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November 6/07 10:08 am - Christian Meier Talks about 2007 and What's Up for 2008

Posted by Editoress on 11/6/07

Symmetrics Fuelled By FarmPure's Christian Meier has had a spectacular season this year, culminating with a terrific second at the Vuelta a Chihuahua in Mexico. Here's his thoughts on 07, and what's next for 08.

It was a big year for the team--what are some highlights for you?

Christian Meier: Watching Svein win the US Open. I had just come home from a big training ride and caught the race as he attacked. It seemed surreal watching it on TV and for the first time in a while I was truly excited watching biking. I was excited, proud and mad at the same time; mad because I wasn't there with the boys pounding it out. (Meier was in Europe with the National Team.) Also, watching Will winning the White Rock road race. Will works so hard for all year for the team and he has wanted to win that race for so was great seeing it. Not to mention how he won it---being in the break all day.

Also, this year has been full of great mornings drinking coffee and checking e-mails up at Kev's house. What else? We had our first World Cup team pursuit, ouch. Watching Kabush almost getting in a fight in Cuba with the guys who were stealing our water bottles and pushing the Cubans up this crazy climb; he is always good for a solid laugh on trips. Listening to Geoff Brown giving Cam a hard time about how big his suitcase is, every time. Classic.

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