) Team Angostura20:33.6
10. Timo Scholz (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony20:41.7
11. Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Angostura20:48.0
12. Andreas Henig (Germany) Team Atlas Romers20:49.4
13. Bruno Langlois (Qc,Canada) Team Angostura20:57.3
14. Oneil Samuels (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Trek20:57.6
15. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek20:57.7
16. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica) Rafmon Mecalfab21:03.9
17. Nico Schneider (Germany) Team Atlas Romers21:04.6
18. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab21:18.3
19. Udo Mueller (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony21:18.6
20. Paul Voigt (Germany) Team Gütersloh21:25.1
21. Phillip Patzer (Germany) Team Atlas Romers21:26.8
22. Benjamin Joerges (Germany) Team Atlas Romers21:29.1
23. Axel Hauschke (Germany) Team Gütersloh21:31.1
24. Laurent Mikael (Martinique) Team Martinique21:34.5
25. Kevin Hazzard (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach21:38.1
26. Benedikt Monig (Germany) Team Gütersloh21:39.8
27. Brandon Throop (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach21:42.6
28. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia21:43.7
29. Jan Puyvelde (Germany) Team Gütersloh21:47.5
30. Alex Bhogal (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach21:50.4
31. Chris Atkins (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach22:00.2
32. Kurt Maraj () Team St. Lucia22:02.5
33. Erik Mohs (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony22:05.6
34. Markus Weinberg (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony22:13.7
35. David Alves (Trinidad & Tobago) Rafmon Mecalfab22:17.2
36. Tommy Nankervis (Australia) Team Angostura22:23.0
37. Jorg Scherf (Germany) Team Gütersloh22:39.2
38. Oliver Ragot (Martinique) Team Martinique22:46.1
39. John Charles () Team Trek22:48.4
40. Orano Andrews (St. Vincent) Team St. Lucia22:54.0
41. Warren Mckay (Guyana) Team Trek23:02.3
42. Chrstophe Angele (Martinique) Team Martinique23:09.1
43. Andreas Kappes (Germany) Team Gütersloh23:10.3
44. Carsten Eggert (Germany) Team Gütersloh23:11.3
45. Nicholas Emielie (Martinique) Team Martinique23:15.6
46. Adam Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) Rafmon Mecalfab23:29.3
47. Phillip Clarke (Barbados) Rafmon Mecalfab23:29.6
48. Alanzo Greaves (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab23:41.5
49. Marlon Antrobus (St. Vincent) Team St. Lucia23:48.0
50. Sidney Privat (Martinique) Team Martinique23:59.7
51. Stephen Mangroo (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Trek24:20.3
52. Sammy Joseph (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia24:21.8


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