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January 22/08 10:37 am - Forest City Velodrome News

Posted by Editoress on 01/22/08

Forest City Velodrome London ON

The Forest City Velodrome (FCV) and the McMaster University Cycling Club, have finalized plans for the 2nd Annual University Bicycle Challenge in London Ontario Saturday February 2nd.

The FCV is an indoor cycling facility that is operating year round. In 2007 the first Challenge was held with riders competing in 3 timed events for men and women. Last year 4 schools participated, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, Waterloo, and the organizing club, McMaster University. This year we have expanded the program to include more schools from, southern Ontario and the Michigan State Cycling Team.

Training starts Friday night February 1st from 5pm - 9pm. with race warm-up Saturday at 5:30pm and the racing beginning at 6:30pm. Events include 3 individually timed races for each competitor. Current Students, Faculty and Alumni from your schools are able to compete.... To register email,

For more information contact, Naomi Cermak in Hamilton, or Lorne Falkenstein in London, by email,

The Forest City Velodrome is a "Not for Profit Association" run by a group of dedicated volunteers in London Ontario. Go to for more information.

Can-Am-Quebec Challenge January 19th
Courtesy Lorne Falkenstein, FCV

There was a full house at the Forest City Velodrome Saturday night as almost 60 racers took to the boards in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd of spectators to contest the year's first Can-Am-Quebec Challenge. It turned out to be a good night for Ontario riders who won the premier men's and women's events.

The evening's signature event, an elite men's Endurance race was taken by Jet-Fuel in a 1-2 punch after Dave Byer attacked to gain a lap on the field midway through the race and team-mate Daniele DeFranceschi held off the pack to take second. In the women's match sprint competition Équipe de Québec junior, Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud, siezed the initiative and attacked from behind to take the bronze from FCV's Amy Armstrong, but gold and silver went to FCV with Amy Biskaborn edging out Lisa Perlmutter in a come-from-behind response to Perlmutter's sprint. One of the revelations of the evening was Alan Leparskas (Coach Chris/Ted Velikonja), a relatively new young rider who amazed the crowd with his quick accelerations and high top-end speed. Only Jet Fuel's DeFranchesci, the reigning Canadian national men's omnium champion, could hold off Lesparkas in the men's sprint competition.

Racing continues at FCV on Saturday, February 2, when riders from Universities across Southwestern Ontario and the neighbouring States will meet to compete in a University challenge event.

Women's Madison

1. Team Red (Lisa Perlmutter/Sarah McKenzie-Picot), 20 points
2. Team Purple (Amy Biskaborn/Emily McKenzie-Picot), 16
3. Team Blue (Dina Ridha/Vincenza De Jong), 12
4. Team Yellow (Amy Armstrong/Stephanie Bester), 8

Women's Sprint

Qualification (Junior/Senior)

1. Amy Biskaborn (FCV), 9.38
2. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Equipe de Québec)
3. Amy Armstrong (FCV)
4. Lisa Perlmutter (FCV), 9.80
5. Shanie Bergeron (Equipe de Québec)
6. Dina Ridha (FCV), 9.90
6. Stephanie Bester (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 9.90
8. Sarah McKenzie-Picot (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 10.2
9. Emily McKenzie-Picot (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 10.4
10. Catherine Couture


1. Amy Biskaborn (FCV)
2. Catherine Couture

1. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Equipe de Québec)
2. Emily McKenzie-Picot (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

1. Amy Armstrong (FCV)
2. Sarah McKenzie-Picot (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

1. Lisa Perlmutter (FCV)
2. Stephanie Bester (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

1. Dina Ridha (FCV)
2. Shanie Bergeron (Equipe de Québec)


1. Amy Biskaborn (FCV)
2. Amy Armstrong (FCV)
3. Dina Ridha (FCV)

1. Lisa Perlmutter (FCV)
2. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Equipe de Québec)


Bronze. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Equipe de Québec)
4. Amy Armstrong (FCV)

Gold. Amy Biskaborn (FCV)
Silver. Lisa Perlmutter (FCV)

Elite Men's Sprint

Qualification (Junior/Senior/Master)
1. Daniele DeFranchesci (Jet Fuel), 8.57
2. Allan Leparskas (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 8.64
3. Ryan Crawford (Aquila), 8.66
4. Stephen Meyer (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 8.70
5. Chris Vlemmix (Thames Valley), 8.80
5. Ryan Aitcheson (Waterloo CC), 8.80
7. Gordon Singleton, 8.88
8. Lorne Falkenstein (London Centennial Wheelers), 9.00
9. Brandon Throop (Mazur Coaching), 9.05
10. Vince DeJong (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 9.08
10. Mike Renneboog (D'Ornellas), 9.08
12. Scott Lundy (Reynold Cycle), 9.10
13. Todd Scheske (Preferred Care), 9.11
14. Ryan Nye (Preferred Care), 9.16
15. Martin Roseboom, 9.25
16. Ian Whenman (, 9.25
17. Jamie Riggs (Team Ontario), 9.28
18. Matt Stein (Maple Leaf CC), 9.42
19. Garnett Abbey (D'Ornellas), 9.47
20. Marco Cote (Team Ontario), 9.80
20. Ray Gubala (Bicycles Plus), 9.80
20. Alex McCallum (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 9.80
20. Frank Mesi (Fortistar), 9.80
24. Chad Dawe, 9.88
25. Tadeusz Marszalek (Sommerville Sports), 9.90
26. Guillaume Charest, 11.63
DNF. Joe Veloce


