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October 16/07 9:40 am - Cross on the Rock 2007 #2

Posted by Editor on 10/16/07

Cross on the Rock 2007 #2 - Cross in the Valley
Report by Normon Thibault and Wendy Simms

Results posted after reports

Cowichan Fair Grounds, Duncan, B.C.

Organized and in Partnership with Experience Cycling Club
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October 14, 2007
Conditions: 15 Degrees and Light Cloud

Kona, Experience Cycling, eNVy, Norco,

Converse All Star
Lighthouse Brewery
OakBay Bikes in Nanaimo and Victoria
Frontrunners Nanaimo
eNVy Chainrings and Chainring Protectors

Special Thanks to: Mind Over Mountain Event Company, Cowichan Fair Grounds, Coffee over the Moon, Brian Kuhn: President of ECC, Jason Sandquist : event director, Country Grocery and the Duncan Fire Department.

The Experience Cycling Club did a great job hosting the first ever cyclocross race in Duncan. Their crew had the course dialed in and even made last minute changes to add cool little sections into an already very fun course. Cowichan Fairgrounds proved to have more than enough terrain with the course measuring around 2.7k, with room to add more distance if needed. Unfortunately, this might be the first and only CX event at this venue as the site has been sold to the local school district #79. Whether it is still standing next year and intact we will wait to see.

While the course did not have much elevation changes, it rewarded good technical riding. Those riders able to maintain speed through the myriad of turns, tight sections and twistys did great. An awesome mud feature was added at 9:10am when the Duncan Fire Department came over and dumped 3, 000 Gallons of water on the tractor-pull straightaway. They also included a barn, a riding ring and some features from an empty adjacent lot - with thanks to Country Grocery.

Race #1: Beginner
Amy Herliveaux (Experience Cycling Club) dominated the beginner category, leading from start to finish. The only one who could hold her wheel was Bill Lane (Experience Cycling Club), our oldest competitor at 61. However, after a couple of laps, Amy shook him off her wheel and soloed in for the win. Kyla Hartnell (Arrowsmith), racing on a borrowed Surly, with her bright yellow jersey and blond curly pigtails was by far the sunniest racer out there. She dangled about 10-15 seconds off the leaders for the first lap but started to slip back after claiming that cyclocross was harder than it looked. She easily held onto second in the Beginner women's category. Behind, there was more changing in position as Curran Jongsma (Victoria Wheelers) went out hard but fell coming out of the barn, Chris Phillips (Experience Cycling Club) passed him and then stayed true and steady the entire race while Kim Shockey (Experience Cycling Club) rode an impressive ride moving forwards and passing them both for 3rd place in the women's category. Katie Rabien (Experience Cycling Club) chased the entire race but chose the smartest line of the day through the mud, staying sparkly clean compared to everyone else. Taking the Lighthouse Brewery Prime was Amy Herliveaux and Bill Lane.

Race #2: Intermediate Men
The Intermediate race was the largest field of the day with 23 riders on the start line. The race started fast and furious with Sean Lunny (Oak bay Bikes) taking it out hard, stringing the field out while he charged for the Lighthouse Brewery prime. Bryn Sheppard (Arrowsmith) managed to stay with Lunny for the first lap but after a crash could not close the gap back up. The Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo shop rats, Ben Glassen and Matt Dawes, led the chase group early on, hoping they could take down their boss Lunny, but faded as the fast pace continued. Stephen Kilshaw (NTC) won the most aggressive rider award as he rode an incredible race, moving up the entire race from mid-pack to third place. Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling) was another mover and shaker pulling up to take 4th place. Taking the Lighthouse Brewery Prime was Sean Lunny. The Converse Chuck Taylor most aggressive rider went to: Stephen Kilshaw.

