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October 15/07 11:36 am - Vanier Park Cyclocross: Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 10/15/07

Vanier Park Cyclocross October 14th, Vancouver BC
Courtesy Matt Klymson

Under sunny skies West Coast Racing once again hosted the annual Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic in a scenic waterfront location this past Sunday, Oct 14th as event #5 in the 2007 BC Cup cyclocross series. The local 'cross community came out in droves looking for a final tune up before the nationals next weekend, totaling 148 racers combined in the senior and Kids' Cross events. This year's exciting new circuit was created by Race Director Sven Sturm featuring tight corners, fast straightaways, triple barriers, off camber descents, and a biting sand pit that claimed quite a few victims.

This year's event was made possible through the effort of many volunteers and a supporting cast of excellent sponsors including Active Life Physio (on-site physiotherapy), Ambleside Cycles, Deakin Outdoor, Giant Bicycles, Race Face, Ritchey, Running Room, Schwalbe Tires, Syncros, Tim Hortons, Uprising Breads, and West Point Cycles (Kids' Cross title sponsor).

The 2 separate Kids 'Cross events drew 28 pint-sized racers of the future. There were many smiles and a few tears, however all in all it was a great show of support for the sport of cycling from the younger generation.

Race recaps;

Anthony King was a powerhouse in the Men's "C" event, carving out the win over Tyler Jordan, Jason Brooks, Dean Brant, and Dimitri Pavlakos.

In the Women's "B" disaster struck as Karen Todd had a seemingly insurmountable lead until misfortune in the form of an untimely flat took her out of the race. With Karen out of the running, Corrine Issel (Trek Red Truck) who was following in second held on to take the win over Shera Clement (Wedgewood), Heather Gerth, Stania Juriga, and Jeanine Ball.

The day's largest start was the Men's "B" with a host of over 40 racers on the line. A group of 5 established an early gap and could not be reeled in despite some hard work by the chasers. Going into the final barriers there was some jostling for the lead out of the last corner. It came down to the final sprint with Nick Berry giving his all for the win. Nick was followed by Brad Collins, Chris Sayers, Roy McBeth, and Colin Campbell rounding out the top 5.

Jean Ann McKirdy took the victory in the Women's "A", staking out her win ahead of a strong field that included remaining podium finishers Sarah Stewart, Pan Am XC champ Catherine Pendrel, Kerry Van Kooy, and Melanie Vaughn.

In the Men's "A" Rob Britton held a commanding lead for the entire race over teammate Tyler Trace, who was marked closely by Craig Richey. Going into the last corner Rob showed everyone the meaning of teamwork and sacrifice by conceding the victory to a hard charging Trace, and was also nipped at the line for 2nd place by a charging Richey.

Thanks to everyone who participated in a great day for the growing B.C. 'cross scene. West Coast Racing is a local not-for-profit cycling club with members training and racing for all disciplines of competitive cycling. For more information visit

Women "A"

1. Jean Ann McKirdy
2. Sarah Stewart
3. Catherine Pendrel
4. Kerry Van Kooy
5. Melanie Vaughan
6. Christy Love
7. Mary Claude Gagnon
8. Barb Zimich
9. Lesley Trivett
10. Karen Watson
11. Celine Dennis
12. Courtney Albert

Men "A"

1. Tyler Trace
2. Craig Richey
3. Rob Britton
4. Kevin Noiles
5. Thomas Skinner
6. Brandon Crichton
7. Jonathan Gormick
8. Rob Gosselin
9. Scott McGregor
10. Carsten Ivany
11. Pascal Wehr
12. Art Van Kooy
13. Sven Sturm
14. Jason Thompson
15. Jason Fluckiger
16. Will Pratt
17. Chris Reid
18. Ian Bickis
19. Wendell Challenger
20. Chris Hillier
21. John Perkins
22. Matt Green
Brent Hambleton (lapped)
Joe Wessel (lapped)
Mark Dormer (lapped)
DNF John Tolkamp
DNF Dan Schmit
DNF Russ Stead

Men "C" / Open Beginner

1. Anthony King
2. Tyler Jordan
3. Jason Brooks
4. Dean Brant
5. Dimitri Pavlakos
6. Kalle Karu
7. Dave Chamberlain
8. Andrew Kerr
9. Bill Riley
10. Darren Grund
11. Scott Peters
12. Steven Herbert
13. Jon Taylor
14. Kevin MacDonald
15. Rob Kipps
16. Jeff Burton
17. Brian Wong
18. Andre Cerney
19. Craig Fabische
20. Alan Young
21. Stephane Delisle
22. George Greenwood
23. Tom Wojcik
24. Geoff Wherrett
DNF Vince Lee
DNF Alex Cogger

Women "B"

1. Corinne Issel
2. Shera Clement
3. Heather Gerth
4. Stania Juriga
5. Jeanine Ball
6. Linda Chow
7. Susan Weston
DNF Karen Todd

Men "B"

1. Nick Berry
2. Brad Collins
3. Chris Sayers
4. Roy McBeth
5. Colin Campbell
6. Brian Griffin
7. Trevor Hopkins
8. Patrick Beckstead
9. Dale Ewanchook
10. Graham Garrison
11. Matt Law
12. Mike Dhont
13. Matt Drown
14. Steve Devantier
15. Bart Nakano
16. Joel Lemaire
17. Jeff Hanninen
18. Jason Leber
19. Dave Cressman
20. Brad Slater
21. Nobuo Shoji
22. Ben Jackson
23. Graeme Martindale
24. Jak New
25. Mike Laxdal
26. Barry Lyster
27. Bryon Enns
28. Anselmo Rossiello
29. Ray Lachance
30. Kenny James
31. Axel Bergman
32. Ryan Newsome
33. Russ Stead
34. Chris McKillican
35. Meshkat David
36. Greg Devins
37. Jay Loder
38. Robbie Bitz
39. Dave Robertson
40. Cam Thorpe
41. Urs Blueler
Paul Craig (lapped)
Mark Butschler (lapped)
Dan Proulx (lapped)
Trevor Wilkinson (lapped)
J.P Baron (lapped)

Kids' Cross Racers (in alphabetical order)

Angus Juhasz
Anik Landahl
Clara Huenemann
Cody Scott
Connor McBeth
Gabrielle Levy-Gay
Garrett Jacob Sayers
Hunter Juhasz
Isabel Bremner
Jonathan Horne
Joshua Griffin
Liliana Levy-Gay
Maggie Coles-Lyster
Nathan Gill
Nola Cressman
Quinn Storey
Sabine Fedder
Sam Scivier
Samuel O'Bee
Sarah Fedder
Scott Wilson
Theresa Riley
Tilda Cressman
Xavier Bitz
Zac Pollard
Zachary Felder


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