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July 20/97 21:36 pm - Road Nationals, Canada Cup #5, Rockies Tour, Junior Bio

Posted by Editor on 07/20/97

Today spectators were treated to the extremes of road racing at the national road championships in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. The women‚s race was particularly negative, with most of the pack glued to the wheel of favourite Linda Jackson, who had to chase down a race-long breakaway to win. The men‚s race, on the other hand, was one of the most exciting in recent years, with attacks and counterattacks, culminating in Czeslaw Lukaszewicz‚s sprint victory. The circuit was 15 kilometres, with two climbs, the longest 500 metres. The course was not particularly selective, and perfect weather conditions (no wind, cool) meant that the riders would have to make the race happen. All of the top women contenders were at the start line, with the exception of an injured Clara Hughes (achilles tendon). Linda Jackson, fresh from finishing second in the Giro, was the obvious favourite, but Sue Palmer, Anne Samplonius, Kim Langton and Annie Gariepy all had to be considered threats. Ontario rider Julia Farrell and Quebecer Lyne Bessette attacked right from the line of the 105 kilometre race - a move usually doomed to failure. However, this time it came oh so close to working: with only one kilometre to go Jackson caught the breakaway pair. The pair never got more than 2 minutes clear, but with everybody back in the pack watching Jackson so closely, they never managed to close the gap. With 5 kilometres to go, Jackson finally put the hammer down and left the rest behind. She had cut it pretty fine though - and only caught them in the final kilometre. Palmer also managed to break free, and caught the two breakaways at the line, beating Bessette but not Farrell. The men‚s 165 kilometre race started off slowly, but at the 60 kilometre mark a 9 man group got away, containing many big names, including Lukaszewicz, Matt Anand, Brian Walton, Eric Wohlberg, Steve Rover and Jacques Landry. They never got more than 30 to 45 seconds clear and were caught at 100 kilometres, but it was a precursor to the race winning break that went at 114 kilometres. This time the 6 man break was made up just of the above mentioned riders. They quickly went 35 seconds clear within 6 kilometres. A 7 man chase group, containing Michael Barry, Yannick Cojan, John Powell and Sylvain Beauchamp left the pack at the 132 kilometre point. They couldn‚t close the gap, but they did keep the gap under 3 minutes. Commented Eric Wohlberg: „we were flying, 50-55 km/h, so they must have been chasing hard.‰ In the front group the concern was Lukaszewicz - the winner of the criterium the day before, he was the favourite if it came down to a bunch. With 25 kilometres to go the attacks started: Rover and Anand managed to gain about 10 seconds, but Lukaszewicz consistently brought back the frontrunners. With one kilometre to go Wohlberg tried to time trial away, but Lukaszewicz was right on his wheel and came around easily for the win. In the group behind Michael Barry was the top Espoir (Under 23) rider, taking the national champion‚s jersey. Senior Women, 105 km 1 Linda Jackson ON 2:39:31 2 Julia Farrell ON at 0:20 3 Sue Palmer ON s.t. 4 Lyne Bessette QC s.t. 5 Kim Langton ON 1:15 6 Andria Hannos BC 7 Anne Samplonius ON 8 Sophie Radecki QC 9 Guylaine Larouche QC 10 Marie-Josee Gervais QC all s.t. Espoir Men, 165 km 1 Michael Barry ON 3:37:21 2 Daniel Defranceschi ON at 0:36 3 Guillaume Belzile QC 4 Sebastien Morissette QC 5 Jason Cheney ON 6 Brandon Sant QC 7 Mark Kaufmann MB 8 Menno Hubregtse SK 9 Jonathan Tremblay QC 10 Pierre Chevrier QC s.t. Senior Men, 165 km 1 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz QC 3:34:36 2 Eric Wohlberg ON 3 Matt Anand AB 4 Brian Walton BC 5 Steve Rover QC 6 Jacques Landry QC all s.t. 7 Yannick Cojan QC at 2:53 8 Sylvain Beauchamp QC 9 John Powell ON 10 Dominique Perras QC all s.t. Canada Cup #5, Whistler, BC Cross-country results (story to follow) Senior Pro Elite Men, 35 km 1 GROVER, Neil MB CAN ROCKY MTN. BICYCLES 2:24:31.48 2 WEDGE, Peter NB CAN KONA at 0:00:53.36 3 MCGRATH, Seamus ON CAN KONA 0:06:04.36 4 TOURVILLE, Eric QC CAN ORYX 0:06:19.94 5 COUSINEAU, Marc ON CAN SCHWINN/VELTEC 0:09:36.42 6 KABUSH, Geoff BC CAN KONA 0:10:03.18 7 HALL, Josh ON CAN TEAM ONT, SCHWINN 0:10:26.50 8 TOULOUSE, Mathieu