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October 25/07 10:10 am - Geoff Kabush: The Hansen Interview

Posted by Editor on 10/25/07

Geoff Kabush - The Hansen Interview

Photos by Keri Pink

Matt Hansen: How did your season go? How would you rate it compared to years past? What were some highlights?

Geoff Kabush: The season was excellent; had a few hiccups at the end but probably my best season overall. I had a lot of good experiences like the "toughen up" Tour of Cuba, an excellent trip to Argentina and a win at Pan-Am Champs, a gratifying come-from-behind 12th at the Houffalize World Cup, a couple beat-downs at other European World Cups, another couple NMBS Championships, another Canadian Championship, and another Sea Otter Win. I think my favourite moment of the year though was at Mt. St. Anne World Cup where I had some of the best legs of my life and finished 3rd. I had a couple of the fastest laps on the day and it gave me a lot of confidence going into next year. The season finished off on a bit of a sour note after a nasty training crash and nightmare trip to Worlds; that's the way it goes sometimes. I am back on it again; I had fun racing down in Mexico at the Vuelta a Chihuahua with Symmetrics, and now looking forward to some good cyclo-cross fun this fall.

MH: Did you do train differently since you raced more on the road, and did it help or hinder the dirt?

GK: This year I did some road racing again with Symmetrics and really enjoyed it. It really gives me some unbelievable training and I really enjoy switching things up for my mental health. I really look forward to hanging out with the guys and I find I come back to the mountain bike refreshed. I just wish I had a few more breaks in my season to fit some other races in.

MH: What's the plan for next year? It‚s a pretty important year, so will your season be diferent?

GK: Next year is going to be a really big year for myself. I am at the peak of my career and I will definitely be focused on the Olympics as my major goal. It has been a long wait since 2000 and I am eager to make it back and compete for a medal. Maxxis has been really supportive of my career and goals and we are looking at doing more of an International schedule with a little more World Cup focus heading in the Games.

MH: How come you didn't do Cross Nats? There was a rumour that Maxxis vetoed it, as if you won you would have to wear the National Champs jersey and Maxxis prefers you does not. Any truth to that?

GK: I didn't make it to Cross Nationals this year mainly for my mental health. I do cyclo-cross mainly to have fun and take a mental break from training; it has been a really busy fall up until this point. After the Vuelta a Chihuahua the prospect of jumping on another plane wasn't very attractive. I needed some time to hang out with my wife, family, and animals; as well I needed to get over the little bit of gut rot I picked up in Mexico.

MH: What cross races are you doing this year?

GK: I am coming around now and I am going to do the USGP series for Maxxis/Litespeed starting this weekend in Kentucky. There is another weekend in New Jersey and then it will finish up December 1-2 in Portland. After that I will take a short break and start back into some structured training. I will also be doing the the Boulder Cup CX weekend in November. I am definitely looking forward to racing cross; there is always a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the races.

MH: I better ask you about Symmetrics---this was your debut year, how did it go? Can you tell readers how that all started?

GK: In the fall I was looking for a road program I could fit in with and Symmetrics was a natural fit for me. I had already been in touch with Kevin Cunningham and the fact that I have some great friends on the team already really helps. The only problem is the team is getting so strong it is hard to get a spot on the roster. Luckily or unluckily I got to do the 13 day Tour of Cuba, then Redlands, Philadelphia, Canadian Nationals, and finally Vuelta a Chihuahua. It is inspiring for me to see riders like Svein, Christian, and all the young guys on the team developing. It is a really positive atmosphere and it seems to be getting better every year.

MH: Where will you be wintering? Will we see you at all in Victoria or just in the US?

GK: Keri, my wife, and I have a nice house in Albuquerque, New Mexico right now where I will spend most of the winter with our two dogs and cats. It is hard to beat for a training location when it is sunny and dry almost everyday; this week it is still sunny and mid 20's everyday. We probably are not going to stay here long term but probably through next summer until after the Olympics are finished.


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