1. Daniele DeFranchesci (Jet Fuel)
2. Scott Lundy (Reynold Cycle)

1. Allan Leparskas (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
2. Mike Renneboog (D'Ornellas)

1. Ryan Crawford (Aquila)
2. Vince DeJong (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

1. Stephen Meyer (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
2. Brandon Throop (Mazur Coaching)

1. Chris Vlemmix (Thames Valley)
2. Lorne Falkenstein (London Centennial Wheelers)

1. Ryan Aitcheson (Waterloo CC)
2. Gordon Singleton


1. Daniele DeFranchesci (Jet Fuel)
2. Ryan Crawford (Aquila)
3. Chris Vlemmix (Thames Valley)

1. Allan Leparskas (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
2. Stephen Meyer (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
3. Ryan Aitcheson (Waterloo CC)


Bronze. Ryan Crawford (Aquila)
4. Stephen Meyer (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

Gold. Daniele DeFranchesci (Jet Fuel)
Silver. Allan Leparskas (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

Cadet Men's Sprint


1. Jason King (Cyclepath Oakville), 9.26
2. Daniel McKenzie-Picot, 9.42
3. Kyle Rupay (La Bicicletta), 9.65
4. Trevor Dickenson (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 10.07
5. John Carden (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja), 10.38


1. Jason King (Cyclepath Oakville)
2. John Carden (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

1. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
2. Trevor Dickenson (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)


Bronze. John Carden (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
4. Trevor Dickenson (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

Gold. Jason King (Cyclepath Oakville)
Silver. Daniel McKenzie-Picot

Scratch Race

1. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
2. John Carden (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
3. Jason King (Cyclepath Oakville)
4. Kyle Rupay (La Bicicletta)
5. Trevor Dickenson (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

Senior Women
1. Amy Biskaborn (FCV)
2. Lisa Perlmutter (FCV)
3. Shanie Bergeron (Equipe de Québec)
4. Dina Ridha (FCV)
5. Amy Armstrong (FCV)

Junior Women
1. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Equipe de Québec)
2. Stephanie Bester (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
3. Sarah McKenzie-Picot (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
4. Emily McKenzie-Picot (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

Non-Qualifying Men

Heat #1 (top 4 finishers only)
1. Tad Marszalek (Sommerville Sports)
2. Piers Davidge (Cycle 4MS)
3. Robert Kowol
4. Joe Brennan

Heat #2 (top 3 finishers only)
1. Tom Dolan (Sommerville Sports)
2. Michael Renneboog (D'Ornellas)
3. David Sommerville (Sommerville Sports)

Elite Men's Endurance Race


Heat #1
1. Vince DeJong (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
2. Mike Renneboog (D'Ornellas)
3. ??? (Todd Scheske?)
4. Scott Lundy (Reynold Cycle)
5. Michael Luther (Preferred Care)
6. Robert Kowal
7. Ray Gubala (Bicycles Plus)
8. ??? (#47?)
9. ???

Heat #2
1. Dave Byer (Jet Fuel)
2. ??? (#99?)
3. Philippe Raymond
4. Ryan Nye (Preferred Care)
5. Joe Brennan
6. Frank Mesi (Fortistar)
7. ??? (#8?)
8. Lorne Falkenstein (London Centennial Wheelers)
9. Alex McCallum (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)

Heat #3

1. Daniele DeFranchesci (Jet Fuel)
2. ??? (Todd Scheske?)
3. Ryan Aitcheson (Waterloo CC)
4. Martin Roseboom
5. Stephen Meyer (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
6. Chris Vlemmix (Thames Valley)
7. Marco Cote (Team Ontario)
8. David Sommerville (Sommerville Sports)

Final (top 5 places only)

1. Dave Byer (Jet Fuel)
2. Daniele DeFranchesci (Jet Fuel)
3. Brandon Throop (Mazur Coaching)
4. Vince DeJong (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
5. Todd Scheske (Preferred Care)

Non-Qualifying Men's Bavarian Race (top 5 finishers only)
1. Ian Whenman (
2. Michael Luther (Preferred Care)
3. Joe Brennan
4. Alex McCallum (CoachChris/Ted Velikonja)
5. Tom Dolan (Sommerville Sports)


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