Race #3: Master Men
The master men race was great to watch as these guys are building up some intense rivalries as the season moves forward. Dave Nowak (CVCC/Frontrunners) took the hole shot and lead out the race with some aggression that has never been seen before. Novak's match burnt, teammate Andrew Brown (CVCC) took over at the front with sly race veteran Sean Cruichshank (Schwalbe) stuck to his wheel. They quickly got a gap and stayed off the front together for the rest of the race. Behind the leaders there was lots of action as ex-body builder Jay Latiff (Arrowsmith) aka Big J torqued on his bike so hard his forks crumbled beneath his power. A little dazed but OK he had to pull out. And the "chase group" battle was strong the entire race as Canadian National Champ Peter Stevenson (Experience Cycling), Nowak, race director Jason Sandquist (Experience Cycling) and Chris Birch (Arrowsmith) played with each other in the mud. The sprint finish between Brown and Cruichshank was exciting! Cruichshank bided his time through the barn and around the loose corners and then unleashed his fury on Brown to take the win. Taking the Lighthouse Brewery Prime was Andrew Brown. The Converse Chuck Taylor most aggressive rider went to: Jay Latiff.

Race #3: Women
The women's race is seeing some regular battles unfold as well. The Oak Bay Bikes girls were throwing down some moves on Trish Sinclair (Kona) early on in the race hoping to tire her out. Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes) and Jaymie McGowan (Oak Bay Bikes) would take the lead, only to be caught again by eventual winner Sinclair. Even Tanya Berg (Oak Bay Bikes), with an injured wrist, played at the front. That is, until the adrenaline must have worn off and the pain kicked in, as she eventually started riding with one hand and a grimace on her face moving back into 7th place by the end. Behind the early leaders, Carey Sather (NMTB/Steed Cycles) on a sparkly new cross bike and rookie cyclocross racer Bobbie Taylor (Arrowsmith) were locked in battle. Always within ten seconds of each other, it looked like Bobbie's aggressive attacks off the barriers would earn her the 4th spot in the women's race, but a last lap crash by Taylor saw Sather easily take it from her. Taking the Lighthouse Brewery Prime was Trish Sinclair. The Converse Chuck Taylor most aggressive rider went to: Tanya Berg.

Race #4: Expert Men
The expert race saw fewer starters than last week. Perhaps Max Plaxton's (Rocky Mountain) dominating performance in Victoria scared a few away? However, rumours that he might have had a few drinks the night before gave a few people hope so Norm Thibault (Frontrunners) took the hole shot. But... once the big boys were shown the start loop (thanks Thibault) they quickly claimed the lead back with Mat Hewitt (Oak Bay Bikes) taking the prime on his brand new custom Berg Bike. However, the newness of the Berg did not last long as Hewitt went down in the middle of the mud bog, getting caught up in the course tape. Plaxton, Kris Sneddon (Kona) and John Fokkema (Aviawest) slipped away. Hewitt did not give up and rode an impressive race to charge back to 2nd place. Behind the leaders, Thibault, Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes) and Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners) were glued to each other most of the race. They dropped Jongsma (foaming at the mouth) on the last lap and then Thibault chopped Anderson going into the barn to take the 5th spot. Thibault may be a marked man at the next race.... Taking the Lighthouse Brewery Prime was Mat Hewitt. The Converse Chuck Taylor most aggressive rider went to: Normon Thibault.

The course cleaned up SUPER fast because of everyone that helped out and pitched in. It always makes for an easier day when the clean up goes fast and everyone donates a bit of time. Thanks to everyone that helped on that. Again.....awesome racing and a lot of fun! Hope to see lots of people out for our next race in Nanaimo.

Next race on Vancouver Island: Stay tuned for details on how to race FOR FREE at our next cross event in the beginner category. Cross on the Rock #3: November 4th at Beban Park in Nanaimo. Basically the same course that we have used for the last 2 years with a few changes to mix it up a bit. We will post the race guide the week before the event as well as send it out to everyone in our data base.

