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January 26/08 1:45 am - Treviso `Cross World's

Posted by Editoress on 01/26/08

Cyclo-cross World Championships Treviso, Italy


Niels Albert put Belgium on the scoreboard with a win in the Espoir category at the 2008 Cyclo-cross Worlds this afternoon. Albert, in his final year as an Espoir, was the clear favourite in the race, and rode away from the field within the first kilometre and was never challenged. Canada's top finisher was Brian Robinson in 42nd place, 4:18 down on Albert.

The 50 minute, 7 lap race started out fast, with Albert putting in the only sub 7 minute lap of the day in the first lap at 6:54. This established a gap over the rest of the field, which Albert proceeded to build on, finally cruising home 39 seconds ahead of the chasers.

"I wasn't too worried [about starting too fast], and I attacked from the first 300 metres. I wanted to make it very hard, because I knew that I was able to do the race at this pace."

Two riders took up the chase - Jonathan Lopez (France) and Lukas Kloucek (Czech Republic). However, they steadily fell back each lap, and were over 30 seconds behind by the halfway point. Behind them a chase group of six was forming, with Aurelien Duval (France), Christian Caminelli (Italy), Clement Bourgoin (France), Fabio Ursi (Italy), Guillaume Perrot (France) and Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands).

Duval, Caminelli, Bourgoin and Ursi made contact with the chasers, with less than two laps to go, and then Duval attacked in the final lap to solo in for the silver medal. Caminelli salvaged Italian pride with a strong attack up the right side of the climb to the finish to take the bronze.

"It is nice to finally win this [Espoir] world title, in my last year. Now that I have this title and the [Junior] title, hopefully some day I can win the elite title."

"I love cyclo-cross very much; I know that my body was made for cross racing. I love the atmosphere and the people in this sport, so it will still be my most important part of cycling, more than the road I think."

Brian Robinson, said "I'm pleased with my race, I had a pretty good start and was able to ride a strong, steady race. I was able to pick off a few riders as the race progressed and move up some places before the end. the competition is so strong here, and the racing is so aggressive that I learn more every time I race."

U23 Men
1. Niels Albert (Belgium)0:51:11.66
2. Aurelien Duval (France)at 0:38.90
3. Cristian Cominelli (Italy)0:46.35
4. Jonathan Lopez (France)0:47.46
5. Clément Bourgoin (France)0:48.50
6. Lukas Kloucek (Czech Republic)0:53.11
7. Fabio Ursi (Italy)1:05.21
8. Guillaume Perrot (France)1:31.29
9. Paul Voss (Germany)1:39.10
10. Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands)1:39.73
11. Thijs Van Amerongen (Netherlands)1:39.80
12. Jempy Drucker (Luxembourg)1:46.80
13. Julien Pion (France)1:52.36
14. Pawel Szczepaniak (Poland)1:55.02
15. Ondrej Bambula (Czech Republic)1:55.61
16. Philipp Walsleben (Germany)1:57.69
17. René Lang (Switzerland)1:58.31
18. Tom Meeusen (Belgium)1:58.36
19. Quentin Bertholet (Belgium)2:01.35
20. Ian Field (Great Britain)2:19.21
21. Matteo Trentin (Italy)2:38.16
22. Mitchell Huenders (Netherlands)2:42.53
23. Gorka Izaguirre Insausti (Spain)2:45.23
24. Yannick Tiedt (Germany)2:46.34
25. Wim Leemans (Belgium)2:53.56
26. Alessandro Calderan (Italy)2:58.44
27. Robert Gavenda (Slovakia)3:17.68
28. Julien Taramarcaz (Switzerland)3:18.75
29. Ivar Hartogs (Netherlands)3:29.80
30. Marcel Meisen (Germany)3:32.24
31. Sylwester Janiszewski (Poland)3:39.14
32. David Lozano Riba (Spain)3:40.50
33. Marco Ponta (Italy)3:41.10
34. James Driscoll (United States Of America)3:46.19
35. Joeri Adams (Belgium)3:51.95
36. Yu Takenouchi (Japan)3:52.49
37. Mattias Nilsson (Sweden)3:54.06
38. Ole Quast (Germany)3:56.85
39. Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic)4:00.53
40. Boy Van Poppel (Netherlands)4:05.53
41. Martin Haring (Slovakia)4:07.24
42. Brian Robinson (Canada)4:18.08
43. Nicholas Weighall (United States Of America)4:35.70
44. Chance Noble (United States Of America)4:55.17
45. Carson Miller (United States Of America)5:44.68
46. Nico Brüngger (Switzerland)5:57.03
47. David Menger (Czech Republic)6:06.81
48. Mark Thwaites (Great Britain)6:18.01
49. Mauro Gonzalez Fontan (Spain)7:15.09
50. Kyle Douglas (Canada)7:27.55
51. Guillaume Dessibourg (Switzerland)8:01.54
52. Lucian Logigan (Romania)-1LAP
53. Tomasz Repinski (Poland)-1LAP
54. Yudai Izawa (Japan)-1LAP
55. Shaun Adamson (Canada)-1LAP
56. Yegor Dementyev (Ukraine)-1LAP
DNF. Andriy Khripta (Ukraine)
DNF. Anton Pustovit (Ukraine)
DNF. Ian Manning (Canada)
DNF. Ihor Lisohor (Ukraine)
DNF. Kyva Roman (Ukraine)
DNF. Marius Petrache (Romania)


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