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November 12/07 8:09 am - Crossquitlam: BC Cyclocross Cup Final

Posted by Editoress on 11/12/07

Crossquitlam!: BC Cyclocross Cup Final - Mud, Sweat and Gears
Courtesy Colin Campbell, Team Escape Velocity

Saturday November 3, 2007 marked the end to the FloraGLO Cyclocross BC Cup series and the cyclocross race season in the Greater Vancouver area. Racers were welcomed to the venue, a classic Euro-style cyclocross course at Coquitlam's Town Centre Park, with some very typical November West Coast weather: driving rain, wind and cool, hypothermia inducing temperatures. Reluctant participants could be seen scurrying from their vehicles to the sign in tent and then quickly back to relative warmth and security of their still running vehicles. Simply pre-riding the course was enough to thoroughly coat both rider and bicycle in a layer of mud, sand and grass clippings. However, this was the final race of the year in the hotly contested Cyclocross BC Cup series with bragging rights and cash prizes on the line. Further motivation came from the fact that true cyclocross purists would argue that these were IDEAL conditions ˆ if you want to keep your bike and spandex clean, the Burnaby Velodrome is just down the road!

In the Men's C race, Alex Cogger pulled through for the win, improving on his 3rd place finish on a similar course at EV's Grand Prix of Cyclocross in September. Richard Humphries (Ridge Meadows) and Dean Brandt rolled in for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

In the Women's B race, a game field of four riders competed, with Karen Todd taking the win, followed closely by Stania Juriga (Mighty Chicks), Linda Chow (Wedgewood) and Jeanine Ball (Local Ride).

Throughout the 2007 cyclocross race season, the Men's B category has easily been the largest and arguably the most hotly contested races. The nasty weather didn't scare away any of the Men's B racers, with 35 riders starting. With everyone fighting for the „hole shot‰ after the start whistle, there was significant congestion and bumping in the first corner after the starting straightaway. Brad Collins (BSP) was able to use his impressive acceleration to rocket into the lead, ahead of the charging „herd‰ of other riders. Early in the first lap, Collins and Graham Garrison (Natural Earth Racing) accidentally cut a corner on the pavement section through the parking lot, but realizing their error had unfairly put them ahead, put the brakes on until the rest of field caught back up to them. As the race progressed and the course became more waterlogged and chewed up, it became clear that no one was going to catch Collins, as the savvy cyclocross racer used his superior bike handling skills and endurance to take the win. Matt Drown (Ambleside) was able to claw his way through the field from a back row starting position for second and Brian Griffin (Experience Cycling) finished off in third.

The Women's A race featured a smaller field than expected, but the quality of participants was top notch, featuring local cycling legend Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain), cyclocross specialist Kelly Jones (Sugoi) and 2007 Pan American Gold Medalist Catherine Pendrel. Sydor, in her first season of serious cyclocross racing, dropped the hammer on the rest of the women's field from the whistle and never looked back. In fact, Sydor caught up to and passed almost the entire Men's B field, even though the men had started over a minute before. Only an accident on the final lap that left Sydor bloodied was enough to slow her down, but she still easily took the win capping off an impressive season. Kelly Jones (Sugoi), noticeably absent from many of the 2007 BC Cup races finished a strong second, with Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride) rounding out the women's podium in third. Sarah Stewart's (Wedgewood) fourth place finish for the day was enough to lock up the FloraGLO Cyclocross BC Cup Women's overall championship, testimony to the hard work and consistent results she has achieved in 2007.

By the time the Men's A field was scheduled to race, the combination of heavy rain and the four previous races had turned the race course into a sloppy path of mud, sand and standing water. BC Cyclocross Cup overall series first and second place point leaders Tyler Trace and Drew McKenzie (Straight Up Cycles) have been battling each other all season. With double series points on the line, Mckenzie proved to be the better „mudder‰ of the two, taking the win over Trace. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain) finished a strong third. However, Trace would have the final say in the season long war, narrowly edging out McKenzie for the FloraGLO Cyclocross BC Cup overall championship.

Thanks to the generous support of this event by Capital West Mortgage Inc. and special thanks to the City of Coquitlam for the use of Town Centre Park.

Finally, thanks again for the continuing support of these races by Powerbar, Louis Garneau, Wenting's Cycle and La Bicicletta.

Crossquitlam! Final Results

Men's A:
1. Drew McKenzie (Straight Up Cycles)
2. Tyler Trace
3. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)

Women's A:
1. Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain)
2. Kelly Jones (Sugoi)
3. Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride)

Men's B:
1. Brad Collins (BSP)
2. Matt Drown (Ambleside)
3. Brian Griffin (Experience Cycling)

Women's B:
1. Karen Todd
2. Stania Juriga (Mighty Chicks)
3. Linda Chow (Wedgewood)

Men's C
1. Alex Cogger
2. Richard Humphries (Ridge Meadows)
3. Dean Brandt

For complete results, see:

FloraGLO Cyclocross BC Cup Champions

Men: Tyler Trace
Women: Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood)


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