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October 6/07 10:21 am - Tobago Cycling Classic Stage 3

Posted by Editor on 10/6/07

2007 Tobago Cycling Classic

Stage 3 - 120 km Circuit Race (5 laps)
1 Erik Mohs (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:01:41.6
2 Bruno Langlois (Can) Team Angostura3:03:35.7
3 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab3:03:37.4
4 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Angostura3:03:38.0
5 Alexander Gut (Ger) Team Atlas Romers3:03:38.4
6 Axel Hauschke (Ger) Team Gutersloh3:03:38.6
7 Andreas Mueller (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:03:39.3
8 Robbie King (USA) Team Angostura3:03:41.0
9 Nico Schneider (Ger) Team Atlas Romers3:03:42.7
10 Andreas Henig (Ger) Team Atlas Romers3:03:42.8
11 Udo Mueller (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:03:43.0
12 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) Team Trek3:05:29.7
13 Benjamin Joerges (Ger) Team Atlas Romers3:05:30.3
14 Guy Costa (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab3:05:30.6
15 Stefan Steinweg (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:05:30.8
16 Jan Puyvelde (Ger) Team Gutersloh3:05:30.8
17 Timo Scholz (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:05:31.1
18 Paul Voigt (Ger) Team Gutersloh3:05:31.4
19 Brandon Throop (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach3:05:31.5
20 Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Team Angostura3:05:31.6
21 Darko Ficko (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach3:05:31.8
22 Marlon Antrobus (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:05:35.5
23 Oliver Ragot (Mar) Team Martiniquetinique3:05:36.8
24 Oneil Samuels (Tri) Team Trek3:07:24.7
25 Markus Weinberg (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:13:19.9
26 Marlon Williams (Guy) Rafmon Mecalfab3:13:20.2
27 Phillip Patzer (Ger) Team Atlas Romers3:13:20.9
28 Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Angostura3:13:21.4
29 Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:27:40.9
30 Chris Atkins (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach3:27:42.5
31 Winston Williams (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:27:42.5
32 Kevin Hazzard (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach3:27:42.8
33 Laurent Mikael (Mar) Team Martiniquetinique3:27:44.7
34 Benedikt Monig (Ger) Team Gutersloh3:31:21.1
35 Jorg Scherf (Ger) Team Gutersloh3:31:21.3
36 Alex Bhogal (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach3:31:21.5
37 Nicholas Emielie (Mar) Team Martiniquetinique3:37:36.6
38 Sammy Joseph (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia3:57:25.0
1 Andreas Henig (Ger) Team Atlas Romers6:08:09.6
2 Stefan Steinweg (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony0:35
3 Erik Mohs (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony2:20
4 Alexander Gut (Ger) Team Atlas Romers2:39
5 Andreas Mueller (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony3:35
6 Emile Abraham (Tri) Team Angostura3:45
7 Robbie King (USA) Team Angostura3:46
8 Bruno Langlois (Can) Team Angostura4:00
9 Marloe Rodman (Jam) Rafmon Mecalfab4:12
10 Nico Schneider (Ger) Team Atlas Romers4:17
11 Udo Mueller (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony4:31
12 Darko Ficko (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach4:35
13 Axel Hauschke (Ger) Team Gutersloh4:44
14 Guy Costa (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab5:19
15 Timo Scholz (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony5:48
16 Jassette Bromfield (Jam) Team Trek6:04
17 Benjamin Joerges (Ger) Team Atlas Romers6:35
18 Paul Voigt (Ger) Team Gutersloh6:44
19 Brandon Throop (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach6:49
20 Jan Puyvelde (Ger) Team Gutersloh6:54
21 Tommy Nankervis (Aus) Team Angostura7:29
22 Oneil Samuels (Tri) Team Trek7:59
23 Oliver Ragot (Mar) Team Martinique8:17
24 Marlon Antrobus (St. Vincent) Team St. Lucia9:00
25 Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Angostura13:45
26 Marlon Williams (Guy) Rafmon Mecalfab14:15
27 Phillip Patzer (Ger) Team Atlas Romers17:51
28 Markus Weinberg (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony18:54
29 Garrett Peltonen (USA) Team Angostura26:44
30 Laurent Mikael (Mar) Team Martinique28:52
31 Kevin Hazzard (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach28:56
32 Chris Atkins (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach29:18
33 Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia29:20
34 Benedikt Monig (Ger) Team Gutersloh32:38
35 Alex Bhogal (Can) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach32:48
36 Jorg Scherf (Ger) Team Gutersloh33:37
37 Winston Williams (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia37:08
38 Nicholas Emielie (Mar) Team Martinique40:47
39 Carsten Eggert (Ger) Team Gutersloh1:10:35
40 Sammy Joseph (St. Lucia) Team St. Lucia1:52:07
DNF Warren Mckay (Guy) Team Trek
DNF Alanzo Greaves (Guy) Rafmon Mecalfab
DNF John Charles (USA) Team Trek
DNF Marco Duechting (Ger) Team Sachsen Saxony
DNF Adam Alexander (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab
DNF Phillip Clarke (Bar) Rafmon Mecalfab
DNF Stephen Mangroo (Tri) Team Trek
DNF Chrstophe Angele (Mar) Team Martinique
DNF Sidney Privat (Mar) Team Martinique
DNF David Alves (Tri) Rafmon Mecalfab
DNF Andreas Kappes (Ger) Team Gutersloh
DNF Orano Andrews (St. Vincent) Team St. Lucia


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