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January 7/08 4:05 am - Cycling in the News

Posted by Editoress on 01/7/08

January can be the doldrums for our sport. Snow and cold weather can drive us indoors, or south, and there is not much news. An exciting 6 days of racing at the BVC just wets the appetite.

Here are a few cycling headlines and "bits" from the mainstream news.

2008 North American Handmade Show

The 4th Annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS), the world's largest consumer show for custom-built bicycles, will be held at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, February 8-10, 2008, and is shaping up to build considerably on the success of '07.

Recent Death Puts Spotlight on Biking Fad
To stop his bicycle, Josh Long leans forward, over the handlebar, and uses the clips on his riding cleats to pull the rear wheel off the ground. He then immediately stops pedaling, causing the chain to quit pulling and the rear wheel to stop spinning. When the back tire touches back down to the pavement, the bike skids, slowing its forward momentum, eventually coming to a complete halt.

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Falconhead Capital Acquires Three Endurance Sport Companies, Forms Major Endurance-Sport Event and Publishing Platform

Falconhead Capital, LLC, a private equity firm specializing in investments in sports, leisure, lifestyle, and media focused businesses, today announced that it has simultaneously acquired three separate enterprises (Competitor, Triathlete and Elite Racing) in the endurance sport event and publishing industries and combined them to form a major new platform company, which will be known as Competitor Group, Inc.

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City employee promotes bicycles as alternative mode of transportation

Question: What is the bicycle coordinator's position and what do you do on a daily basis?

Answer: At the start, I branded the city's bicycle program "FC Bikes" in order to give the program a friendly and recognizable name. As the city's bicycle coordinator, or "FC Bikes" coordinator, I act as the city's liaison or ombudsman to the bicycling community.

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How to.... Exercise at Work

It's January. Over the past month you've consumed more calories than there are atoms in the known universe - and now you're paying for it.

But how exactly are you going to tone up and lose some pounds? No one has time to exercise in the evenings - not with the new year job hunt anyway - and weekends are supposed to be an oasis of relaxation and recovery; definitely not for scaring small children in the park as you jog past looking like death's flabbier, asthmatic cousin.

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Bikes Outsell Cars in Australia

If you didn‚t splash out and buy a new car last year, chances are the family next door did. Or one of you probably forked out for a new bike. Or maybe both.

It doesn‚t matter if you get around on two wheels or four, Australia is in the grip of a boom with record numbers of both motor vehicles and bicycles rolling off showroom floors.

Latest figures show we bought 1.05 million new cars, trucks and buses last year ˆ a figure surpassed only by the 1.4 million new bikes hitting the road. The results are good news for manufacturers, with new vehicle sales up 9.1% on 2006 and 35% on 2001.

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Roadbike Rider Newsletter
An interesting newsletter full of.. all sorts of wonderful and strange stuff.

And last but not least.....

This is my favourite freeride site. Check out the videos section, especially the "Populaires". "Chaine contre chaine" is a bit long but very entertaining.


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