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November 11/07 8:51 am - New Racers Dominate at Forest City Velodrome

Posted by Editoress on 11/11/07

New Racers Dominate Forest City Velodrome
Courtesy Rob Good

Less than seven days and counting until the first official test of fitness for the current crop of Ontario racers at the Forest City Velodrome.

Last night's event featured new racers who tested their legs in preparation for next week's Devo Weekend, which will feature three days of National style races.

The new women's program at the FCV is beginning to show some positive results with two new women Amy Biskaborn (London) and Krista Ruby (Caledon) mixing it up with the McKenzie-Picot twins in the Chariot and Scratch Races. Biskaborn, who just started riding and training on the Velodrome two weeks ago has been a quick learner as her quick acceleration and power resulted in two wins in the featured races for the women. Krista Ruby, who has her sights on 2008, finished second to Biskaborn in the Chariot and Scratch races. Not to be outdone, Emily McKenzie-Picot had her best night of racing with top-3 finishes in every event.

In Cadet racing on the night, there were three new young racers taking on the 14 year old veteran Kyle Rupay. Although Rupay (Peterborough) was under pressure by the attacking of John Carden (Paris), Jason King (Burlington) and Daniel McKenzie-Picot (London), he was able to outsprint the newcomers at the finish in all the events except the Chariot race, where he had to settle for second behind Master "B" Julian Shea of Waterloo. Rupay also set quick time in the Flying lap competition that kicked off the night of racing.

In the Elite field, 16 year old Ryan Aitcheson from Kitchener started the evening off with an attack with 10 to go in the initial 25 lap Scratch race and held off Vince DeJong (Brantford) by a tire width at the finish. A new event in the program was the Black Jack Points race..... The first racer to accumulate 21points without going over (busting) wins the race. Going into the second to last sprint Aitcheson and DeJong were within four points of the win. DeJong won the five points, which put him at 22 points and out of the race...... tough way to get knocked out. That left Aitcheson with only having to finish fourth in the final sprint to win, which he did and pocketed his second win on the night.

Dejong did get his revenge in the Bavarian Win and Out, when he had a last lap duel with Ryan Crawford (London) and Mike Renneboog (Brantford) for the win. DeJong attacked with 4 to go catching Aitcheson at the back, although the 16 year old tried to come over top, but, the power was gone and DeJong got a well deserved win, with Crawford 2nd, John Carden finished up 3rd.

Racing continues Friday night as the Devo Weekend gets underway. 60 riders are expected to compete in 5 divisions. Omnium points are on the line for the Sprint, 500mTT, 3km TT, points race and scratch race.

Come out and see Ontario's top prospects, beginning Friday night at 7pm

Check our website for updated schedules,

Scratch Race - Senior - 25 laps
1. Ryan Aitcheson
2. Vince DeJong
3. Lorne Falkenstein
4. Mike Renneboog
5. Ryan Crawford

Scratch Race - Junior/Cadet/Master - 30 laps
1. Kyle Rupay
2. John Carden
3. Jason King
4. Julian Shea
5. Brian Kelly
6. Daniel McKenzie-Picot

Scratch Race - Women - 15 laps
1. Amy Biskaborn
2. Krista Ruby
3. Emily McKenzie-Picot

Chariot Race Final - Seniors
1. Ryan Aitcheson
2. Mike Renneboog
3. Ryan Crawford

Chariot Race Final - Cadets/Masters A
1. Julian Shea
2. Kyle Rupay
3. Jason King

Chariot Race Final - Cadets/Masters B
1. John Carden
2. Brian Kelly
3. Daniel McKenzie-Picot

Chariot Race Final - Ladies
1. Amy Biskaborn
2. Krista Ruby
3. Emily McKenzie-Picot

Bavarian Win & Lose
1. Vince DeJong
2. Ryan Crawford
3. John Carden
4. Mike Renneboog
5. Kyle Rupay
6. Ryan Aitcheson
7. Lorne Falkenstein
8. Jason King
9. Daniel McKenzie-Picot

Blackjack Points Race
1. Ryan Aitcheson
2. Mike Renneboog
3. Ryan Crawford
4. Lorne Falkenstein
5. Vince DeJong
6. Julian Shea
7. Brian Kelly

Flying Laps
1. Kyle Rupay, 9.80
2. Jason King, 9.82
3. Daniel McKenzie-Picot, 10.09
4. Brian Kelly, 10.14
5. Sarah McKenzie-Picot, 10.35
6. Amy Biskaborn, 10.54
7. John Carden, 10.55
8. Emily McKenzie-Picot, 10.60
9. Krista Ruby, 10.65


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