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February 17/08 12:14 pm - Eastern Ontario Roller Racing Championships

Posted by Editoress on 02/17/08

Eastern Ontario Roller Racing Championships - "Round 2"
Courtesy Chris Mullington


Another Raucous Roller Rumble from the West of Quebec Wheelers

It was a night of trash talk and posturing with some spanking thrown in to punish the wicked as Ottawa's Elmdale House Tavern hosted Round 2 of the 2008 Eastern Ontario Roller Racing Championships.

More than 50 cyclists were up on the dial this time, up from over 40 at Round 1 in January. The event was organized by The West of Quebec Wheelers to help fund the Echelon Project, a youth cycling development program. Riders competed in 2 events, a 500 metre "Goldsprint" style race with track bikes clamped firmly in place, and a 1000 metre "free roller" event with riders riding unsupported on rollers.

The format was a head-to-head elimination series with two needles on a huge dial displaying the rider's progress over the distance raced. Under the spotlight, visages contorted, the competitors faced out into the screaming crowd. "This is showbiz!" said Wheeler president Chris Mullington, "we're here to have a party, ride our bikes and raise some money for a worthwhile cause". Many of the competitors sported outlandish, non-UCI approved kit : spiked heels, a batman costume, a corset and a dictator's uniform to mention a few.

There were several heart stopping moments. In the women's 500m race Nadia Marshy (WQW) and Margo Hall (Team Ultralink) raced to a dead heat and had to race again mere moments later to break the tie. In the men's 1000m, Gary Monette was eliminated with two spectacular tumbles. In typical fashion, Monette shrugged it off. "That's #*@@*! bike racing! Waaaaasssssup!"

A welcome effect of the Eastern Ontario Roller Racing Championships is the inclusion of many riders from the local bike messenger community. This series had a team comprised exclusively of couriers. "Team Evil Bike Dump" was sponsored by local cycling activist Bike Dump Dave. John Large, master of ceremonies for the event noted that "although many racing cyclists consider themselves pretty tough, it is the couriers, out in 27 below, who we've really gotta respect. They are a true part of cycling culture".

The third and final round of the 2008 Eastern Ontario Roller Racing Championships will take place on Saturday March 15th , Elmdale House Tavern, Ottawa, 8pm.

Eastern Ontario Roller Racing Championships - Round 2

Elmdale Tavern

500 metres Women

1. Nadia Marshy WQW
2. Sarah Kirby Independant
3. Anouk Arbour WQW

1000 Metres Women

1. Leah Howes WQW
2. Michelle Campbell CycleLogik

500 Metres Men

1. Brent Atkins WQW
2. Louis Philippe Leclerc UltraLink
3. Matt Deluco Euro-Sports

1000 Metres Men

1. Kris Westwood The Cyclery
2 Andrew Lees UltraLink
3. Michael Bennett Euro-Sports


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