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November 5/07 11:59 am - Sunnidale Park Cyclo-Cross Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 11/5/07

Sunnidale Park Cyclo-Cross November 4th, Barrie ON
Courtesy Dave Fabbro, Barrie CC

On Sunday, November 4th, the Barrie Cycling Club held its 1st Annual Sunnidale Park Cross Race under mostly overcast skies in Barrie. However, the weather held for the day and 130 racers and numerous spectators were treated to a fast and exciting day of racing.
The 2.5km course had a mix of everything, including: hard-packed fast double track, grassy sections, the switchback descent leading to the stair run-up, quickly followed by the „corkscrew‰.

Judging from feedback received from all participants, the course was a hit, with numerous vantage points making for great viewing of the entire course. Sunnidale Park turned out to be a spectacular setting for fall cyclo-cross racing.

In the Senior Men's field, Andrew Watson, riding for the Barrie Cycling Club, took a well deserved win on his home course. He was followed by Peter Morse ( Jet-Fuel Coffee) in 2nd and Kyle Douglas (3 Rox racing) in 3rd. In Senior Women, Jill Vale (Coach Chris) took the win followed by Sue Trimble Haviland (Norco) in 2nd and Christina Bouchard in 3rd.

The BCC would like to thank the following sponsors who helped make this event possible:
Tarpin Lumber (Barrie); Bikeland (Barrie);
Hardwood Hills; Pearl Izumi;
Tifosi Eyewear; Outdoor Gear;
Comfort Inn- Hart Drive, Barrie

The BCC would also like to thank all of the racers and spectators who attended and helped to make this event a huge success.

Hope to see everyone next year for an even bigger and better event.

Junior Men
1. Mitchell Bailey (Team Hardwood Cycling & Ski Club)0:47:50
2. Zachary Hughes (The Hub Bicycle Club)at 1:01
3. Bennett Winn (Impala Bicycles)2:26
4. Taylor Pieprzak (Arrow Racing)3:42
5. Matthew Farquharson 5:57
6. John Fisher (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)at 1 lap
Junior Women
1. Laura Bietola (Rox Racing)0:50:27
2. Cayley Brooks (Arrow Racing)at 1:28
Senior 1/2/3 Men
1. Andrew Watson ( : Barrie Cycling Club) - CME.21:01:31
2. Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) - CMEat 1:45
3. Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing) - CMU23.21:58
4. Erik Box (The Hub Bicycle Club) - CME.32:59
5. Cameron Jette (Team Trek Store/Ride for Karen) - CMU23.24:01
6. Peter Mogg (The Hub Bicycle Club) - CME.24:46
7. Shane Hollingshead (Barrie Cycling Club) - CME.24:53
8. Peter Glassford (Team Trek Store) - CME.25:30
9. Kyle Fry (Peterborough Cycling Club) - CMU23.26:04
10. Timothy Carleton (Team Trek Store/Ride for Karen) - CME.26:18
11. Mark Batty (Team R.A.C.E) - CMU23.2at 1 lap
12. Scott Kelly - CME.3at 1 lap
13. Stephane Marcotte (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing) - CME.3at 1 lap
14. Michael McCaughey (Pierik's / Elite Health) - CME.3at 1 lap
15. Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee) - CMU23.2at 1 lap
16. Matthew Paziuk (Impala Bicycles) - CME.2at 1 lap
17. Chris Bruckner (Impala Bicycles) - CME.2at 1 lap
18. Matthew Knight (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing) - CME.2at 1 lap
DNF. Mark Sugita - CME.3
DNF. Guy Vankrimpen (St. Catharines CC) - CME.3
DNF. Jacob McClelland (Arrow Racing) - CMU23.2
Senior Women
1. Jill Vale (Coach / Ted Velikonja) - CWE.20:52:48
2. Sue Trimble-Haviland (Norco Factory Team) - CWE.2at 1 lap
3. Christina Bouchard - CWE.3at 1 lap
4. Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo CC) - CWE.3at 1 lap
5. Briana Illingworth (Midweek Cycling Club) - CWE.3at 1 lap
6. Holland Gidney - CWE.3at 1 lap
Senior 3/4 Men
1. Brendan Matheson (Sport Swap Racing)0:37:26
2. Jeff Kroetsch (Waterloo CC)at 1:02
3. Peter Mancini 2:11
4. Jeremy Simmons (Sport Swap Racing)3:15
5. Ian Randall 5:30
6. Michael Pavlin 9:38
7. Ben Ricetto at 1 lap
DNF. Brandon Thomson (Team Trek Store)
Master 1 Men
1. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction CC)1:05:49
2. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta/J. Lindeberg)at 1 lap
3. Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis Racing)at 1 lap
4. Chris Wood (Sound Solutions)at 1 lap
5. Ed Campbell (D'Ornellas / Delta Graphics Racing)at 1 lap
6. Brent Berger (HB Cycling Club)at 1 lap
7. Donald Gain (Barrie Cycling Club)at 1 lap
8. Jonathan Wilby at 1 lap
9. Andrew Nicholas (Nicholas The Hub Bicycle Club)at 1 lap
10. Christopher Paton (Paton Cycle 4 MS)at 1 lap
11. Greg Palmer (Coach / Ted Velikonja)at 1 lap
12. Wes Stephenson (Rapid City Cycle)at 1 lap
13. Mark Pagell at 1 lap
14. Roy Andrigo (Team H&R Block)at 1 lap
15. James Barker (The Hub Bicycle Club)at 1 lap
16. Brent Lowes (Sound Solutions)at 1 lap
17. James Layfield (Team R.A.C.E)at 1 lap
18. Oscar Retamal at 1 lap
19. Brian Haum (Pierik's / Elite Health)at 1 lap
20. Roderick Olliver (OPEN ACCESS/ GRG Road Racing)at 2 laps
DNF. David Dermont (True North Cycles)
DNF. Matthew Berridge (Berridge La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg)

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