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February 25/08 8:18 am - Festa Italiana at Forest City Velodrome

Posted by Editoress on 02/25/08

Press Release - London Forest City Velodrome

"Oh what a feeling" the B.T.O. lyric couldn't have said it any better after a superb night of track racing at the 138m indoor Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario. The fund-raising event for the local Italian community was a huge success with a substantial amount of money being raised.

The racing was fast, clean and safe, as all racers were exceptionally courteous in front of one of the biggest crowds of the season. A huge thank you to the Americans who traveled from Rochester and Buffalo NY, to do battle with the FCV regulars. Ryan Nye, Todd Scheske and Mike Luther swept the podium during the featured race of the nigh,t the Italian Win & Out. All three riders had the "feeling" in the post race high fives and hand shakes on the infield.

In other racing action, The FCV invited 8 new women to the races for some experience and to show off some new talent the local coaches are working with. Local London racers Sarah Bonikowski, Nathalie Mouseau, Jessica Darling, Amberley Berman and 10 year old Devon Lowrie got some very valuable experience doing Flying Laps and short pursuit style of events to help them learn how to go fast on the Velodrome. We would also like to thank, Brianne Rupay (Peterborough), Carolyn Smith (Waterloo), Janel Bedard (Buffalo NY) for their efforts during the evenings events.

31 racers took times in an effort to make the top six for the Italian Sprint Tournament. Fast Qualifier and 16 year old Allan Leparskas (London) was 3/10's of a second faster than the number 2 man and advanced easily to the Semi-Finals, where he met up with the Willie master Lorne Falkenstein who went long in the 2 up semi. This strategy did not pay off as Lasparskas closed the gap and came over the top for a 1 bike length win. The other semi also came down to the final lap as another 16 year old Ryan Aitcheson (Kitchener now riding for Jet Fuel Coffee) had to battle over London's Scott Lundy down the short backstretch to advance to the Gold medal round.

The Final sprint was very interesting as both riders marked each other just like the Pro's. Leparskas pinned Aitcheson against the rail for the first 3 laps of the 5 lap affair. In a blink of an eye, Leparskas launched an attack that gaped Aitcheson, who had to settle for Silver. A fine effort by both Kids to put on a great show.

The Cadet and Junior ladies had 3 endurance events in a combined category to give all the riders more experience with a larger field of racers. Jason King (Oakville), Kyle Rupay (Peterborough), Daniel McKenzie-Picot (London) and Trevor Dickenson (St Catharines) changed the lead with 3 laps to go in every event to determine the final outcome. Krista Ruby (Caledon) and Ashley Barson (Bolton) split the final result in the Junior women's division. Preems were also on offer for the youngsters with everyone sharing in the merchandise prizes.

2 new Cadets raced this weekend, Kris Ovsenek and Drew Welsh (London) who just graduated from the Velo-Kids program to keep up nicely against older and more experienced competitors.

On the Elite side of the Festa Italiana race night, Ryan Crawford (London) took the win in 2 events (Miss & Out and the Scratch race) ahead of Enrico Triani (Toronto), Mike Renneboog (Brantford), and Garnett Abbey (Burlington). A total of 19 Elite riders came out to test their fitness in February.

The next event at the FCV is March Madison Madness on Friday night March 28th and Saturday night March 29th. Lots of regular races including women's, Cadets and Juniors. Look for $500 in prizes for this pre-Road season event.

Go to for all up to date and current happenings at Ontario's Fastest Oval.

