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January 12/08 11:08 am - Canadian results & report from Langemark `Cross

Posted by Editoress on 01/12/08

Langemark (VCC)Langemark BEL
Report courtesy Normon Thibault

Brad and I raced today in Langemark
(I) Raced Masters B (40-49)
Was not too bad.
Great start but really-really deep/thick mud.
Went from 3rd to 6th on first lap.
Held that for 2 laps then 'ate shit' right after the start on a road to the dirt turn.

Got passed by 6th then started to get passed by the 50+ age groupers (4 of them).....did not feel great about that!

SO I finished 7th and won 6E for my efforts. Race was won by the Masters World champ and current Belgium champ; Mario Lammens.

Brad finished 29th in Masters A and as the official said, "No Prize money for 29th!"......duh!

Wendy (Simms) races tomorrow at the World Cup in (Liévin ) France.....VERY hilly course.

Master B
1. Mario Lammens (Bel)
2. Hans Kyndt (Bel)
3. Michel Willems (Bel)
4. René Swinnen (Bel)
5. Ghislain Vanbruaene (Bel)
6. Patrick Neufcourt (Bel)
7. Thibault Normon (Can)
8. Johan Vandaele (Bel)
9. Rik Vesschemoet (Bel)
10. Jon Gallagher (USA)
11. Marc Byn (Bel)
12. Ronny Goethals (Bel)
13. Danny Brandt (Bel)
14. Ludwig De Troyer (Bel)
15. Antony Serryn (Bel)
16. Jeff Street (USA)
17. Thierry Laurez (Bel)
18. Patrick Wagemans (Bel)

Master A & Amateurs
1. Ivan Smet (Bel)
2. Steven Alliet (Bel)
3. Benny Van Staeyen (Bel)
4. Nico Bogaert (Bel)
5. Sven Raeymakers (Bel)
6. Wim Maes (Bel)
7. Axel Naessens (Bel)
8. Tomas Ingels (Bel)
9. Nico Van Assche (Bel)
10. Sam Krieg (USA)
11. Robby De Baene (Bel)
12. Frederick Vandevivere (Bel)
13. Peter Goeman (Bel)
14. Kris Maes (Bel)
15. Joachim Michels (Bel)
16. Wim De Witte (Bel)
17. Alain Debouver (Bel)
18. Jurgen Van Wambeke (Bel)
19. Carlo Allaert (Bel)
20. Bart Demets (Bel)
21. Kenny Pierloot (Bel)
22. Michael Naessens (Bel)
23. Gregory Cool (Bel)
24. Wouter Backers (Bel)
25. Fredericq Dobbels (Bel)
26. Marnik Renier (Bel)
27. Jimmy Pierloot (Bel)
28. Gregory Lambert (Bel)
29. Brad Collins (Can)
30. Gianni Ponseele (Bel)
31. Michael Kracht (USA)


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