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October 8/07 9:15 am - Tobago Cycling Classic Stage 5 & Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 10/8/07

2007 Tobago Cycling Classic

Stage 5 (October 7th): 120 km Road Race
1. Erik Mohs (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony3:41:08.8
2. Andreas Henig (Germany) Team Atlas Romers3:41:18.5
3. Nico Schneider (Germany) Team Atlas Romers3:45:28.0
4. Axel Hauschke (Germany) Team Guetersloh3:45:28.0
5. Robbie King (USA) Team Angostura3:47:04.5
6. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica) Rafmon Mecalfab3:48:59.5
7. Udo Mueller (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony3:48:59.8
8. Timo Scholz (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony3:49:02.3
9. Alex Bhogal (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach3:51:01.8
10. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek3:51:26.6
11. Jan Puyvelde (Germany) Team Guetersloh3:51:26.8
12. Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Angostura3:51:29.6
13. Benjamin Joerges (Germany) Team Atlas Romers3:51:29.7
14. Garrett Peltonen (USA) Team Angostura3:52:05.2
15. Andreas Mueller (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony3:58:10.2
16. Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Angostura3:58:10.2
17. Guy Costa (Trinidad & Tobago) Rafmon Mecalfab4:00:55.7
18. Oneil Samuels (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Trek4:04:31.0
19. Paul Voigt (Germany) Team Guetersloh4:04:31.0
20. Alexander Gut (Germany) Team Atlas Romers4:04:31.6
21. Marlon Antrobus (St.Vincent) St.Lucia/St.Vincent4:10:41.6
22. Benedikt Monig (Germany) Team Guetersloh4:14:45.9
23. Kevin Hazzard (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach4:15:48.0
24. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab4:19:37.8
25. Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) St.Lucia/St.Vincent4:29:11.9
26. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) St.Lucia/St.Vincent4:35:10.6
27. Chris Atkins (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach4:40:54.2
Final GC
1. Andreas Henig (Germany) Team Atlas Romers12:42:58.5
2. Erik Mohs (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxonyat 2:01
3. Nico Schneider (Germany) Team Atlas Romers8:50
4. Axel Hauschke (Germany) Team Guetersloh8:56
5. Robbie King (USA) Team Angostura9:35
6. Marloe Rodman (Jamaica) Rafmon Mecalfab11:55
7. Udo Mueller (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony12:15
8. Timo Scholz (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony13:45
9. Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Angostura13:54
10. Jan Puyvelde (Germany) Team Guetersloh19:31
11. Benjamin Joerges (Germany) Team Atlas Romers19:53
12. Andreas Mueller (Germany) Team Sachsen Saxony20:29
13. Jassette Bromfield (Jamaica) Team Trek20:30
14. Guy Costa (Trinidad & Tobago) Rafmon Mecalfab24:59
15. Alexander Gut (Germany) Team Atlas Romers28:58
16. Oneil Samuels (Trinidad & Tobago) Team Trek31:30
17. Paul Voigt (Germany) Team Guetersloh33:00
18. Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Angostura33:42
19. Garrett Peltonen (USA) Team Angostura35:59
20. Marlon Antrobus (St.Vincent) St.Lucia/St.Vincent38:47
21. Alex Bhogal (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach42:45
22. Marlon Williams (Guyana) Rafmon Mecalfab55:40
23. Benedikt Monig (Germany) Team Guetersloh1:06:46
24. Kevin Hazzard (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach1:15:41
25. Chris Atkins (Canada) Benchmarkgrp/Mazurcoach1:28:57
26. Kurt Maraj (St. Lucia) St.Lucia/St.Vincent1:40:01
27. Winston Williams (St. Lucia) St.Lucia/St.Vincent1:57:50


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