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January 4/08 8:30 am - Burnaby Six Day

Posted by Editor on 01/4/08

Burnaby Six Day - Night 4
Courtesy Glenn Barr

After an exciting night of racing involving 2 Madisons and 2 individual rider races, Symmetrics Cycling still maintains their 2 lap lead over Slipstream Sports. Both Healthnet and Successful Living has fallen another lap down, now showing 4 and 6 laps off the leaders.

The first Madison of the night was taken by Symmetrics. Both Symmetrics and Slipstream were able to put one lap on Healthnet and Successful Living during this race. The second race saw Friedman of Slipstream ride to victory in the 1-rider Elimination to Scratch race. The next race was a full Elimination race, with O'Bee of Healthnet taking the win.

The big performers of the night were the US National team of Holloway and Silva. This motivated duo was able to put a lap on the entire field during the 200 lap Madison. This was a very important move for them, as it brought them on even laps with Team dEVo, and moves them into 5th place overall, displacing dEVo on points.

Save of the Day goes to Cody Campbell of Team dEVo, for unclipping from his pedals, landing hard on the top tube, riding his bike off the track into the infield while still on the top tube, dealing with his pain quickly, and getting back on the track. Nice work Cody!

The extended Friday night schedule has 3 Madisons and two one-rider races. Sprinters will also take to the boards, and will be duking it out in the Elite keirin rounds.

Overall Omnium After Night Four

PlaceTeam RidersTeamLapsPoints
1Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling0237
2Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports2232
3Williams / O'BeeHealthnet4168
4Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living6109
5Holloway / SilvaUS National16107
6Campbell / MacDonalddEVo1628
7Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)2570
8McCook / KilunProman Cycling2567
9Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing2528
10Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning3370
11Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss5318
12Vives / VivesCalyon6929


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