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October 19/07 8:42 am - London 6 Day at the Forest City V

Posted by Editoress on 10/19/07

London 6 Day at the FCV
Courtesy Rob Good

24 riders are prepared to do battle at the first Six Day Bike Race of the Fall season. It kicks off this weekend at the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario. Riders are entered from as far away as Kenosha, Wisconsin; New Jersey and Montreal.

For you race fans in Southern Ontario, this will be a great opportunity for you to see some of the most skilled bike racers compete for Six Nights of racing. If it's been a while since your last visit to the FCV, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gains made by our young Development Riders, who will be racing throughout the event in both Madison and Elimination style of races.

Here are the "Elite Division Racers"
The Elite Division will be very hotly contested. Local favourite Garnett Abbey is paired with Brian Crosby from Wisconsin. In final practice on Wednesday night, both riders seemed like they are ready to match speed and skill on the high banks of the FCV. Crosby - just 20 years old - is off to Europe to race in several Classic 6 Day races in November....We at the FCV are very proud to have Brian coming out and getting his first look at FCV and our fantastic race fans.

Team Quebec has 2 hardened campaigners from the Montreal area. Martin Rooseboom and Phillipe Raymond will be looking at becoming reacquainted with the 138m Velodrome during the first Madison of the night. Rooseboom, winner of the Tuesday Night World Championships in Montreal, will have to be on top of his game during the next six nights of fast and furious racing action.

Team Delhi is represented by Six Day veterans Mike Renneboog & Dave Byer, who will be paired for the second time in as many events. These riders know one another very well and will be accumulating many points and "Preems" over the coming week of competition. I expect Team Delhi to be attacking whenever the pace slows, even for a few seconds.

Team London - Chris Vlemmix and UWO student Scott Lundy - should set the tempo of the race on opening night. Both racers have been practicing this fall to be able to handle the pressure of the "Jams" and Points Sprints that are spaced throughout each night of racing. Watch this team come together as the nights of racing take their toll on the other teams in the bike race.

Team Ontario - Vince DeJong (Brantford) and Daniele DeFranceschi (Windsor) - will have their work cut out for them. This team will have to cover all the attacks launched by the other teams during the Madisons. Dejong, coming off a very satisfying performance at the Canadian Track Championships in Moncton, will have to use his smarts to gain as many points in the Elimination races during the Six Day event. His partner, Double "D" is ready to defend the spring Six Day win at the FCV. Speed will win the race. Watch for Team Ontario to take a lap sometime on the first night.... they will have to remember that the race is a week long and will have to pace themselves.

That is the run down of the "Elite Division" competing at the FCV this weekend. The "B Division" is made up of 3 man (women) teams that will race for points, do 2 Madisons each night, and ride as skilled and professionally as the "Elite" riders.

Names to watch are Stephanie Bester, Sarah & Emily McKenzie-Picot, Kyle Rupay and Ryan Aitcheson. All are Cadet racers (under 17) who are as steady and skilled at Madison racing as some of our Master Racers.

Joe Brennan and Rob Kowal will be racing at the FCV coming all the way from New Jersey each weekend and going home to work through the week. This will be the second Six Day for both racers.

You get the picture: many teams and lots of racers to come out and cheer for. We welcome everyone to see track racing at it's best this weekend in London.

Friday night October 19th at 7pm, Saturday Oct. 20th 7pm and Sunday afternoon at 1pm.

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