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January 1/08 10:15 am - Simms 2nd at Luxembourg `Cross

Posted by Editoress on 01/1/08

Grand-Prix Demy-Cars/Grand-Prix Hotel Threeland Luxembourg
Report courtesy Normon Thibault

Wendy said that this race was a little different from the other `cross races that she has done so far. A very big road climb and then a very long downhill. Lots of mud on the downhill. The event has happened every year since 1948.

She (Wendy) was pretty pumped with getting her first podium behind the current world champion but recognized that the event that the competition was not as strong as it has been at some of the other events so far. With 6 of 10 races done she does not now race for 8 days. The next race will be the World Cup in France.

Wendy has been updating her blog (when she can) and it can be found at :

Barb leaves tomorrow for home.

Grand-Prix Demy-Cars

Elite Women
1. Maryline Salvetat (Fra)0:37:40
2. Wendy Simms (Can) Kona YourKey0:38:32
3. Susan Butler (USA)0:40:25
4. Elke Riedl (Aut)0:40:41
5. Ayako Toyooka (Jpn)0:41:17
6. Wendy Williams (USA)0:41:54
7. Nicole De Bie - Leiten (Ned)0:42:48
8. Nathalie Lamborelle (Lux)0:43:02
9. Suzie Godart (Lux)0:43:19
10. Christine Vardaros (USA)0:45:07
11. Ludivine Henrion (Bel)0:46:45
12. Mika Ogishima (Jpn)0:47:35
13. Beatrice Godart (Lux)at 1 lap
Grand-Prix Hotel Threeland
Elite/U23 Men
1. Steve Chainel (Fra)1:01:38
2. Marek Chicosz (Pol)1:01:57
3. Geoffrey Clochez (Fra)1:02:25
4. David Pagnier (Fra)1:02:52
5. Marco Bianco (Ita)1:04:18
6. Pascal Perrin (Fra)1:04:27
7. Jan Chrobak (Cze)1:06:24
8. Gianni Denolf (Bel)1:07:10
9. Pascal Triebel (Lux)1:07:15
10. Emil Hekele (Cze)1:07:35
11. Sylvester Janiszewski (Pol)1:07:35
12. Laurent Didier (Lux)1:08:25
13. Kim Michely (Lux)1:09:36
14. Tomasz Repinski (Pol)1:10:25
15. Julien Laidoun (Fra)at 1 lap
16. Tom Flammang (Lux)at 1 lap
17. Olivier Laterza (Lux)at 1 lap
18. Eddy Forner (Ita)at 1 lap
19. Robert Schmitt (Lux)at 1 lap
20. Patrick Gressnich (Lux)at 1 lap
21. Marc Bastian (Lux)at 1 lap
22. Philipp Butzow (Lux)at 1 lap


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