Flying Lap - Top 6 qualify for Sprint Tournament
1. Allan Leparskas, 8.50
2. Ryan Crawford, 8.80
3. Lorne Falkenstein, 8.90
4. Scott Lundy, 9.00
5. Ryan Nye, 9.00
6. Ryan Aitcheson, 9.01
7. Todd Scheske, 9.08
8. Mike Renneboog, 9.10
9. Jason King, 9.26
10. Daniel McKenzie-Picot, 9.28
11. Garnett Abbey, 9.33
12. Michael Luther, 9.37
13. Julien Shea, 9.40
14. Amy Biskaborn, 9.53
15. Kyle Rupay, 9.55
16. Gerard Yeates, 9.61
17. Trevor Dickensen, 9.80
18. Kristopher Ovsenek, 9.85
19. John Carden, 10.10
20. Chris Barson, 10.15
21. Sarah Bonikowski, 10.37
22. Krista Ruby, 10.54
23. Ashley Barson, 10.75
24. Drew Welsh, 10.90
25. Carolyn Smith, 11.36
26. Brianne Rupay, 11.56
27. Janel Bedard, 11.72
28. Amberley Berman, 11.79
29. Nathalie Mousseau, 11.80
30. Jessica Darling, 11.80
31. Devon Lowrie, 12.78

Flying 2 lap
1. Sarah Bonikowski, 21.35
2. Carolyn Smith, 23.41
3. Jessica Darling, 23.49
4. Nathalie Mousseau, 23.99
5. Janel Bedard, 24.02

Sprint Tournament
1st Heat
1. Allan Leparskas
2. Todd Scheske

2nd Heat
1. Ryan Aitcheson
2. Lorne Falkenstein

3rd Heat
1. Scott Lundy
2. Ryan Nye

1. Lorne Falkenstein
2. Todd Scheske
3. Ryan Nye

1. Allan Leparskas
2. Lorne Falkenstein

1. Ryan Aitcheson
2. Scott Lundy

Final for 3rd and 4th
3. Scott Lundy
4. Lorne Falkenstein

Final for 1st and 2nd
1. Allan Leparskas
2. Ryan Aitcheson

Senior Italian Win & Out (6 places)
1. Ryan Nye
2. Todd Scheske
3. Mike Luther
4. John Carden
5. Julian Shea
6. Rod Olliver
Mike Renneboog
Ryan Aitcheson
Garnett Abbey
Enrico Triani

Cadets / Ladies Italian Win & Out (6 places)
1. Jason King
2. Kyle Rupay
3. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
4. Ashley Barson
5. Drew Welsh
6. Kristopher Ovsenek
Trevor Dickensen
Krista Ruby

Ladies 5 lap pursuit
1. Carolyn Smith
2. Jessica Darling

1. Brianne Rupay
2. Amberley Berman

1. Janel Bedard
2. Natalie Mouseau

1. Sarah Bonikowski
2. Krista Ruby

1. Brianne Rupay
2. Natalie Mouseau

1. Jessica Darling
2. Janel Bedard

1. Sarah Bonikowski
2. Carolyn Smith

1. Amberley Berman
2. Devon Lowrie

Cadet / Ladies - Miss & Out
1. Jason King
2. Kyle Rupay
3. Trevor Dickensen
4. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
5. Krista Ruby
6. Ashley Barson
7. Kristopher Ovsenek
8. Drew Welsh

Senior Miss & Out
1. Ryan Crawford
2. Mike Renneboog
3. Ryan Nye
4. John Carden
5. Enrico Triani
6. Garnett Abbey
7. Piers Davidge
8. Ryan Aitcheson
9. Gerard Yeates
10. Rod Olliver
11. Chris Barson
12. Julien Shea

Cadet / Ladies - ScratchRrace (50 laps)

1. Daniel McKenzie-Picot
2. Jason King
3. Trevor Dickensen
4. Krista Ruby
5. Kyle Rupay
6. Kristopher Ovsenek
7. Drew Welsh
8. Ashley Barson

Senior Scratch Race (70 laps)
1. Ryan Crawford
2. Enrico Triani
3. Garnett Abbey
4. Mike Renneboog
5. Michael Luther
6. Scott Lundy
7. John Carden
8. Ryan Nye
9. Piers Davidge
10. Rod Olliver
Frank Mesi
Julien Shea


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