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October 16/07 10:39 am - University Cup Series Final: Queen's Wins Overall

Posted by Editoress on 10/16/07

Queen's Wins 2007 University Cup Series
Courtesy Aaron Rahim

Fantastic weather and clear skies made for an excellent finale of the 2007 University Cup Series. Queens University emerged triumphant as champions for the third time in a row. Strong performances at Hardwood Hills during September and Boler Mountain last weekend aided the team in pulling away from the University of Guelph, who despite finishing second, recorded their best season to date. In third place was the University of Toronto who since the series' inception has never finished below second.

This season marked the 9th year of the University Cup which ran its first race in 1998. It has since grown from a small number of schools participating to the 16 that participated this year. If you attend an Ontario College or University and are interesting in representing your school and helping this sport become more prominent please check out the Ontario Universities Mountain Bike Racing Council's website at:

Lastly, a huge THANKS goes out to the organizers David Wright and Mike Levesque who make sure every year that the series goes without a hitch.

Stay tuned for University Cup 2008!

School Standings
U of T867
George Brown49
Individual Standings
Men's A
Kevan Cranmer McMaster)205pts
Showboat (Queen's)188
Anton Varabei (Guelph)175
Logan Tacoma (Waterloo)127
Graham Halsall (Guelph)101
Aaron Rahim (Guelph)97
Drew Graham (Waterloo)91
Geoff Sanz (Queen's)79
Darryl McGrath (Queen's)76
Bayden Pritchard (Guelph)72
Marty Wopereis (McMaster)65
Morgan Edwards (Guelph)56
Bret Waghorne (U of T)56
Cory Hancock (UOIT)55
Matti Little (Guelph)54
Sandy Miller (Queen's)53
Cam Robertson (Queen's)52
David Paradis (Lakehead)51
Ryan Atkins (Ottawa)50
Patrick Twomey (Queen's)47
Scott Lundy (Western)45
Mike Mitchnick (Queen's)40
Jonathan McKinley (Waterloo)37
Liam Twomey (Queen's)36
Dave Reid (Guelph)34
Luke Cruickshank (Western)30
Brendon MacKillop (Waterloo)28
Eric Chan (York)26
Misha Buob (Guelph)22
Yann Gagnon (Western)21
Eric Chow (U of T)21
Mike Callaghan (U of T)21
Mark Robin (U of T)21
Mark Romeril (Guelph)19
Alex Gibbs (Queen's)18
Andrew Hall (Queen's)16
James Cowan (Ottawa)16
Ryan Mahaffey (Queen's)16
Mike Clark (Brock)15
Carlos Bonilla (York)15
Daniel Scott (Guelph)11
Tim Chaplin (Queen's)10
Jamie Northwood (Queen's)8
Zack Harris (Guelph)7
Tyler Lahti (U of T)6
Matt MacKillop (Ottawa)5
Tim Philpot (Queen's)5
Josh Deloet (Guelph)5
Matt Ellis (Waterloo)5
Dmytro Mulyava (York)5
Richard Jackson (Western)5
Tyler Chapman ()5
Jasimur Doninguez (Western)5
Tyler Chapman ()5
Tomek Barczak (U of T)5
Joel Runk (Western)5
Alex Magdzinski (Ottawa)1
Jeff McCurdy (Waterloo)0
Tom Lowry (York)0
Mike Neilly (Waterloo)0
Nicholas Firan (OCAD)0
Yuri Vitousky-Remi (U of T)0
David Phillips (Queen's)0
Joshua Daniel (Waterloo)0
Mike Mitchnick (Queen's)0
Matthew McCarter (Queen's)0
Women's A
Michelle Peters (Guelph)205pts
Jennifer Morgan (Queen's)203
Christy Hamilton (Guelph)199
Emily Klassen (Queen's)136
Rebecca Gerlach (Queen's)129
Michelle LePalud (Guelph)120
Tara Nicholls (York)105
Erika Bota (Guelph)64
Jennie Jackson (Waterloo)64
Kelly Bietola (George Brown)49
Ana Popovic (Queen's)46
Janet Lee (U of T)33
