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November 13/07 1:07 am - Cross on the Rock #5

Posted by Editoress on 11/13/07

Cross on the Rock #5 - Fletchers Farm Jungle Cross
Courtesy Normon Thibault

November 11, 2007. Errington, B.C..
Organized by: Arrowsmith Mountain Bike Club
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Series Sponsors:

Converse All Star
Lighthouse Brewery
OakBay Bikes in Nanaimo and Victoria
Frontrunners Nanaimo

Special thanks to: The Fletchers, Arrowsmith Bikes, Timber West and Fletcher's Neighbours

Beginner Women - 3 laps
1 Yvonne Visser (Arrowsmith)0:34:58
2 Yani Brabant (Cumberland CVCC)at 0:03:51
Frontrunners LeMans Run Prime: Yvonne Visser
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Yvonne Visser
Beginner Men - 3 laps
1 Jeff Galimore (Arrowsmith)0:34:58
2 Hugh Fletcher (AMBC)at 0:01:02
3 Tom Wajcik (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:04:07
4 Andy Watson -0:00:38
5 John Hannon (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:06:14
6 Curran Jongsma (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:06:20
Frontrunners LeMans Run Prime: Jeff Gallmore
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Jeff Gallmore
Intermediate Men - 5 laps
1 Matt Dawes (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:46:29
2 John Lowen (Arrowsmith)at 0:01:18
3 Ben Glassen (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:01:46
4 Ian Beveridge (UROC)0:02:27
5 Dave Huntley (Experience Cycling)0:03:16
6 Paul Brend (IRC)0:03:36
7 Matt Diley (IRC)0:04:17
8 Paul Thompson (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)0:05:08
9 Gary Croome (Frontrunners)0:05:40
10 Mark Addey (Straight Up Cycles)0:06:57
11 Trevor Jones (Experience Cycling)0:07:23
12 Jamie Emery (Russ Hayes)0:08:08
13 Derek Steel (Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club)0:10:05
14 Roland Rabien (GVVA)0:11:17
15 Jak New (Escape Velocity)0:11:18
16 Jay Ruzicka (OakBay Bikes/Victoria Wheelers)-1 Lap
DNF Daryl Chase (AVR)
Frontrunners LeMans Run Prime: Debated: Daryl Chase first BUT protested: Matt Diley completed whole run course.
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime (Root Beer): Matt Dawes
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Trevor Jones
Masters Men - 5 laps
1 Menno Jongsma (Frontrunners)at 0:44:15
2 Sean Cruickshank (Aviawest)0:00:39
3 Andrew Brown (CVCC )0:00:44
4 Dave Nowak (CVCC/Frontrunners)0:02:29
5 Brian Griffin (Experience Cycling Club)0:02:38
6 Robbie Bitz (Local Ride)0:03:46
7 Dave Morris (OakBay Bikes-Victoria Wheelers)0:04:22
8 Bill McMillan (Nanaimo MTB Club)0:04:51
9 Rick Thiessen (Optimo)0:04:52
10 Derek Tripp (IRC)0:06:57
11 Peter Wellsman (Riders Cycles)0:07:22
12 Chris Birtch (AMC MTB Club)0:12:00
13 Corey Piket (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo)-1 Lap
14 Hugh Fletcher (AMBC)-1 Lap
Frontrunners LeMans Run Prime: Sean Cruickshank
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Andrew Brown
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Sean Cruickshank
Women - 7 laps
1 Dawn Berg (Oak Bay Bikes-Wheelers)0:50:36
2 Trish Sinclair (KONA)at 0:02:24
3 Jamie McGowan (Oak Bay Bikes-Wheelers)0:02:40
4 Carey Sather (AMC MTB Club)0:02:56
5 Kristen Magnusson (AMC MTB Club)0:03:36
6 Joelel Guynup (IRC)0:05:04
7 Gwenowyn Carlson (AVR)0:08:24
8 Amy Herlineaux (Experience Cycling Club)0:09:45
9 Brandy Svenson (AMC MTB Club)-1 Lap
10 Diana Rose (Oak Bay Bikes-Wheelers)-1 Lap
11 Katie Rabien -2 Lap
Frontrunners LeMans Run Prime: Dawn Berg
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Dawn Berg
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Dawn Berg
Expert - 7 laps
1 Normon Thibault (Frontrunners)0:58:51
2 John Fokkema (Aviawest)at 0:00:40
3 Drew McKenzie (Straight Up Cycles)0:02:10
4 Jeff Riemer (AMC MTB Club)0:03:30
5 Mat Hewitt (Oak Bay Bikes-Berg)0:04:36
6 Chris Stansfield (Aviawest)0:04:37
7 Justin Mark (Arrowsmith)0:04:54
8 Jon Braunstein (Aviawest)0:05:40
9 Mathew Cattrell (Aviawest)0:07:34
10 Jeff Beeston (Trail Bikes)0:08:32
11 Sean Lunny (Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo)0:09:56
12 Terry McKall (Oak Bay Bikes-Wheelers)-1 Lap
13 Sven Svenson (AMC MTB Club)-1 Lap
DNF Russel Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes-Wheelers)
Frontrunners LeMans Run Prime: Terry McKall
1st Lap Lighthouse Brewery Prime: Normon Thibault
Converse Chuck Taylor most Aggressive Rider: Jeff Reimer


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