Pictures for this event can be found at:
I actually had my camera.....but no memory card this time....
Photos from Wendy's camera and anyone else that sends us photos can be linked through our web site page:

Beginner Women - 3 Laps + Opening
1 Amy Herliveaux (Experience Cycling Club)0:27:36
2 Kyla Hartnell (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)at 0:02:32
3 Kim Shockey (Experience Cycling Club)0:03:28
4 Katie Rabien (Experience Cycling Club)0:09:51
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Amy Herliveaux
Beginner Men - 3 Laps + Opening
1 Bill Lane (Experience Cycling Club)0:28:33
2 Chris Phillips (Experience Cycling Club)at 0:04:20
3 Curran Hunter Jorgsma (Victoria Wheelers/OBB)0:06:19
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Bill Lane
Intermediate Men - 6 Laps + Opening
1 Sean Lunny (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:45:41
2 Bryn Sheppard (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)at 0:00:48
3 Stephen Kilshaw (NTC)0:01:04
4 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling)0:01:20
5 Paul Brend (IRC)0:01:30
6 Ben Glassen (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:01:44
7 Mark Adey (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:01:45
8 Evan Flater (Experience Cycling)0:02:07
9 Matt Dawes (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:02:20
10 John Lowen (Arrowsmith Cycling Club)0:02:23
11 Dave Huntley (Experience Cycling)0:03:04
12 Mike Pollack (Experience Cycling)0:03:21
13 Kurt Knock (Experience Cycling)0:03:52
14 Jamie Emery (Russ Hays)0:04:12
15 Daryl Chase (AVR)0:05:10
16 Dave Shishkoff (Organic Athlete)0:05:51
17 Derek Steel (Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club)0:06:30
18 Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker)0:06:35
19 Kevin Knock (Experience Cycling)0:07:37
20 Rolland Rabien (GVVH)0:08:40
21 Jay Ruzicka (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)-1 Lap
22 Bob Langelo (Experience Cycling)-1 Lap
DNF James Williams (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Sean Lunny
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Stephen Kilshaw
Masters Men - 7 Laps + Opening
1 Sean Cruichshank (Schwalbe)0:51:23
2 Andrew Brown (CVCC )s.t.
3 Peter Stevenson (Experience Cycling)at 0:01:45
4 Dave Nowak (CVCC/Frontrunners)0:01:55
5 Jason Sandquist (Experience Cycling)0:03:14
6 Chris Birch (Arrowsmith)0:03:41
7 Rick Thiessen 0:04:02
8 Dave Stevenson (Experience Cycling)0:04:39
9 Jeremy Hart (Experience Cycling)0:04:42
10 Peter Wellsman (Riders Cycle)0:04:50
11 Corey Piket (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:05:05
12 Derek Tripp (IRC )0:05:21
DNF Jay Latiff (Arrowsmith)
DNF Mike Sevcov (Nanaimo Cycling Club)
DNF Steve Bachop (Everti)
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Andrew Brown
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Jay Latiff
Women - 7 Laps + Opening
1 Trish Sinclair (Kona)0:55:02
2 Dawn Berg (OakBay Bikes)at 0:01:19
3 Jaymie McGowan (OakBay Bikes)0:01:50
4 Carey Sather (NMTB/Steed Cycles)0:02:56
5 Bobbie Taylor (Arrowsmith Mtb. Club)0:03:17
6 Kristin Magnusson (Arrowsmith Mtb. Club)0:04:47
7 Tanya Berg (OakBay Bikes)0:06:45
8 Brandy Svenson (Arrowsmith Mtb. Club)-1 Lap
9 Tara Altmas (Experience Cycling)-1 Lap
10 Robin Nadig (AVR)-1 Lap
11 Jenny Scott (OakBay Bikes)-1 Lap
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Trish Sinclair
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Tanya Berg
Expert - 9 Laps + Opening
1 Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain)1:00:32
2 Mat Hewitt (Oak Bay Bikes)at 0:00:12
3 Kris Sneddon (Kona)0:00:17
4 John Fokkema (Aviawest)0:02:02
5 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)0:03:12
6 Russell Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes)0:03:17
7 Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners)0:03:48
8 Wendy Simms (Kona-Your Key Mortgage)0:04:28
9 Fred Hodgson (BH)0:06:25
10 Jeff Riemer (Arrowsmith)0:06:45
11 Steve Bachop (Everti)-1 Lap
12 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bicycles)-1 Lap
13 Justin Mark (Arrowsmith)-1 Lap
DNF Emile DeRoonay (Organic Athlete)
DNF Matt Cottrell (Aviawest)
DNF Jonathan Braunster (Aviawest)
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Matt Hewitt
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Normon Thibault


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