Carolyn Smith (Waterloo)18
Katherine Burness (McMaster)15
Laura Cazzola (McMaster)13
Men's B
Ben Harding (Queen's)200pts
Brandon Tulloch (Waterloo)164
Philip Chung (U of T)155
Alex Robertson (Guelph)151
Johnathan Lapierre (York)145
Lukasz Aleksandrowicz (Guelph)132
Matt Reid (Guelph)114
Doug Page (Queen's)92
Simon McKay (Guelph)81
Jonathan Aceski (U of T)78
Emeric leMorvan (Queen's)76
Louis Barbier (U of T)67
Justin Kuk (U of T)61
Mike Studli (Queen's)61
Matt Line (Queen's)54
Mike Acton (McGill)50
Eric Ong (Queen's)48
Chris McKnight (U of T)44
Michael McGill (Guelph)43
Gavin leNobel (Queen's)38
Brian Liu (U of T)34
Alex Selagea (Queen's)34
Lukas deRoo (Queen's)33
Wais Alam (U of T)32
Jeff Moote (Waterloo)31
Hehbert Usana (U of T)31
Adam Chamberlin (Guelph)28
Ryan Veerstra (U of T)27
Jason Yamaoka (Queen's)27
Ben Gillers (U of T)26
Martin Eckhart (Guelph)26
Drew Copeland (Guelph)25
Aditya Murthy (U of T)24
Greg Hines (Waterloo)22
Angus Fei Ni (U of T)22
Brandon Dmytruk (Queen's)21
Stuart Lithwick (U of T)21
Oleg Khabarov (Windsor)20
Philip Neri (Guelph)19
Aug? (U of T)18
Jean-Marc Bennett (Ottawa)18
Peter Schall (Ottawa)17
John Russell (Guelph)17
Chris Wedeles (U of T)17
Michael Fuoco (Queen's)16
Jonathan Talbot (York)14
Jasper Brawley-Hages (Waterloo)14
James Campbell (Western)13
Kris VandeSampel (Trent)11
Brian Vermeire (Western)10
Tom Joyce (Queen's)10
Karl Jansen (U of T)10
Dan Ignas (McMaster)10
Clement Wong (Waterloo)10
Charles Skelton (U of T)5
Jem Berkes (Waterloo)5
Dan Decene (Western)5
Joseph Yaer (U of T)5
Budd White (Waterloo)5
Peter Dziak (U of T)5
Jimmy Lai (Western)5
Nick Loshkin (Western)5
Larry Moya (Guelph)5
Lucas Terry (Western)5
Brad Leufkens (Guelph)5
Jim Wenzel (Guelph)5
Nick Cole (Guelph)5
Jason Keller (Western)5
Scott Henderson (Guelph)5
Andrew Hilton-Wigg (York)5
Yuri Vitousky-Remi (U of T)5
Adam Prats (Guelph)5
Andrew Bray (Western)5
Randy Lee (Waterloo)0
Victor Wong (U of T)0
Jeff Groves (Guelph)0
Women's B
Chris Walsh (Queen's)217pts
Ali Mckerrow (U of T)213
Jennie Aitken (Queen's)158
Claire Michel (Queen's)145
Brittany Barclay (Guelph)133
Maddy Armstrong (Queen's)113
Agnes Durlik (U of T)98
Cynthia Guay (Waterloo)90
Katharine Wilson (Queen's)82
Victoria Fenninger (Queen's)76
Agi Zachara (Queen's)62
Alison Holmes (U of T)57
Kyra Nabita (Queen's)55
Allison Atkins (Guelph)50
Kate McGarry (Queen's)43
Kathryn Baskes (Western)40
Lindsay Wilson (Guelph)38
Briar Delange (U of T)38
Lara Bjckalo (Laurier)36
Laura Schweighardt (Western)25
Bryden Magee (Queen's)22
Sara Jane O'Neill (Queen's)18
Eryn Buzza (Guelph)16
Helena Togias (U of T)15
Nathalie Diaz (Western)13
Sarah Lewis (Guelph)12
Niloufar Hashemi (U of T)11
Nadine Dunk (Waterloo)5
Anna McNally (Queen's)5
Alumni Men's A
Eric van Beurdan (U of T)170pts
Evan Sharp (Waterloo)133
Niail Pinder (Guelph)125
Tyler Lahti (U of T)62
Nicholas Leja (Waterloo)45
Duane Epp (U of T)45
Chris Leverette (Guelph)40
Kevin Chew (Guelph)30
Alumni Women's A
Annie Gornall (Queen's)
Alumni Men's B
Andy Januszewski (U of T)135pts
Vignesh Krishnamurthy (U of T)102
Dave Walsh ()100
Chris Milligan (U of T)63
Mark Soliven (U of T)50
Rhain Louis (U of T)40
Chris Skonieczny (U of T)0
Alumni Women's B
Leigh Cushnie (U of T)167pts
Andrea Januszewski (U of T)85
Valerie Iancovich (U of T)85
Lindsay Coulson (Queen's)75


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