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January 5/08 12:37 pm - Burnaby Six Day

Posted by Editor on 01/5/08

Burnaby Six Day - Night 5
Courtesy Glenn Barr

The Burnaby Velodrome was a full house on Friday night. The bleachers and the infield were filled to capacity with cheering, excited race fans as Symmetrics and Slipstream battled through the evening. At the end of the night, Symmetrics still maintained their two lap lead on Slipstream Sports and their four lap lead on Healthnet, and extended their lead on Successful Living by one lap, after an early crash by O'Reilly forced the team to lose a lap before O'Reilly was able to return to action.

Symmetrics took the Scratch Madison and 160 lap Madison tonight, while Slipstream claimed victory in the 60 lap Supersprint Madison and the Tempo race. Proman won the 1-rider scratch race.

Racing will finish up tomorrow night, with three Madison races on the cards, giving Slipstream one last chance to challenge Symmetrics for the 2008 Burnaby Six Day Champion title.

Overall Omnium After Night Five

PlaceTeam RidersTeamLapsPoints
1Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling0349
2Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports2321
3Williams / O'BeeHealthnet4243
4Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living7154
5Holloway / SilvaUS National16145
6Campbell / MacDonalddEVo1747
7Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing2847
8Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)2999
9McCook / KilunProman Cycling3699
10Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning37100
11Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss6128
12Vives / VivesCalyon7937

60 lap 5 x 12 Supersprint Madison
The first Madison of the night had an escalating amount of cash available at each sprint. Healthnet picked up 2 sprint prizes, while LA Lightning, Slipstream, and Symmetrics each picked up one. Slipstream won the event on final sprint placing over Healthnet, as both teams were tied on points.

PlaceTeam RidersTeam
1Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports
2Williams / O'BeeHealthnet
3Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling
4Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living
5Holloway / SilvaUS National
6Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning
7Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing
8Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)
9Campbell / MacDonalddEVo
10McCook / KilunProman Cycling
11Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss
12Vives / VivesCalyon

Scratch Race
The first 1-rider race was a 40 lap Scratch. Several early attacks were reeled in, but an attack by McCook of Proman with 4 laps remaining caught the group sleeping and he put almost a half lap on the field before they responded. McCook was able to hold off the charging group, with Successful Living out-sprinting the bunch to take second.

1McCook / KilunProman Cycling
2Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living
3Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling
4Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports
5Williams / O'BeeHealthnet
6Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning
7Campbell / MacDonalddEVo
8Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)
9Vives / VivesCalyon
10Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing
11Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss
12Holloway / SilvaUS National

Tempo Race
The second 1-rider race was a Tempo race, with 2 and 1 points for 1st and 2nd rider each lap. Both Slipstream and Healthnet took a lap on the field, putting them in first and second, with Symmetrics Cycling placing third.

1Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports
2Williams / O'BeeHealthnet
3Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling
4Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living
5McCook / KilunProman Cycling
6Campbell / MacDonalddEVo
7Holloway / SilvaUS National
8Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss
9Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing
10Vives / VivesCalyon
11Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning
12Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)

Team Elimination to Scratch Madison
The next race of the night was a Team Elimination down to six teams, followed by a 20 lap scratch Madison for the remaining teams. All the top teams avoided elimination, with Symmetrics coming out on top after Bell stormed the group in the last lap.

PlaceTeam RidersTeam
1Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling
2Williams / O'BeeHealthnet
3Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports
4Holloway / SilvaUS National
5Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living
6McCook / KilunProman Cycling
7Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing
8Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)
9Campbell / MacDonalddEVo
10Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss
11Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning
12Vives / VivesCalyon

160 Lap 8 x 20 Madison
The final race of the night was a 160 lap Madison. Slipstream attacked Symmetrics hard during the race, trying to regain one of their lost laps. For a time, it looked like the attack had worked, as Bell and Tuft seemed to go through a 'spot of bother' and Slipstream was putting distance on them. Rallied by the cheers of the capacity crowd, Tuft stormed around the track in chase of Slipstream, and was able to catch the Americans. Symmetrics took the race win on points, with 1st place finishes in 4 of 8 sprints. Slipstream and Healthnet stayed on the same lap, and took 2nd and 3rd.

US National put another lap on the dEVo youngsters and look to be riding better with each passing day. The team almost took a lap on the entire field, making it three-quarters of the way around the track, before Slipstream and Symmetrics ratcheted up the pace and brought them back.

LA Lightning received a replacement rider today, as Brian Crosby retired from the race after Thursday nights racing with an injured elbow. Texan Andrew Armstrong has taken Crosby's place for Friday and Saturday nights racing action.

Proman's McCook was forced to abandon tonight due to an injury sustained earlier in the week. McCook's partner, Kilun, was forced to ride solo for the majority of the Madison, which resulted in a loss of 11 laps to the leaders.

PlaceTeam RidersTeamLapsPoints
1Tuft / BellSymmetrics Cycling062
2Pearce / FriedmanSlipstream Sports038
3Williams / O'BeeHealthnet028
4Holloway / SilvaUS National014
5Meier / O'ReillySuccessful Living18
6Campbell / MacDonalddEVo10
7Suhr / LuttrellCody Racing32
8Mackenzie / ChaterTeam Orange (06)414
9Crosby / HuffLos Angeles Lightning414
10Goodfellow / NortonCalyon / Martin Swiss80
11Vives / VivesCalyon100
12McCook / KilunProman Cycling110


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