QC CAN OGC/GARY FISHER 0:10:47.73 9 PARADIS, Sebastien QC CAN DEKERF 0:11:01.91 10 SCHNYDER, Ruedi BC CAN NORCO PANARACER 0:12:40.45 11 LARGE, Geof BC CAN KONA 0:12:46.16 12 DECORE, Matthew AB CAN POWERBAR/SYNCROS 0:13:07.48 13 LAFONTAINE, Bruno QC CAN KONA TEAM 0:14:10.23 14 NUCKLE, Martin QC CAN NEWCOURT DEVINCI 0:14:22.08 15 CURRAN, Lucas ON CAN KHS VALU-NET 0:15:41.85 16 CROOKHAM, Jason ON CAN TEAM ONT, ROCKY MTN 0:16:07.88 17 PRUNER, Michael BC CAN OGC,POWERBAR,HENRY 0:16:25.63 18 HOVEY, Carter BC CAN ROCKY MTN./ARNETTE 0:17:57.96 19 KRESS, Dwayne BC CAN MONGOOSE 0:18:06.23 20 NADEAU, Alexandre QC CAN UNDERWORLD 0:18:43.69 Senior Pro Elite Women, 25 km 1 DORION, Melanie QC CAN SCOTT HYLAND'S OAKLY 2:07:39.96 2 SINCLAIR, Trish BC CAN KONA 0:03:18.72 3 PLATT, Christine BC CAN SCOTT 0:04:11.66 4 PREMONT, Marie-Helene QC CAN BALFA POWER BAR 0:05:55.92 5 GREEN, Leslie ON CAN KONA 0:09:50.20 6 ROBICHAUD, Linda BC CAN MOULDEN/BRIKO/POWERB 0:12:33.72 7 FEDYNA, Marg AB CAN EDMONTON R&T CC 0:13:20.56 8 CARMICHAEL, Sally BC CAN GRINDERS GARY FISHER 0:13:21.00 9 DWYER, Jeanie BC CAN NEWCOURT DEVINCI 0:13:34.25 10 BISARO, Kiara BC CAN UBC RACING TEAM 0:14:26.30 11 MCGILVRAY, Lisa ON CAN ONTARIO TEAM/TBL 0:24:30.84 12 KILBY, Diana BC CAN DEEP COVE BIKE SHOP 0:25:17.65 13 BISARO, Ivana BC CAN UBC CYCLING TEAM 0:27:23.05 14 WALDNER, Charlene BC CAN ASAMA SUGOI 0:35:25.94 15 PADUA, Susan AB CAN KONA 0:39:52.09 16 RUTLEY, Christine AB CAN MARIN/ANSWER/OAKLEY 0:41:25.62 Junior Expert Men, 25 km 1 HESJEDAL, Ryder BC CAN KONA 1:48:10.85 2 BLACKIE, Preston YT CAN YUKON CYCLING TEAM 0:05:31.30 3 CORBEIL, Gilles MB CAN MANITOBA TEAM 0:07:32.51 4 DEY, Ryan ON CAN ONTARIO TEAM 0:08:39.14 5 VANDERVALK, Mike ON CAN ONTARIO TEAM / OGC 0:10:17.22 6 DOYLE, Matthew BC CAN TREK/OAKLEY/POWERBAR 0:10:40.23 7 KARASINSKI, Phil ON CAN HEADSHOK 0:12:44.86 8 KELLY, Evan YT CAN YUKON CYCLING TEAM 0:14:14.76 9 CLEMENT, Jeremy BC CAN PSYCHO CYCLE 0:17:11.51 10 SCORDA, Dominic BC CAN KONA 0:18:46.94 11 JENKINS, Kai BC CAN DC HAMMER KORE 0:19:36.35 12 LAXDAL, Mike BC CAN KONA 0:20:48.10 13 GJURIC, Jason BC CAN 0:22:47.93 14 ADAMS, Dustin BC CAN NORCO PANARACER SUN 0:27:48.65 15 CASEY, John BC CAN MOUNTAIN HIGH CYCLE 0:32:28.82 16 FRIESEN, Nick AB CAN TATONKA RIVER VALLEY 0:34:02.13 17 BAYLES, Clarke BC CAN AMBLESIDE CYCLE 0:36:56.44 18 MANKLOW, Nick BC CAN PRINCE GEORGE C.C. 0:39:43.15 19 HOLLOWAY, Tom YT CAN 0:54:36.06 Tour of the Rockies, Colorado Stage 4 Men, 14 km criterium 1 Andres Brenes CRC Ritchey 44:24 2 Jerome Chiotti FRA GT at 0:13 3 Daryl Price USA Trek-Volkswagen 0:24 5 Roland Green CAN Kona 0:56 10 Chris Sheppard CAN Canadian National 1:25 Final GC 1 Chiotti 5:52:12 2 Pavel Tcherkassov RUS Diamondback at 5:29 3 Rishis Grewal USA Klein 6:46 6 Roland Green CAN 12:30 Women, 8.5 km criterium 1 Alison Dunlap USA GT 32:18 2 Beth Coats USA Shimano at 0:48 3 Rene Marshman USA Moots 0:49 6 Chrissy Redden CAN Ritchey 1:44 9 Lesley Tomlinson CAN Kona 2:11 Final GC 1 Dunlap 4:55:00 2 Ruthie Matthes USA Powerbar at 0:39 3 Tammy Jacques USA Schwinn-Toyota 0:50 4 Tomlinson 9:00 6 Redden 19:22 A Bio on Junior National Road Champion Trevor Wurtele (Please note the correct spelling of his name!) Trevor lives in Vernon, British Columbia and has been Bike Racing seriously for 3 years. Prior to this he used cycling as a means of training for Alpine Ski Racing with which he was very involved. Trevor also has quite a strong background (6 years) in Kyokushin Karate, a Full Contact style. Since Trevor caught the Road Cycling virus he has made two trips to Europe where he raced for WVSC WAASLAND Cycling Club near Hamme in Northern Belgium. He is fortunate to have a cycling friend in Belgium and he speaks French quite well so he really enjoys the excitement and tradition of the European Road Racing scene. Trevor has been having a strong season in 1997....aside from the Canadian Championship Results some other highlights include two WINS in Regional Junior Races in Belgium. He also won this years "Tour of Willamette" (Cat 3/4 Senior/Junior Stage Race) held in Southern Oregon. He is sponsored by (Olympia Cycle/Briko Eyewear/DT Swiss Spokes). Although he trains alone due to where he resides he was named to the Canadian National Development Squad last season and received some Coaching support from Iouri Kachirine at a National Team Training Camp in Victoria.


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