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November 26/07 10:42 am - Forest City Velodrome Can-Am Challenge

Posted by Editor on 11/26/07

Forest City Velodrome Can-Am Challenge - London, Ontario
Courtesy Rob Good

Another great night of racing at the Forest City Velodrome in, London Ontario on Saturday night. A large field of cadets and women doing battle on the 138 metre velodrome, in addition to riders from Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Rosedale (NY) and New Jersey took part in the first Can-Am Challenge of the season.

The Elite sprint tournament was wide open, since the many regulars were unavailable to attend the meet. Five racers qualified under 9 seconds, including Brandon Throop and Chris Vlemmix (both from London) in the top two positions.

In the first round all of the top qualifiers moved on. In the second round several of the matchups had endurance riders taking advantage of inattention of the sprinters to knock them out early in the very spirited tournament.

The final of the "A" final was a battle of the three qualifiers. The results were rearranged as John Farley from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, came from behind with two laps to go to just edge Chris Vlemmix at the line. The top four finishers were awarded Trophies for their efforts.

The cadets and women continue to show improvement in the track skills that each rider is acquiring every time they come out to the Velodrome.

Cadets John Carden, Daniel McKenzie-Picot, Trevor Dickenson and Alex McCallum each won a round in the Chariot round robin. Carden came out the winner in the Chariot Final. Kyle Rupay, who was ill, won the Scratch Race and promptly packed up to head home (four hour drive) to recover.

The ladies had an equally exciting time of things in their events, with Amy "B" Biskaborn winning the Points Race, Scratch and Chariot races ahead of Stephanie Bester, Sarah McKenzie-Picot and Krista Ruby. In the final Scratch Race for the women, 13 year old Amberley Berman just edged out Emily McKenzie-Picot for her first win riding against the older ladies.

In the Feature Scratch race at the end of the racing program, Mike Renneboog attacked with 12 laps to go in the 10km race. Renneboog shattered the field and with five laps to go blew up and handed the lead to Junior Ryan Aitcheson (Kitchener), who attacked a little bit to soon as he also blew with 100 metres to go and got pipped at the line by the tactical riding of eventual winner Vince DeJong. Branden Throop was second and the 16 year old Aitcheson came across the line third.... all three riders could have finished under a single blanket, with less than a 1/2 bike length separating the riders.

Next weekend is another in a long list of Development Camps starting Friday night, continuing on Saturday and ending on Sunday morning with an endurance ride to improve everyone's fitness..... the Camp is open to Cadets, Juniors, Women. For more information email:

There will be information on the Christmas Camp in the next few days.

Visit our website for program times and arrange your group for a very fun Track 1 session in the next few weeks.

Can-Am Challenge Results - November 24, 2007

Sprint Qualification - Flying Lap
1 Brandon Throop (London)8.78
2 Chris Vlemmix (London)8.8
3 John Fraley (Milwaukee, WI)8.82
4 Mike Renneboog (Brantford)8.9
5 Jean-Luc Bertrand (London)8.92
6 Ryan Aitcheson (Kitchener)9.03
7 Vince DeJong (Brantford)9.08
8 Ryan Crawford (London)9.22
9 Lorne Falkenstein (London)9.28
10 Matt Stein (London)9.43
11 Rick Miller (Philadelphia, PA)9.53
12 Brian Kelly (London)10.42
13 Bill Irving (Rosedale, NY)10.43
Sprint Tournament
1 John Fraley (Milwaukee, WI)
2 Chris Vlemmix (London)
3 Brandon Throop (London)
4 Mike Renneboog (Brantford)
5 Ryan Crawford (London)
6 Ryan Aitcheson (Kitchener)
Cadets Scratch Race - 20 laps
1 Kyle Rupay
2 Trevor Dickenson
3 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
4 John Carden
5 Alex McCallum
Women Points Race
1 Amy Biskaborn
2 Krista Ruby
3 Stephanie Bester
4 Emily McKenzie-Picot
5 Sarah McKenzie-Picot
Masters Chariot Race
1 Brian Kelly
2 Joe Brennan
Women Chariot Race - Semis
1 Amy Biskaborn
2 Krista Ruby
3 Sarah McKenzie-Picot
1 Stephanie Bester
2 Emily McKenzie-Picot
3 Amberley Berman
Women Chariot Race Final
1 Amy Biskaborn
2 Stephanie Bester
3 Krista Ruby
4 Sarah McKenzie-Picot
5 Emily McKenzie-Picot
6 Amberley Berman
Masters/Cadets Scratch Race
1 John Carden
2 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
3 Alex McCallum
4 Trevor Dickenson
5 Joe Brennan
6 Brian Kelly
Women Scratch Race - 20 laps
1 Amberley Berman
2 Stephanie Bester
3 Emily McKenzie-Picot
4 Amy Biskaborn
5 Sarah McKenzie-Picot
Cadets Chariot Tournament - Semis
1 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
2 Trevor Dickenson
1 John Carden
2 Alex McCallum
Cadets Chariot Tournament Final
1 Daniel McKenzie-Picot
2 John Carden
3 Trevor Dickenson
4 Alex McCallum
Senior Scratch Race - 40 laps
1 Vince DeJong
2 Brandon Throop
3 Ryan Aitcheson
4 Rick Miller
5 Joe Brennan
6 Lorne Falkenstein
7 John Fraley
8 Bill Irving
9 Mike Renneboog


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