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February 11/08 8:33 am - Kovarik and Buchar Win at Fontana Winter Series #3

Posted by Editoress on 02/11/08

Fontana Winter Series - DH #3 Feb 10th, Southridge CA
Courtesy Nigel Page, Team Manager, Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense

Chris Kovarik took the win and the money again at the 3rd Fontana winter series Sunday. The conditions were back to the usual dry and dusty terrain usually found at Fontana. Even with a bobble entering the rock garden and missing the fastest line through Chris was able to take the win mainly due to his corner speed which was visibly much faster than the rest of the field as you watched them coming down a large percentage of the course.

The Fontana put on another great winter event keeping all the racers happy and also providing the pros with some nice big cheques.

Pro Men
1. Chris Kovarik1:47.64
2. Aaron Gwin1:49.35
3. Waylon Smith1:49.50
4. Ian Odom1:49.51
5. Ryan Condrashoff1:50.12
6. Brad Benedizt1:51.15
7. Ben Furbee1:51.65
8. David Klaassenvanoorschot1:51.80
9. Gary Houseman1:52.44
10. Rich Houseman1:52.44
11. Jason Memmelaar1:53.02
12. Quinton Spaulding1:53.04
13. Kyle Wideman1:53.24
14. Jon Buckell1:53.80
15. John Hauer1:54.01
16. Logan Binggeli1:54.51
17. Leland O'connor1:54.58
18. Ryan Stayskal1:55.56
19. Amando Stachenfeld1:57.54
20. Billy Owczarski1:58.96
21. Mark Clemens2:00.21
22. Ely Woody2:00.23
23. Tyler Wilson2:00.59
24. Evelio Suarez2:00.66
25. Sean Methven2:01.44
Pro Women
1. Claire Buchar2:02.60
2. Katrina Strand2:10.58
3. Gabriela Williams2:14.33
4. Lauren Peterson2:14.58
5. Jenna Kowalski2:16.84
6. Michelle Rivera2:18.72
7. Stephanie Gaudreau2:20.66
8. Christine Hirst2:22.02
9. Sarah Jansen2:24.26


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